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The Epiphanous Spouses Pt. 03

by gelir

07/09/2016 12:55 in domination

This story is provided from a husband's perspective and certainly does not reflect the mundane experiences of my own journey through the joys and travails of marriage. It could be classed as something other than a Loving Wives tale but I think it fits the genre reasonably so. It is not a tale of an unwitting cuckold or a recollection of burning the dastardly bitch although there is cuckoldry and a bitch or two represented. It is rather long and being presented in multiple parts over a few days of submissions. It is also fiction and not a recount of any real life experiences in my life or in anybody else's life that I know of. I have taken literary liberties with certain aspects of the tale so if there are those who declare "Ayah, there is no way that could have happened like that!" well, perhaps you are right.

I am going to leave anonymous commenting open for now but will probably delete those comments that are not constructive and adding to any fruitful discussion. The story developed via character arching and was written free form i.e. without plot outlining and I have not submitted it to a peer editor.


Part III

The detachment of the prior evening and the day's events acted to isolate me from the reality of my marriage and outside responsibilities. I had not talked with my children since the prior weekend and to be honest, I really did not want to at the moment. I needed to talk with Stephen but now was not the time. That could wait for more private and secure conditions. There was a lot I needed answers to and Stephen and John could provide them. There was also the thumb drive. Could I bring myself to watch what I suspected was on it? Could Sarah and I watch it together, enjoying popcorn and cheering our benefactors if it contained what I believed it did? I don't know. I was fucking his wife after he fucked mine for months. I had absolutely no intention of that but it happened, several times now.

I had a feeling of being just an observer in a well-directed play with all the scripts and props designed by an unseen director. It wasn't just whatever Stephen and John had arranged. It included Sarah and Mr. Stanhope. I think I laughed at that point. Since I was fucking his daughter now, would he mind much if I called him Harry? Or Daddy? For some reason I thought that was hilarious even though it really wasn't. I would always call him Mr. Stanhope even if I wasn't working for him. I couldn't picture him watching Marylyn's sexual antics. It was pornographic, detailed and HD quality. He has always struck me as Puritan. There were so many thoughts running through my head at that point that I was being pulled in too many directions and I was exhausted and collapsed onto Sarah's bed for a needed sleep.

It was a strange dream. Marylyn was laid spread eagled on a small bed on a small lighted stage with the audience sitting in the dark all around her. There were a few naked and attractive men posed in front of her, each at the ready to enter her moistened cunt. One of them stepped up to the bed and obscenely rubbed his prick up and down her open pussy. He was well endowed and when he entered her he took her forcefully causing her to explode in a thrashing orgasm. He withdrew himself and the next man took his place with the same orgasmic result. The others followed with the same. When they were done, she whispered for more but they couldn't do it again. Instead, Roger Morgan stepped up to the bed and stroking his very large cock, pushed it into her and began thrusting with his fat ass. Marylyn did not orgasm. Instead she lay there accepting his thrusting until he was close to orgasming when he stopped while buried deep in her and let out a horrific scream. He pulled away in terror and ran from the room. She then rose and announced that she was going home.

That is when I woke. I don't usually remember dreams. I tend to forget them as soon as I wake. Not this one. It was old Technicolor and in stereo. There is no way I could forget. Having woken, there were two women lying down next to me, each of us fully clothed sans shoes. Neither was asleep. Both were watching me awaken and said nothing for several minutes. I laid there thinking of each woman, our circumstances, their differences and similarities. I thought of Marylyn's explosive orgasms in the dream and Sarah's intense satisfaction in reality.

Knowing Marylyn was close, I turned to Sarah and asked "Do you love me?"

I thought I heard the mouth behind me take in a gasp of breath.

"I have since I first saw you when you were fourteen years old."

"And if I still love my wife?"

"I loved you when you married her. I'll still love you when you take her tonight right here next to me."

I rolled back and lay there. Somehow I had to process this and understand it. How could a woman that had only very recently been intimate with me have loved me for over thirty years? How could she continue knowing I loved my wife and had every intention of remaining her husband?

Marylyn broke the silence.

"Sarah is taking me to the house this afternoon to gather some more of my belongings."

I glanced at both of them and agreed. Besides, I needed some time of my own to process all of this.

"That would be good. Sarah, make sure she has what you think she needs. I have some things I need to do but before you go please get me the thumb drive that was taped to the package she brought over here last night."

"I already have it and both Marylyn and I watched it while you slept. It was everything I expected."

I looked to Marylyn and her glance was at the floor but when she raised her face, her eyes were both moist and on fire. She said nothing. They freshened up, changed clothes and left to go to our house while I toyed with the files in my hand. I wanted to watch and yet I thought I also didn't want to know. Roger lost his manhood and would never touch Marylyn again. Was that sufficient? On one level I wanted his balls as well. No, I wanted him dead but of course that couldn't be. It was not who I was.

