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A Changing Anniversary Ch. 02

by hana

08/23/2016 18:23 in domination

This is a hot wife/cuckold story that started in chapter one and with her husbands blessing the hot wife has chosen to continue building toward an interracial affair. This is a story about real people and their real experiences as they briefly told it to me. They have reviewed and approved each chap

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A Changing Anniversary

by cuckolder

08/03/2016 09:26 in domination

Readers, please be advised, this is a hotwife/cuckold story. If this is what you like, enjoy reading it. However if it is not what you like and read it any, please don't blame me. * My wife (Jan) and I (Pete) had been married fifteen years when our fifteenth anniversary rolled around. We had a boy t

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A Changing Anniversary Ch. 03

by gelir

07/19/2016 01:08 in submission

This is the continuing saga that resulted from a hot fifteenth anniversary outing that introduced a wife and mother to the pleasures of black cock. Chapter two ended with Jan kissing her husband goodbye, as she was off to spend the weekend with her black lover. YOUR FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS WELCOME AND EN

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A Changing Anniversary Ch. 04

by Gary

07/03/2016 07:17 in submission

I must apologize for it taking me so long to finish this story. However, I had arm surgery and had a difficult time typing for any prolonged amounts of time. Again, be advised that this is an interracial cuckold story, and if that is not your bag, maybe you should just skip it. However, if you like

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20th Anniversary Surprise

by hana

05/21/2016 04:01 in domination

I'm lying in bed waiting. Waiting for my wife to come home from fucking another man - with my consent. I'm impatient and restless and incredibly horny. My mind is filled with wondering about where she is, who he is, what they are doing. Is she having fun? Is he more handsome than me, more charming?

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