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Position Filled

by cuckolder

07/17/2016 00:56 in submission

You get home at around seven in the evening after another hard day at work. Your wife Emma has prepared your diner but is sat on an armchair sobbing; she has her face in her hands, unaware you have arrived home. You quietly walk over to her and with a hand on her shoulder you ask her why she's crying. She tries to speak but she makes no real sense.

You try and lift her head as you ask, "Emma, what's wrong, what's up, why the tears?"

She lifts her head and the tears streak down her rosy pink cheeks from her blue eyes. Her blond curly hair in a mess; she tries to talk but again makes no coherent sense. You sit beside her and place an arm around her to comfort her. You allow her to come round and tell you in her own time.

You have been married for just over a year; it was a wedding not attended by her parents, because they could not afford the flights from Jamaica. Emma's parents were not very happy saying you were both too young.

Although you were twenty five and she was twenty two when you got married, you both felt it was the right future for you both. But it has not been easy financially to break away and set up home on your own. You both liked the street you lived in and as a mixed race couple you were both accepted happily into the neighbourhood.

You stand up and fetch some tissues for Emma's watery eyes. You kiss her forehead with a couple of tender kisses. She looks straight into your eyes and says, "The place burnt down and I've lost my job."

Emma worked in a small family run business, where she helped out with the orders. She is a friend of the owner. But because of the disaster, the owners cannot afford to rebuild and restart the business; more so that the elderly owner was thinking of retiring soon anyway. He told Emma that the insurance money he would get will be his retirement fund, and unfortunately not for a rebuild.

You are not that well off and you both need each other to be bringing in money. You already work long hard hours as a labourer at a building site, a new job for you there. The next couple of months are very difficult to get through, only having money to pay for essentials, no luxuries, not that you and Emma indulged in anything extravagant.

At work you hear a position for a secretary has become available. But you think it's already been allocated to a friend of the boss. This was a new boss there too, he only started last week. But you wonder if you could put Emma's name forward, not that you were on any special relations with the boss. But you want to help Emma as she feels so low.

You go into work as usual and as you pass the site office your boss is pulling up in his car. You put up your hand and say, "Morning."

But he just looks at you and grunts while he gets out of the car and walks to his Porto cabin office. You walk on and wonder if it's a good idea to bother him with your problem. The morning goes by and every time you pass the office, all you hear from within is him shouting at someone; either someone in the office with him, or on the phone. You can make this out through the dirty office window.

Lunch time and he has come out of the office and is stood in the open doorway. As you are passing he shouts out, "Hey you come here."

You walk up to him and say, "Yes sir can I help you?"

He gives you some money and says, "Here get me a bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee. Be quick I haven't much time."

You take the money and go to fetch him what he requested. On your return, you knock on the door with your hands laden with his items. He shouts out, "Come in."

You open the door and walk in; he looks up with a very stern look on his face and says, "Put it on the table over there."

Your boss is white, he is older than you at forty one; he's not slim but not that fat, well-built fairy tall and always with a very serious look. His face looks weathered, his eyes very steely, his tone very strict, and his attitude was always harsh.

You place his lunch on the table and take a deep breath, you swallow. He has his head down and going through some papers. You just stand there and he looks up and says, "That's it you can go."

You still stand there not knowing what to say, how to ask. He looks up again and with a sterner tone says, "Well what is it, I said you can go."

You want to ask about the position for Emma, but you choke and hold out your hand and say, "Your change sir."

He grunts and says, "Just leave it there as well, on the table."

You turn sideways and put the money on the table and slowly turn again to face him. You take a step closer to his desk. Your heart races, you feel hot, your palms perspire. He looks up and almost shouts at you, "What is it now."

You know in your mind you need Emma to have a job, some money coming in, just to pay the monthly bills so that you both can survive. You again swallow and say, "Sir...I was wondering..."

You cannot finish the sentence; he stands up and again very loudly says, "What the hell's the matter with you, can't you speak."

You think to yourself, 'If I don't ask now I'll never have the opportunity, come on, come on, ask.'

You make eye contact and he scares you to the bone, but you manage to utter out in almost a whisper, "Sir the position for secretary, my wife would be interested."

He stares at you, you feel utterly weak. He thinks and then says, "It's filled."

You know in your mind that it's not; he's got this other person already lined up. You know you are desperate. You almost plead with him, "Please sir, please give her a chance."

He still stares with a stern expression and says, "I said it's filled."