About an hour after they left, I inserted the drive into my laptop and started the video file. It began with Roger grunting another load of spunk into my wife. The time stamp was 1PM. When he pulled out, the milky white seminal fluid leaked out of Marylyn's pussy and she rose to go the bathroom. When she returned, she was crying and telling him she couldn't do this anymore, that it was too much now. Roger just laughed and called her a cunt and that she would continue until he said otherwise. Marylyn just looked down and proceeded to get dressed. When she left the apartment, Roger walked his naked fat ass over to his phone on the side table and made a call. I could hear one side of the conversation clearly.

"Yeah, she just left. Right. It's on for tomorrow evening. Yeah, OK.

Let's use the Sheraton again like we did before.

Of course. Feed the bitch some ecstasy and a good bit of tequila and she will whore that tight pussy of hers all weekend.

Yes, I'm telling you, when Denise, Tom and Billy set her up the first time there, that MILF was pure fucking delight. I've watched her porno a hundred times. You've seen it, she is fucking gold.

No, Denise is out of it. Billy has some young housewife from southside hooked who's in way deep over her pretty little head. I look forward to tapping that as well. We will get some serious shoots and video over the weekend that should bring us a few thou if the buyers stand up.

Don't worry. You and I are completely out of the shots. Nobody will know you were involved.

Yeah, OK. The only thing different is this time the whore is going to be doped a good bit more. I made her fuck over her old man today ... yeah ... tonight.

It was easy. I threatened to snatch her cute little baby sister and maybe her daughter and do the same fucking thing

No, of course not but it scared the shit out of her.

She is good for a lot more. I'm telling you when you fuck her you'll see what I mean. It's like hot butter when she gets doped up and the tequila just makes her hotter than a teenage Mexican whore.

I've fucked a lot of them and this one will rock your fucking world. She's that good.

If she wasn't doped? Fuck no. I fuck it couple times a week just to empty the balls, you know. It's when she's doped like that it's the best.

Ok, you gotta go. I'll call when we are ready to go tomorrow. Pick you up then."

Some things were making sense although now I really did want to kill him. To hell with his balls, I wanted his head in a jar. After the call, Roger went in the bath and started the shower. The fucker was actually singing. As soon as he stepped into the shower, three men entered the apartment and one of them laid out a towel and several tools and bottles on the dresser top. A small duffle was emptied and the contents placed in a chair. At that point, the men waited.

When I realized what was happening next, I fast forwarded the video. I had no interest in watching at that point and I didn't think I had the stomach for it regardless. I stopped when it appeared the men were talking with Morgan.

"Mr. Morgan, good afternoon. I know you might not recognize your surroundings for the moment. That will pass I assure you. We had to use an anesthetic for your surgery and the effects can be confusing when you first wake up. Are you with us, Mr. Morgan?"

Roger moaned slightly and nodded.

"Mr. Morgan, good. Let me assure you first that everything went well with the operation. There is only one thing we really have left to do at this point before we can call it a total success."

He stepped back and the two other men stepped forward and began pummeling Roger's face, chest and arms. When they finished, Roger's face was a bloody mess and he appeared unconscious. One of the men broke smelling salts under his nose and Roger coughed himself awake. The surgeon continued.

"Good. That was necessary because that is usually what happens when you are mugged, right Roger?

He could only nod.

"Yes, so you see, let me tell you what has happened and what you are going to do. First, you are going to tell the police that you were mugged and beaten unconscious and woke up as you are now. If you tell the police anything differently, we will know and will be forced to make a second visit to correct your understanding? Do you understand so far, Mr. Morgan?"

Roger nodded again.

"Great, so you see, we have taken certain measures into our own hands because we have what you could call an abhorrence toward certain behaviors that involve the procurement of wives in general and specifically those of our good friends. We think that generally speaking a man such as yourself should ask a woman's husband if it is acceptable to him to be cuckolded and his wife used for fornication with other men. Some might leave this to divorce but for us, that is such a messy, unfulfilling result. No justice in it at all."

Roger began looking around in something of a panic as if he just registered something in his mind.

"There are a lot of men out there that seem to be unhappy with the results of the procurement of their wives for your selfish pleasures, Mr. Morgan. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to solve the problem permanently. Now, remember what we warned you about. If we have to come back we will sever your spine at the C4 which will put you on a respirator for the rest of your life. Do you understand me, Mr. Morgan?"

Again, Roger, with panic on his face, nodded yes.

"Absolutely great! We are about to go but before we do, we need to show you something."

