Cheating stories

Girlfriend Taken by Bigger Cock

by hana

08/17/2016 05:29 in cheating

I barely know how to begin... It happened a year ago. My girlfriend Jennifer and I had just moved into a cheap apartment. We were both studying at the university, I was 26 and she was 24. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had medium-short blonde hair, big brown eyes and a voluptuou

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19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me

by gelir

07/14/2016 17:41 in domination

My Hot 19 Year Old Asian Girlfriend Cuckolded Me with a 53 Year Old Black Man! My name is Jim and I live in Pleasant Hill, which is in the East Bay of beautiful Northern California. I'm currently 24 years old, 5'-9" tall, 175 lbs., have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I work in a local bank as a teller.

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10+ Inch Strapon And My Girlfriend

by gelir

06/21/2016 11:47 in submission

First, some background information is in order. My girlfriend, Anne, and I have been dating for over three years. We are in our early twenties. We are both skinny and athletic as we enjoy playing sports and generally being active. We are a very sexual couple and have tried things that other our age

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