You almost have tears in your eyes but know that would be a very weak signal to him, your mouth is dry, but you swallow. You know that Emma's not happy being at home, not working, and you both need the money. She has had several interviews and not got anywhere. And lately even the interviews have not come along.

Again you say, "Please sir just a short interview, you don't have to spend too much of your time."

Your boss looks down to his desk and you say, "Please see her, you'll be happy with her, she works really hard."

He looks up very slowly, he sees you with your hands clasped in front of you, not crying but do look very sorry for yourself. He says, "Look here... okay, I'll see her for a chat... tomorrow lunchtime ask her to come in, ten minutes, that's all."

Your face lights up and with a broad smile you cannot thank him enough, "Oh thank you sir thank you. She'll be so happy; you'll see she's just right for the job... thank you."

He says, "It's just a chat, no guarantees you understand."

You take small steps backwards as you almost bow out and say, "Thank you, thank you."

You go back to your work and have the biggest smile for the longest period. You can't wait to get home and tell Emma.

You rush home and Emma is in the kitchen preparing your meal. You rush up to her and give her a big hug and say with joy, "He'll see you tomorrow, for that job I told you about."

Emma smiles, in her heart she knows she won't get it because you already told her about the other person for that job, but nonetheless she smiles with you for your joy and says, "That's nice of him."

You say, "Tomorrow lunchtime, his office."

The next day as you leave early you say to her, "Don't forget, lunchtime."

She laughs and says, "Yes, yes, as if I'd forget."

When you get to work, there is a very large lorry on site. It has the new equipment on it, the pile-driver for the deep footings needed for the pillars of the building. It gets put up and starts its job late in the morning, it's very noisy.

You go about your work and have to wear ear defenders. You keep looking at your watch, it's close to lunchtime. Your mind is on when she's coming, you keep looking at the main gate where she will come through.

It's nearly time; you look towards the office, you see your boss waving his arm at you, wanting you to come to him. You run across the muddy yard to him and he steps back into the office, you follow him in and take off your ear defenders. The noise is still very loud even with the door closed. But you know what he wants, as he holds out some money and says, "Get me a bacon sandwich and a coffee."

You hardly hear him, but you know what he wants; you take the money and say to him, "Emma, should be here soon."

You wonder if he heard you, you shout out again, "Emma, she should be here soon."

He waves his hand for you to go. You run out and go to fetch his lunch. You've been gone for fifteen minutes and on your return, you knock on the door and go in. You see Emma sat on a chair; you look at each other and smile. You look at your boss and he says nothing, he points to the table for you to leave his lunch.

The noise from the yard is still loud, but now there are small breaks where you can just hear each other talk for short periods. You see your boss has a smile on his face and he says, "I didn't realise your wife was..."

But he stops in mid-sentence; you finish the sentence off in your head, 'White.'

He looks across to her and says, "Very pretty."

You are black and he expected your wife to be black also. The noise outside starts again; he waves at you and says, "Okay, you can go about your work now."

You look at Emma and give her a comforting smile as you leave.

As you work outside you keep looking at the office to see when Emma comes out. Then one of the supervisors asks you to do something over the other side of the site. It'll take you some time to get it done and you can't see the office from over there.

You work as quickly as possible so you can get back as quick as possible to see when she leaves. You know that you will probably have missed her, as your boss said he will only spend ten minutes with her.

When you finish over the other side fifteen minutes later, you rush back and notice your boss's car is not there. You run up to the window and wipe away the dusty layer on it and look in, no one in there. You go to try the door but it's locked.

You say to yourself, they must have finished and she's gone home and your boss must have gone off somewhere. You drop back and notice it's still a little while for you to finish work.

Time moves slowly as you keep checking you watch, over and over again. Then its time, you clock out and rush home. You can't wait to ask Emma how she got on! Did she get the job?

Your head tells you the other person had already got the job even before your boss saw Emma today. But your heart wants to believe Emma got it. Your heart is singing all the way home as you hope she has got it and would be so happy. Your face shines for her happiness, you walk quickly with a skip in your step.

But then the smile you had on your face all afternoon disappears, giving way to a quirked look. You see a car very similar to your boss's parked outside your place. You think it's not his, it can't be his, he doesn't know where I live.

As you get closer, your walk has already slowed to almost half walking pace. You look at the number plate and it's his, the muddy covered paintwork from the muddy yard, it was his car.

You turn and look at your house from top to bottom, you wonder what's going on, and why is he here? Did your boss give Emma a lift home? You go into your home expecting to see them there in the front lounge. But there is no one there, you briskly walk to the kitchen, there is no one there.