He retrieved a jar and brought it over to the bed. He lifted it to Roger's eye level and revealed its contents. Roger took one look and started to scream before one of the men placed a rag over his mouth and warned him to shut up. When he ceased, Roger began to cry and the man simply reminded him to cry like a bitch all he wanted but he had better remember their warning. At this point, he secured the jar in a duffle and the other two men began retrieving electronic equipment all throughout the apartment. Apparently, they were pulling all the surveillance. Before pulling the last camera that was recording these events, the man with the jar smiled into the camera and said 'Justice has been served, my friend'. The camera went dead at that point. The time stamp was 2:15PM. Everything was done in just a bit over an hour after Marylyn left the apartment.

I sat back in the chair somewhat in shock but satisfied but then I sat straight up. The camera that was recording all of the surgery was the same angle used for the video that Sarah showed me earlier. This was Mr. Stanhope's team. I secured the thumb drive and returned to the study.

A moving company showed up at the house shortly after that and one of the staff showed them where to put Roger Morgan's personal belongings. The rest of the furniture was to be given to Goodwill. His room was just one room down from Sarah's bedroom. I wondered about her choice. There were several guest rooms in this place and she could have had him at the far end of the house. Whatever her reasons, I was sure it would be torturous for him to be there. It might be dangerous to him for me to be there given my current mood.

The women arrived back at the house around 5PM with packed bags looking like they were going on an extended holiday. After having the bags taken to Sarah's room, they came back down and both gave me a hug and a kiss.

"We would have been back here earlier, dear, but Marylyn and I needed to have a good talk away from the influence of men. So, we have been shooting the breeze so to speak, clearing the air and coming to an understanding. She belongs to me this weekend, David. It is one of my conditions for what she was instructed with regard to the poor abused wife. Are you OK with that?"

I nodded thinking of John and his insistence. Marylyn just stood there not saying anything, peering out the window looking at a bird on the feeder.

"So, to celebrate our new found understanding, we are all going out to dinner, to Antoine's. I know you have been there with Daddy. It is such a great place and they have that swing band that plays on Saturday nights. We will have a blast and make a great night of it.

Come now, Marylyn and I have to get dressed and ready and we have a pleasant surprise for you. I brought along the Tux that was in your closet and those beautiful polished shoes you have there as well. We will have to beat the women off you with our brooms."

There was that throaty laugh again. Marylyn actually smiled a bit at that and I wondered if I was ever going to have that happy and exuberant woman back or was there a new woman that was emerging. I had no clue. I went upstairs and showered before changing into the Tux. We had 7:30 reservations with plenty of time to get there. While waiting for the ladies, I racked a few on the old man's billiards table and sipped his cognac. 'Cheers, Harry.'

The women came down the stairs at 6:30PM and I was floored. Both of them were dressed in matching blue dresses, each with low necklines and a deep back. Marylyn was wearing a diamond pendant I bought her for our 20th wedding anniversary with matching earrings along with black heels. Sarah had on her pearls with matching black heels. Each dress was cut to four inches above the knee with a revealing slit up one side. Neither wore stockings and no lines were visible. Sarah's nipples were slightly aroused and visibly poking through the material. I knew Marylyn's would when the evening air crept through the dress.

"Come here, David. We need pictures."

Sarah had handed her camera to one of the staff and she positioned the three of us next to the hearth, a woman to each side of me, both clutching my arms. We all smiled and then she directed that there be one of Marylyn and me, of Sarah and me, and one of Marylyn and Sarah. I looked like a man with two dates to the prom. We left for the restaurant in Sarah's BMW with me driving and both women insisting on sitting in the back. With everything else swirling around in my head now, I made no objection. There was obviously something going on between the two women but it had not been shared with me yet.

After the valet took the car we sat at the bar while we waited for our table.. Both women were ravishing and toying with my mind, Marylyn being the much more subdued of the two. Sarah would lick her pink lips and smile. Marylyn would just have her Mona Lisa going on. I didn't really know what to make of it. At the table, each of the women took a side of me and we enjoyed a wonderful meal over the next hour or so.

I contemplated the past 24 hours as I watched both of them. We talked about a lot of things. One thing we never mentioned was Roger. Sarah would discuss how short above the knee a summer dress could be. Marylyn would come back with the appropriateness for going braless for various tops. I was for both. When dinner was done, we decided to enjoy an after dinner brandy and then stroll down to the river walk just below the restaurant. It was a popular place for the younger crowd as well as the middle aged. There were a handful of jazz clubs as well as pop discos, mostly for the college, 20 something crowd. Antoine's would have their swing band in an hour or so. Until then, we were bar hopping. We ended up in a jazz/dance club that seemed to cater to the 30-40 age set with a few more mature people thrown in for good effect.

