Cheating stories

Wandering Eye: A Cheater's Story

by cuckolder

08/18/2016 06:53 in domination

Busty grad student Alexia and insurance salesman Brandon had been dating for two years when they realized that they each had a wandering eye. They opted to try an experiment: an open relationship with the following rules: 1) Each must tell the other about anyone they fuck, 2) Each must accept the ot

tee shirt original wandering cheater's story

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BBC Worship Ch. 03

by hana

07/20/2016 04:07 in cheating

The time had cum to discuss the full implications of her pregnancy and ongoing relationship with Jerome, whom we both loved and worshiped dearly. Wasn't it time to admit to her family and a few other friends and coworkers who still didn't know? Didn't they deserve to know that the marriage that they

tee shirt original bbc worship

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