You still look around frantically and then make your way upstairs. You hear some noises but they are muffled, you can't make them out. The door to your bedroom is wide open. You can make out that the noises are coming from in there. You gingerly step closer and you peer through, wide eyed, not blinking.

The site that beholds you is one you will never forget, ever!

Your wife Emma, there on the bed, spread-eagled naked, her hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed, she has a gag in her mouth, your boss's neck tie. Your boss is too without a stich on, laid outstretched on his front between her open legs. His hands under her arse, his face buried in her pussy. He sucks licks and eats your wife.

Emma is going through an orgasm; her eyes are closed, shut tight. Her head is thrashing from side to side, her hips are bouncing up and down, and her tits sway left and right. Her voice is muffled as she moans out.

Then your boss is the first one to see you, he turns his face just slightly and says, "It was too noisy at the office, so I brought her here for the interview."

Emma has now opened her eyes, she stares at you, again she's trying to say something but her muffled voice makes no sense.

Your boss has gone back down and has stuck in a couple of fingers as he licks her bulbous clit. You do remember what her clit and pussy look like? Let me remind you. She is clean shaven; she has long pink pussy lips. But the best feature is her big clit; it's very big, almost like the end of a little finger.

You stand there, motionless as you watch your boss lick and suck on her big clit. You look back at your wife's face, her eyes are closed again. You look closer, you notice her face is wet, not just wet with perspiration but you make out that it's cum over her face. Your boss has already blown a load off onto her face and probably down her throat too before gaging her.

You can't see your boss's cock as he is laid on his front. What you can see is his hairy back and legs, he is balding, but his body hair is quite thick. He moves his knees up and you catch a glimpse of his cock. It dangles down, semi hard.

Your wife has started to thrash about again; her muffled cries are like you have never heard her before. Your boss has his fingers knuckle deep and is wriggling them inside her pussy, on her g-spot. With a finger and thumb of his other hand he has pushed back the hood, and is sucking on her protruding clit.

Your wife's hips push up into your boss's face three four five six times and then her cries die away as her arse falls gently back onto the bed. Your boss lifts his head up and looks at you and says, "I'm sure you know, but, she really does taste exquisite."

He lets go of her and falls back onto his knees. You see his cock, and you stare at it. It's fully erect now and it stands almost twice your size. Yours is five inches and his seems to be a nine. And as you stare, you also notice his thickness, and gauge it's probably as thick as your wrist. He's is cut, his purple bulbous head like a plum on the end of a thick rod.

He catches you staring and says, "Never seen a cock before son?"

You look away and towards your wife, her eyes are open and she stares back at you. Your boss leans forwards and slips across your wife's body, he reaches out and pulls on the knot on the cum covered neck tie. He throws it to one side and kisses your wife.

From the way she kisses him back you can tell she is not being taken by force, she is not the innocent party. Your boss's cock lies on her belly, pressed hard between their two bodies. He swivels his hips around while they kiss, her body replies to his. They both massage the cock between them.

He lifts his head up just slightly and pokes out his long tongue, your wife looks at you while she sucks on it. He spreads his arms and legs out on top of hers, he clasps her fingers in-between his.

You feel nothing, just numb all-over, your dick does not even get excited, it lays in your pants as limp as a wet biscuit. Your eyes roll over their bodies from their feet to their entwined hands. They both look at you; you take a long gulp and continue to look at their outstretched naked bodies.

You see your boss raise his arse up and lower his cock to seek your wife's entrance. You take a couple of steps to the side and you see his plum head stab at your wife's flower petals. Your wife moves her hips from side to side allowing him to get into her. You see her pussy being opened wide as his plum stretches her out. He thrusts in very slowly, about three to four inches and pulls out with her juices now on his cock. He again pushes in, and this time he goes all in right up to the hilt, right up to his balls.

Your wife moans out, a low grunt as she accommodates your boss's big thick cock. They both lay still for a few moments, then he pulls out. You see your wife's inner pussy being pulled out as it hugs tight to his oversized shaft.

He pulls out to the head, and then back in. Not rushed, all done very sensually. He seems to be in control, long deep thrusts take his cock from being seen to being hidden into your wife's willing pussy.

They continue this for a few minutes while they kiss and look at you, looking at them. As you are watching the intimate connection, you hear your boss say, "Like the view do you son."