All three of us were drinking and I stuck to bourbon and water hoping to stay manageable. The ladies were drinking margaritas and knowing what the tequila does to Marylyn, I started to object just a bit. Sarah immediately shut me down and said it wasn't my call. Oddly, she considered Marylyn to be her pet for the evening, her "little kitty" as she put it and that I could have her back when we went home later 'if we make it there' as she put it. Well, my eyebrows must have risen a bit because there was that throaty laugh.

I started dancing with each of them, alternating between songs. At one point, a woman came over to the table and asked me to dance with her. I looked over at the ladies and Sarah just looked at the woman and said 'Sure ... Just bring him back with his trousers buckled up' and she laughed. Marylyn laughed as well as she sat close at Sarah's side.

Something was definitely brewing here. I just didn't know the flavor yet. I danced with the woman to an up tempo song and she was good. I glanced back at the table and a man had joined them, talking and laughing. The woman was named Joy and she said the man at the table was her husband and had been fascinated with the two "beautiful women in the blue dresses" since we arrived so she thought she would escond me and give him a shot at them. Of course she played with the joke but I was guessing there was some truth to it. She kept me on the floor for the next softer number and was not at all shy about her body contact.

She was good. I was being seduced on the floor while my wife and my, well, other woman, were being shark attacked. I glanced over and another man had joined the table. Joy just kept maneuvering me further and further away as if distance would give the peckerwood an upper hand. Her bodily ministrations did well enough on my own wood and I'm sure she noticed as she pressed closer into me. The song was going to end shortly and that meant I either subdued the man in my pants or stay out for another song.

It ended up being the latter and when I glanced back, one of the men was leading Marylyn onto the floor as Joy's husband slid in closer to Sarah. Well, this was getting interesting. Joy wasn't kidding. She was playing wing woman and her husband and friend were going in for the pussy. I didn't see Marylyn anywhere but Sarah was holding her own although the husband clearly had his hand on her thigh. She caught my eye and winked while letting her thigh just slightly relax. At that point I knew it was all a game and the husband didn't yet realize he was being cock teased in a most cruel way. I whispered into Joy's ear while enjoying her wonderful body.
" I suspect your husband is going to have awful blue balls tonight. Are you prepared to take care of him when the time comes?"

"Well, I was more than prepared to take care of you for the rest of the evening." She said as her fingers squeezed the erection in my trousers. With two women on your arm and both of them so sensual, hubby figured you for players. I think he's right about the one he's with but she doesn't play without you, does she?"

"You would have to ask her yourself. I think she has more of a leash on me than I on her"

"Now, that is interesting and what a delightful game that could be" she purred.

The song ended at that point and we worked our way back to the table. Only Sarah and Joy's husband were there. I learned his name was Ralph. We had been out on the floor for probably 20 minutes or more.

"Where is Marylyn?"

"I sent her away for a while to dance with some men at another table and I see your trousers are still buckled up. Thank you, ma'am, for returning the merchandise."

Joy gave her welcomes with an amused smile on her face.

"He is a delightful man and turned out to be quite excited to dance with me. I know I pressed on him more than I should but he seems to have stood up to it well enough."

The double entendres were not missed. Sarah just soaked it in beaming with a broad grin. We both sat down at the table as Ralph rose to excuse himself to the men's room. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that Ralph was really three sheets to the wind and most likely would not have been up to the task was Sarah willing to give him a piece tonight.

"I'm going to call him a cab in a bit and send him on home. He can't handle the intoxicating aroma of attractive women in blue dresses."

"Joy, that is quite alright. I allowed him certain liberties just for the memories" Sarah replied and laughed uproariously with Joy joining in. She excused herself and approached her returning husband and directed him to the cabs outside, giving him cab fare for whatever journey he was to take. She then returned to join us. I tossed out a comment.

"Joy, that's an interesting relationship."

"Indeed it is. He does what I want , when I want it and how I want it. I do him as I please but, I love the oaf and he loves me. He just gets off on certain things." She smiled and said "I'll whip his ass tomorrow and make him feel good."

That perked Sarah up quickly. "I'd like to watch that! David, would you ever let me do that to you?"

That was followed by another round of laughter. She was getting a bit sauced herself but it was her night and for her anything goes I guess.

"Of course I would as long as you kiss it well afterwards."

"Oh David, you already know I'll do more than that!"

For an odd reason, I thought of Marylyn at that moment and began looking around. Sarah leaned over and whispered to me, loud enough for Joy to hear.

"David, Honey, I told my little kitty that she had to have one satisfying experience tonight before she could come back to the table. Remember, she isn't yours until we get back to the house."

I didn't quite know how to take that and I'm sure Joy didn't so I shrugged and nodded. Marylyn was clearly not on the dance floor or at a table so my guess she was doing what Sarah had requested. This was turning into a surprising relationship very fast.

