Cheating stories

Zoe's Perfect Marriage Ch. 01

by cuckolder

08/07/2016 10:07 in cheating

Zoe and her colleagues were crammed around a small table at the hotel bar. The week and been packed with meetings and sales pitches, and now the drinks were flowing freely. Everyone at the table was tipsy, but her boss was relentless in ordering more rounds. They had had a successful week. Zoe almos

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A Cuckold Marriage Evolves

by gelir

06/08/2016 12:40 in cheating

This is a dominant wife story which ultimately leads to cuckolding. My fascination is generally with seduction of the wife's dominance. If this is not your thing, please move on. ***** My wife grew up with a girl named Kim, and has remained friends with her to this day. I could never quite understan

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A Cuckold Marriage Evolves Ch. 02

by hana

06/06/2016 01:08 in submission

This story involves a female led marriage and a reluctant cuckold husband. If that is not your thing, please skip this story. It is the second segment of the story. Please start with segment one. ***** The next morning I was up before Sabrina getting her breakfast and coffee ready. I kissed her good

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