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My Michelle Ch. 02

by PacoSvengali

06/06/2016 21:24 in domination

The next day, I think we both expected to take it a little easy. Our little foray into sexual openness had been thrilling, but I was nervous about where it would go from here if I didn't step on the brakes a little. I'm sure Michelle was having similar thoughts.

We talked about it on the way out of camp. I asked her, "How do you feel, baby?"

She said, "Oh, a little sore. But a good sore." She smiled warmly at the memory.

"I really liked watching you," I said. "It made me proud of you how well you fucked Frank."

"Oh baby it was so exciting you were there to support and approve of every dirty thing we did —I don't think I've ever felt so liberated."

We hit the pools early this morning, and had the place to ourselves for some time. In truth, I think we were becoming bored. Neither of us said much more about yesterday, but I think it was dominating both of our minds equally. Well, maybe not equally. Michelle was the one who got to experience a new lover. I just watched.

Still, it was hard to tell who was probably thinking about it more —I couldn't get the image of Michelle with Frank out of my head. Him rubbing his cock on her mouth as I took pictures; her kissing him passionately as I sat alone; her, vaulting up and down on him, impaling herself again and again on his giant, throbbing erection.

Anyway, we were lounging and drifting in our separate thoughts, when a number of young men entered the area and stripped, settling into one of the cooler pools above us. Michelle pretended to not notice them.

We were sitting in the hotter pool, thinking they were just going to leave us alone, and we'd gotten comfortable quietly chatting again, when the three of them changed their minds, and came and joined us in our small pool. They were all in their early 20s; athletic and lean, and tan as if all they did was surf in Hawaii. And naked.

Their cocks were just as golden-brown as their chests. Michelle was leaning on the insides of her arms, her back up against the edge of the pool, which pushed her firm breasts up and out of the water, her nipples tantalizingly stiff.

The three young guys descended into our pool, and Michelle watched closely as their semi-hard cocks swung about as their bodies slid in the water. She gave off a kind of irritable vibe, but Michelle wouldn't have stayed in the pool a moment if she were actually irritated. I guess she was anxious, and curious.

One of the young guys had a little patchwork bundle with him, out of which he pulled a glass pipe and a jar of herb. Michelle smiled at me, raising her eyebrows. We don't smoke weed a lot but we'll indulge if there's no harm in it. Michelle tends to lose inhibitions even more when she's toked a little.

They passed it among themselves a cycle, and then offered it to Michelle, since she was closest to the trio.

Michelle smiled. She said, "Thank you," demure and inviting. She took a big pull off of the pipe, and I couldn't help but fantasize for a second that it was the head of one of these guys' dicks she held against her lips. I didn't know how this fantasy had come to be so strong it could overpower my own self-respect and dignity like this, but damned if I wasn't just ready all over again to see Michelle play with another stranger's cock before me. I wondered if she would ever even consider such an experience again.

Then she passed me the pipe, and stood up a second while she did it. I could see how hard her nipples still were, just throbbing with excitement from the sexual tension in this steaming pool. I knew she was turned on by these young athletic sun gods with their golden rods.

I took a hit, and watched as Michelle looked around in nervous anticipation, now and again making eye contact with one of the guys, and smiling bright at him before looking away —likely, unsure if they'd find an overforward reaction to be too slutty for their tastes.

One of asked Michelle if she wanted a massage.

"What was that?" she said, pretending to be aloof.

"I asked if you'd permit me to give you a friendly massage."

"You want to give me a massage? But, why?"

"Uh, I guess because you have one of the most exquisite bodies I've ever seen, and I'd like to put my hands all over you."

Michelle's eyes lit up, and her demeanor changed —she sensed a hard cock, and she wanted it.She said, "Oh that's sweet. I would love a massage. But you'll have to ask my boyfriend if it's okay," quite polite and matter-of-factly.

So the dude walked closer to me, which gave Michelle a great view of his cock and balls as he reached his hand out to shake mine. I saw her intensely eyeing the length of it as I grasped his hand.

"I'm Andy," he said.

"Aaron." I replied, watching Michelle's nipples harden as one of her thighs began to brush up against Andy's leg under the water. "And this is Michelle."