Another man came over to the table and asked Joy to dance and off they went. I grabbed Sarah's hand and we took the floor.

"Sarah, you have to tell me what is going on. I'm not sure I approve of what you have her doing. In fact I'm pretty sure I don't, at least not outside the crazy goings on of this weekend. I'm letting you pull your strings but don't you think this is over the top?"

She buried her face into my neck and licked my ear. Jesus, I felt like I was on a Twilight Zone episode.

"David, remember that I thought she was a submissive. Now I know it beyond any doubt. Our girls talk covered a lot of things, David, including how she could have ever been caught up in all this. Her buttons and switches were pushed and started and I doubt they can just be turned off and on as you please. Maybe they can. I don't know but I'm finding out. If you want me to stop, I will and I'll tell her to be little Miss Obedient Wifey. Yet, I don't think you know what you have with her. She has a deep BDSM streak in her that the bastard awakened somehow. Before you ask, I know she hates him and never got off with him at all. She got off with the others because she was being taken. That's what you are going to do later this evening, David. You are going to take her like a whore and I'm going to join in when the time is right. This is the weekend where everything goes, right?"

"To a point, Sarah. If it crosses the threshold where I can't handle it, I'll let you know. Running off to have a 'satisfying' experience is just about there."

"Hmmm but not there. Don't worry, Dear, that is all I am having her do with anybody else tonight. I wonder if the younger college boy got her Hmm, we shall see... and speaking of the little temptress, here she comes now."

I watched as Marylyn returned to the table taking a seat and politely shaking her head no to the young man who followed her back in. She pulled a compact out and brushed her hair quickly and lifting her gaze to the dance floor, saw Sarah and I. I smiled and waved and she did likewise as Sarah continued her teasing with the tongue. When the song ended, we returned to our table and as we scooted in, Sarah told Marylyn to show her just as she instructed. Marylyn immediately French kissed Sarah and swirled their tongues together. Breaking the kiss, Sarah spoke.

"You naughty girl, you let a man do it in your mouth and with your husband here too."

She laughed and Marylyn looked up at me meekly.

"That's OK, my little kitty, I told him of our game so don't worry, you are still mine. You do still want to be mine, little kitty?"

Marylyn looked at me and then at Sarah and said "Yes, Miss Sarah."

"For how long?"

"As long as you want me."

At this point, Joy returned with the gentleman who had been occupying her for the last several minutes and they joined us at our table.

"Hello again. This handsome man here is Andy and he has been a gentleman 75% of the time this evening."

Sarah looked him over and smirked.

"OK, so he's batting 250. What gives" followed by that laugh again.

The whole table chuckled at that and Joy continued.

"Listen, Andy says he has a standing invite to a private party at the Sheraton tonight that is supposed to be really wild, one of those all nighters. Free booze and a band plus they have some rooms reserved for those that need it, well, those that want it too, of course. We are thinking of walking over. It's actually just around the corner."

My mind just perked up several notches and being the one with the lowest alcohol level at this point, I think I was the only one of the three of us that was putting some things together. I shot a look at Marylyn and she was just buzzed out on the tequila from her margaritas. Sarah was listening to and watching both Joy and this new fellow, Andy.

I was thinking back to the scene of the original crime, the Sheraton. The bastard had mentioned the Sheraton and a party tonight on his phone call before Lady Justice cancelled his invite. A wild party, booze, all night ... at the same place. It was too much of a coincidence yet I also knew that on a Saturday night in town, there might be a dozen such parties at any number of hotels down here.

I watched our new man, Andy a bit. His eyes would shift from Joy to Sarah and Marylyn taking in the cleavage and their feminine beauty. Any man would but he continued even with Joy at his side who by the way was seriously buzzed. He hardly acknowledged me which was a warning. I mean he joined my fucking table, not Joy's.

"Yeah, I know some of the guys hosting it. It's all on the up and up, you know. We're all adults so, yeah, it gets wild but if stuff is going on that some don't wanna mix with, then they do their own thing. It's all cool. If you get too tanked, I know a couple of them have reserved a few rooms to crash in, or party if that's your thing."

"What do you say, David? Take a walk on that wild side for a bit? We can skip the band tonight and do that another time."

Sarah was for it. I'm guessing the thumb drive conversation didn't register with her or she is too loaded to take note of it. Then, there is Joy. If this is a bad deal, then she could be seriously taken advantage of in her condition. I had no way of knowing so I stuck my neck out.

"All right, but one more dance before we go. Come on Sarah."

Sarah whispered in Marylyn's ear and they both smiled. Andy walked Joy on the floor and I did the same with Sarah. I purposefully put some distance between us and them.

"Sarah, I don't think you are that bombed. I need you to listen to me."

