Cheating stories

Big New World

by PacoSvengali

08/21/2016 06:26 in submission

Hey y'all, I wrote this recently, and since I'm planning on becoming a writer, I thought I'd throw this up here and see what kind of critiques I can get from the community. And of course, I hope you enjoy it! ***** Friday was always the best day of the week, and this friday was especially good. I go

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A Big Addiction

by Gary

08/13/2016 15:23 in cheating

Tiffany sat her magazine on the night stand and rolled over to face me. Her pink low cut night gown exposing her ready cleavage as she bolstered one hand under her head. "Nick, tell me something." I picked the remote up off my chest and hit the OFF button. "Yes, my love." I answered her as I rolled

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A Big Mistake Ch. 05

by PacoSvengali

08/13/2016 10:12 in domination

Note from author: Like all the previous chapters, this story contains Female domination, humiliation and bad behavior. If you don't like that, please go read something else. Thanks to all who have sent me feedback. It is great to hear from the readers. Goamz86 * Missy got off the phone and called La

affairs big mistake

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A Big Mistake Ch. 04

by cuckolder

08/07/2016 01:17 in cheating

This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If you don't enjoy that, please go read another story. For those of you who do enjoy that, I hope you like it. Please feel free to send feedback, both good and bad as long as it is constructive. Goamz86 Now that Missy felt she had Lar

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A Big Mistake...or Not?

by hana

08/02/2016 06:31 in submission

This is the first part of my first ever story submission. I have tried to create some interest and anticipation in the reader by teasing slowly. If I have failed and if indeed it does not work -- I apologise. I do hope though that it will be enjoyed and that readers will want it to be continued. * I

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A Big Mistake...or Not? Ch. 02

by cuckolder

07/31/2016 21:22 in domination

You need to read part one in order to find out a little about the characters and how the situation came about. This part is much longer and in response to comments, does witness my wife sucking and fucking. There will be much more to come too! His reply was very measured and flattering. Not at all l

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Big Max, The Exhibitionist

by PacoSvengali

07/30/2016 15:57 in cheating

Max enjoys being an exhibitionist. In fact that is what led him to become a bodybuilder in the first place. At 6' 5" and 285 lbs. of solid muscle, men and women both enjoy looking at his body as much as he enjoys showing it off. He also knows that there is no better place for an exhibitionist to be

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