You don't say anything, your dick still limp, and your eyes wide. You hardly blink, not wanting to miss a second of the proceedings before you.

Your wife moans out continually and on each occasion his cock hits home, your wife softly says, "Oh god."

You had never got her to say that with all the fucks you had with her. Your boss turns his head back to you and says, "I love her pussy, it's real nice and tight."

Your wife looks at you and she says, "Show him your dick."

You hesitate, you feel embarrassed because you know you don't measure up to anywhere near his cock. Even if you got it hard, you would need two of yours for one of his. Your wife again says, "Come on get it out and show him. Show him why my pussy is still so tight."

You step back and undo your zipper; you reach in and pull out your dick. It's limp, it droops and only barley hangs out of your pants. Your boss looks at it and says, "Well it's a good thing I'm here to help out from now on."

Your boss turns back to face your wife and she says, "Contrary to popular belief, not all black men are supplied with god's gift for a woman."

She turns her face to you and says, "Okay, put that pathetic thing away."

You fold it away and redo the zipper. You take a couple of steps back to your favourite view. They have started to pick up the pace; your boss's cock goes in and out of your wife much quicker. The moans and groans from your wife are more audible and more frequent.

The words and tone of her language are again something you have never heard her say when you fucked her. Phrases like, "Jesus fuck," "Harder, harder," and, "This cunt loves that fuckin' cock."

You can see her juices leak out the sides as his shaft pistons in her pussy; your wife says to your boss, "Hold on a minute, take it out."

Your boss does not want to, he carries on fucking your wife with even more vigour, and she says again, "Take it out just for a second."

With great reluctance your boss slows and comes to a stop deep in her. He then slowly slips it out; it sparkles and only strands of your wife's womanly offerings link his cock to her pussy. She looks at you and says, "Have a feel of that cock, see how hard it is, see what's making me scream out with pure delight."

You reach down and grab his cock; the width of your whole fist fits easily onto his shaft. You notice your fingers as they barely meet. You can feel it throb, it's intense heat, but what makes you say 'Fuck' in your head is the strength of the thing, it feels alive, it feels strong and is as hard as a tree trunk - as hard as the wooden floor you are stood on.

Your wife says, "Nice isn't it, hard, fucking hard. What I need, what I've always wanted and what I'm going to be getting from now on."

Your boss without turning says, "Let go, go on fuck off."

You let it go, and your boss promptly shoves it back into your wife. Your wife's cries start straight away, your boss's cock now moves even faster. Two or three minutes and your wife goes through another very visible orgasm. He still fucks your wife like you could never; he fucks your wife like she is demanding from him. She has never demanded anything like that from you.
He kisses and sucks your wife's tits and hard nipples; he gropes her tits and slaps them hard with his rough builder's hands. He fucks your wife with his very hard builder's cock. His big builder's hairy arse is going like the clappers up and down, driving that builder's cock deep and hard into your wife's cunt.

It sends a fierce body ripping orgasm through your wife. Her body violently shakes, her legs, her thighs, her arms all tremble. Rope burns noticeable around her ankles and wrists.

She looks towards you and in frenzy shouts out, "Free my hands, now free my hands."

You go round and undo the knots and her arms are free. She instantly grabs your boss in a bear hug. Her finger nails dig into his hairy back. Your boss is now taking long slow deep thrusts into your wife. You quickly return to your much-loved vantage point. And you can see your boss's cum run out of your wife's pussy. It trickles down her arse and soaks into the bed sheets. His thick hefty cock is covered in cum as he withdraws and plunges back into your wife, to discharge load after load of the man juice. You could never even envisage on supplying anywhere near that sort of load.

They both lay panting; your wife still hugs your boss, his cock still deep in her, cum still trickles out of your wife's pussy. Your boss squeezes his arse and pushes out the last few drops of cum, then rolls off her. His hairy chest moves up and down, both their eyes closed.

You undo your wife's ankle bindings, as she looks at you and smiles. Your boss gets up and starts to put his clothes on. Your wife pats the bed indicating for you to sit there. You do, and watch your boss finish dressing. He picks up his cum covered neck tie and throws it to you and says, "Souvenir for you. But bring the ropes back tomorrow."

As he walks to the door you ask, "So can she start soon?"

He chuckles and walks out while he says, "I told you... the position's filled."

You turn your head and look at your wife sadly, she has a beaming smile on her face as she shrugs her shoulders and says, "O well, at least we tried... but I'm not giving up. I'll keep trying harder and harder. I'm sure he won't mind!"

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