"I'm listening, sweet man, and you are right, I'm not that smashed. I picked up on more than you think although I know Marylyn didn't. If I told that tequila kitty to take her clothes off right now, she would. That's what I'm trying to show you tonight."

"Yeah, well, OK, but you need to know. I'm guessing this is the same crowd that your prickless husband was talking about on the video this afternoon. You remember, you watched it right?"

"Of course and I was wanting to get a look at the debauchery without being debauched, know what I mean?"

"Yes, I know what you mean but that might be easier said than done. A roofie to me and I'm out leaving you ladies completely vulnerable. I think we should take Joy under our wing and stiff Mr. Andy at the bar, dump him. Otherwise she is likely to get used bad, maybe worse if it's the same party I'm thinking about. Look, I'll get Joy on the floor and out the door and get her to Antoine's. You and Marylyn sucker Andy with your feminine charms and ditch him. Sound OK?"

She whispered 'yup' and we ended the dance. We did as planned and I got Joy on the floor before telling her she was going to party with us for the evening. She was drunk enough as it was but also fucking horny for me. One squeeze of 'biggie' and she was in. We slipped off the floor and out the side before heading up the walk to Antoine's.

The two of us hit the bar and were enjoying a bit of a rest which was hard to do because Joy's ass was just itching to 'swing' on the floor. Somehow I kept her contained for about 20 minutes before I lost out and had to hit it with her. I kept looking for the girls but they hadn't shown up. After 3 dances, I was starting to get a bit concerned. We had been here almost 40 minutes and there was no sign of them. Finally there they were two hotties in blue dresses, milfs, well one of them anyway. I breathed a sigh and led Joy back to our table and waved them over.

OK, so now I was one man at a table of three beautiful women. Life is hard so I relaxed and had a glass of Chardonnay. The view was wonderful. After a respite, I danced with Marylyn, the first of the evening. Playing along with the game, I asked Sarah's permission first which Joy thought to be uproariously funny.

"You are asking your wife for permission to dance with her, what did you call her, your little kitty? Mr. David, you are just like my Ralph hahahahahaha."

Sarah burst into giggles almost choking on her drink. Marylyn just clutched my arm and I kind of stood there not saying anything as Sarah was referred to as my wife.

"Oh I make him do that all the time now. He is such a good man."

The two ladies were roaring while I escorted my wife, Marylyn, to the floor. It was a slower number so we could dance close and talk. She held me close and kissed me on the neck as she glanced at the table almost like she was seeking approval.

"Are you OK with what is happening tonight, Marylyn?"

"Yes, David, I am happy with anything that makes you and Sarah happy. I sincerely mean that."

"And this game that Sarah is playing?"

"Oh no, honey, it is not a game to her or to me. When she says I am her little kitty tonight, she means it. Sarah and I talked a long time this afternoon. We hugged and cried and laughed and she showed something about me that I didn't realize, why I gave into what I did even though I hated who I was with. Do we need to talk about this tonight? I will if you want. I'll do anything you tell me to do but I'd prefer to do this later, OK?"

I was a good bit conflicted but I relinquished.

"Of course, we will talk about it later. So, in the meantime, you are our little kitty?"

"No, honey, I am Sarah's little obedient kitty and only hers. Those are the rules she has insisted I follow tonight. She has seen fit to allow me certain liberties with you though."

She squeezed my cock through the trousers and gently bit me on the earlobe.

"I watched Joy groping your package, David. Did you enjoy that?"

"She didn't find it soft." Her chuckle was soft and refreshing. It reminded me of our more innocent times and I felt a short pang of regret. She dismissed that quickly.

"Good, my husband never disappoints any woman... Do I feel good for you tonight, my husband?"

"Very much but the song has ended and I must return the little kitty to her owner, I suppose."

"Yes, you must but I don't see her there now. Did she tell you my rules for the evening?"

"No, she has not."

"I am to ask her permission and I am do everything she tells me to, regardless of my feelings on the matter and she stressed this, nor your feelings. I was uncomfortable with that given our circumstances but she assured me she would have your approval for everything."

"I agreed to her for this evening. We shall see about tomorrow. There have been a lot of changes in our lives lately but we shall not talk any further on that. I shall return you."

"That is OK, David. If she is not there, I am to sit at the bar with my drink and wait for her to return. I am sure there will be men to refresh it. I hope you do not mind but that is what I am to do."

I went along with it and watched her take one of the few empty seats at the bar. She crossed her legs and in no time was joined by a couple of men at the ready for a refresh. Sarah's game was dangerous for controlling the libido. She had been drinking tequila most of the night yet seemed to be in some control, as long as the men didn't start giving her shots. Then, all bets would be off and I might have to intervene.

"Hello, stranger."

Joy tapped my shoulder and then gave me a pleasant hug.

"Your wife has decided that other men are more interesting tonight so she is dancing with a couple of them and chasing shots at their table. And I see that her kitty girl has attracted some wolves of her own."

She was looking at the bar and watching a couple of the men getting very friendly with Marylyn. Masculine hands were on the thigh and on the lower back with a clear line of sight to an erect nipple that under different circumstances would be ripe for plucking.

"Ohhh she is gonna get fucked tonight" Joy purred while rubbing my belly.

I was thinking the same thing but I promised I would not interfere. I trusted Sarah to keep things under control but she was off doing shots with a table of men. This might not be good but Joy then whispered to me.

"Don't worry, big boy. Your wife is drinking watered shots. She already talked to the bartender and they have been bringing her basically colored water for most of the time she has been over there. She asked me to tell you not to worry, that she can control drunken horny men 6 days a week and she hopes this isn't the 7th Ha! In the meantime, I'm to let her kitty girl know to join her at their table. That leaves you and me, handsome. Get me drunk and take advantage of me?"

"Remember that leash?"

"Oh do I. I'm hoping she'll let me tug hard on it before the night is over although you might have competition from the table she's at. I've danced with all of them and one fellow seems pliable enough to me. Now her kitty girl, I'm guessing that if you play your cards right, your wife will let you tap that piece of ass nicely."

"Do you? You think I should go for it?

"Well, you came in a party of three down at that club and I'm guessing that's what she has in mind when she gets you home. That's why I'm keeping my options open with Mr. Pliable there. I like them submissive you know. Not too much but kinda like you, you know? Masculine as hell but pliable and willing to please!!"

That was interesting. I had not seen myself as submissive in that sense. Maybe there was some other "sense" I didn't realize. I parked that thought for the time being and turned my thoughts back to Marylyn. I wasn't comfortable with a man rubbing her nipple through the neckline of her dress but that was clearly what he was doing and Marylyn had closed her eyes in response and with a clear shot sitting next to her, I knew what was up.

"You better hurry or the little kitty is going to start taking her clothes off right there."

Joy scooted off to the bar and mingled with the small group at Marylyn's perch. I probably should not have trusted any of them but for whatever the reason, I trusted Ms. Stanhope to keep her wits while also enjoying herself. I switched to soda water & lemon and acquired a Camacho Corojo from the bar's humidor. Antoine's has an upper level veranda that allows diner's and patron's to enjoy a good smoke and have a drink while watching the activities below. I thought I should have come up here to begin with. It was quieter and had a great view of everything on the floor. I lit the cigar and settled into one of the comfortable chaises, observing the crowd below. This was great. I could watch Marylyn and Joy at the bar with their hands on admirers. Joy was taking her time moving my wife back to Sarah, instead seeming to enjoy all the man-attention.

Sarah had left her table and I spotted her slow dancing with one of the men she was with. He was older than us, maybe middle fifties, attractive, appearing fit. They looked good together but then, she was looking at me and not him. She caught my observations and gave me just a hint of a sly smile. The man's hands were not on her ass but just at the beginning of her bum. Ms. Stanhope is most definitely a cock tease. She looked up at me again and pointed to Marylyn and Joy, pointed back at herself and gave me a thumb up. So, she had things under control. That seems to be a consistent pattern and away from the fog of the noise and music and women and other distractions, I started to think on the events of the day and before.

It was a cacophony of opposing emotions and activities. I had spent months preparing myself for Marylyn's slip from reality and John's harsh intervention. When it finally occurred early yesterday evening, it was as if I had been transposed into another reality. It was hard to understand. The emasculation of Roger Morgan and the submission of Marylyn beginning with the package and its letter combined with Sarah Stanhope's utterly successful seduction of me created my own David's Wonderland. The intrigue of old man Stanhope's involvement and the certainty of Sarah's deeper knowledge of circumstances just fueled my overly curious mind. My brain toyed with John's involvement, the Friday crew of characters, and knowledge of the cameras and then I jumped ahead to the intense sexual surrender of myself and Sarah to passions I had no clue of just days earlier.

Now, my wife sits at a crowed bar, her lithe body barely hidden by a soft blue fabric, completely engaged by gathering wolves who in stark terms have only her feminine treasures in mind and how they might partake of her pleasure. I've seen it before. We all have. Women being hit on at a bar but this one was doing it at another's bidding.

The soft touch at my shoulder brought my thoughts back to the present and I glanced up at a pleasant looking woman smiling at me from the side of my chaise.
"You looked for a moment lost in another world there. Might I join you here? I really didn't want to sit alone up here."

I took her in. She was probably my age or close, toned and athletic like Marylyn, fashionably dressed but not in a sexy way. She looked like she had come for dinner and had strolled in by mistake, perhaps out of place.

"Of course, where are my manners? Please, join me. My name is David."

"Thank you, David. Mine is Janet. You seemed lost in thought while watching the partiers down below. Is one of them yours?"

Well, she was perceptive.

"I suppose one of them is, perhaps another one as well. The blue dress number at the bar."

I nodded in that direction and watched as a man caressed the thigh and wondered why Sarah had not stepped in.

"Ah, she is quite the magnet and the bees have found the honey. Mine is on the floor with the yellow dress. He likes to dance and me, well, I like the conversation. Besides, I can't compete with her assets when he can't understand a word I say. Have you ever been in that situation?"

"Ms. Janet, lately, more often than not. Take my blue dress over there at the bar for example. I could talk all night and she would still sit there and draw those bees. Now, I am guessing that the fellow with his hands almost to her bum thinks he is going to get lucky tonight. Do you think he is going to get lucky, Janet?'

She looked at me inquisitively and shook her head.

"I've seen her there for the past hour now and I'm guessing she is a very pretty ornament but a couple men have come and gone and she is still perched there like a display. So, no, David, I think your little bird isn't going to make the wolf's night, at least not this night. Of course, you are sitting right here and I'm guessing she knows that, right?"

"Oh yes, she knows I'm here. I danced with her before she went to the bar."

"I did the same before my husband took up with Tweety down there." She nodded again at the flash of yellow.

It was swirling to the swing right next to the flash of blue. They could have been dancing together but they were not. Sarah was with another man, one I had not seen before. 'Tweety's' partner was the older man Sarah had been dancing with earlier.

"Your husband was dancing with the woman in blue earlier."

"Oh yes. They know each other. She is the daughter of one of my husband's business partners, Sarah Morgan. Now if he thought he was going to tap THAT, he wouldn't be dancing with Tweety. I believe I saw you dancing with her earlier as well. If I'm not mistaken, she and your bird over there are wearing nearly identical dresses."

"Why they certainly are. Imagine that!" I toyed with her.

"And they came in together too."

"Janet, I must admit, my wife is a recent acquaintance of Ms. Sarah's and I am in the employ of her father, Mr. Harry Stanhope. The truth of the matter is, I am their designated driver this evening and overseer of their good fortunes, whatever that might be."

Janet just sipped her drink and smiled.

"In that case, I won't hit you up for a ride home when my husband ditches me for 5 and a half feet of fresh assets."

"Would he do that?"

"Oh, not really. He would probably bring her along and I would drive."

I think I arched my brow at that and Janet just gave me a quizzical look as we continued our banter and conversation. She was very pleasant, someone I actually enjoyed conversing with and we talked about her husband, about Mr. Stanhope, even Sarah to some degree. Janet and her husband apparently had a "modern" marriage, her term, although she admitted she was not an often participant in such things. I only touched around the edges of my circumstances with my 'bird' at the bar but she seemed to sense our new found alternative state of affairs. Under different circumstances I would have enjoyed conversing with her for a full evening however my interruption and charge had arrived.

"Why David, Dear, you look wonderful. You have met our old friend, Janet? Janet, it's always nice to see you again and tell Donald if his hands go any further south next time, I'll kick his ass and Elizabeth will NOT bring him his chocolate cake for his next birthday party!"

Her laughter was back and she slid in next to me, cuddling closely. The apparent implications would be hard to dismiss unless Sarah was this friendly to all the men, which I knew she wasn't. Although this was the first time I had been with her out in public like this. Janet just had that knowing smile on her face.

"Sarah, if he touches your ass, just break his fingers. He knows better. Now, I was telling David here that he might have to fetch me home if Donald runs off with that Tweety bird."

"Oh don't worry about that. You can come home with us and let Tweety ... Ha! That is funny, it must be that bright yellow dress, right? Tweety can drive him home. Besides, we are getting ready to head out of here. I've got plenty of room and Daddy's out of town until Monday. David and his wife Marylyn are staying as guests at the house this weekend anyway, so it's all on the way home regardless. Of course, if you rather, we can go by your place too. OK, David?"

I just went with the flow not knowing how this was all going to turn out. Apparently Joy was hooking up with some fellow who fancied her and would be taking care of her for the rest of the evening. While she was certainly attractive, I had enough women on my hands as it were without a third or given Sarah's invitation, a forth. We retrieved Marylyn at the bar to the consternation of a couple of fellows. She adjusted her dress to more securely hide her nipples and took Sarah's arm when we left.

Janet took my arm and the valet retrieved our car. Janet settled on having us drive her to her home and before she left us, she insisted on one of my business cards and wrote her contacts on another.

"Call me for dinner some evening soon, David." Her fingers traced mine as she handed it back and she said her pleasant goodbyes to Sarah and Marylyn.

End of Part III

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