He turns and stands there, his dick hardening in front of us, aiming straight at Michelle's face. He watches her for a minute as she eyes it. We all watch her, and she is oblivious, hypnotized by this stranger's cock hovering in her space.

"Aaron, Michelle said she'd like for me to massage her but that I'd need to ask you first."

He starts swaying his hips towards her playfully, as if threatening to poke her with his hard on. She actually reached up and tweaked her nipple, as she licked her lips absently, eyeing the head of his cock as it darted toward and away from her elf-like face in the air before her, reclined as she was in the pool.

"You don't mind me giving her body a little rubdown, do you?"

I looked at her beautiful green eyes, as she studied the muscled torso and pelvis attached to the cock that had her so enchanted. The stranger the night before had been handsome and confident, but this guy was like a young god! She studied him like an exquisite and expensive piece of art, clearly lusting after his golden body. I wondered what she would look like with those sculpted lips wrapped around Andy's shaft.

"No, " I said softly. I looked over at Michelle, who was now staring open-mouthed at the bulbous missle thrusting out from this young stud's golden, toned thighs, but she turned as I said that. "You can rub Michelle's body... all over, if you want." I wondered what to say —it was hard not to feel like a sissy, as I invited another man to fondle my girl. "I mean, as long as she likes it," I amended.

Andy looked at Michelle, who smirked at us both, "Well, we'll have to see how this massage goes and move from there. I need to see if I like how you rub me before I let you rub me everywhere."

He introduced himself while his cock was stabbing out at her face, "My name is Andy."

She looked in his eyes sort of teasingly with a boastful smile and says, "Pleased to meet you. Andy..." she said as she reached her hand out to shake his, which basically put her hand within six inches of his now-throbbing hardon.

He kind of regards her slyly, as if what follows was what she intended as he sways his hips again and slaps his cock on her hand over and over again. All of us are watching in slightly shocked awe, I am getting totally hard watching my girlfriend as she watches —to my surprise, with only a playful smile, and a low deep-throated laugh as this guy we've never met before slaps her lovely little hand with his cock, like she's a little slut for the taking. Like there's nothing at all negative or odd about it. Like my choice to encourage her with Frank yesterday would forever change our lives together.

For an ungodly amount of time she kept her hand right there, as Andy slapped his weiner gently against it, over and over, looking in her eyes, which were darting back and forth to his stiffening boner patting against her open hand and up to his eyes and back. All the while, unconsciously licking her lips in that way she tended to.

Finally she laughs and says, "Oh STOP IT already," and looks at him with mock reproval, and then back to me with a bashful smile on her cheeks as she softly reaches out and squeezes his big cock with her soft little grip. Looking up at him with kind of a slack-jawed, wanton smile, she starts stroking and squeezing his shaft and says, "Aaron, look at this guy's cock —it's fucking amazing..."

Michelle tugs on Andy's dick at different speeds for a second, watching me playfully for a reaction, while Andy smiles, devilish and proud over his newfound playmate. Teasingly, she jerks him a little more before letting go and pushing up to her feet in the pool. She teases Andy, "So I think it's time for my massage, Andy..." She looks so beautiful and sexy there in the steam and water, bare from the hips, sweat and water commingling as it rolled off of her firm, smooth skin.

She presses her entire nude frontside against Andy's and breathes up at him, lustful and intent, "Do me from behind," she nods sidelong at the nook of the pool where she had been sitting,

My jaw drops and my dick turns into a pole at once. Andy is cool as he puts his hands down around Michelle's hips, as if he is using her curves to guide him as he turns to get behind her, and the two of them smoosh and grind their naked bodies against each other as they trade places in the confined corner of the pool, right beside my own seat. Andy nods at me politely but indifferently as he gropes my girlfriend. Michelle looks at me as she slithers her body slowly and earnestly against his, and she gives me a smirk as she reaches down and pulls on his cock and squeezes it once more before guiding him in to sit with it, like as if it was a joystick controller. She giggled as she bent over so her tits dangled before him as Andy settled down into the rocky seat.

"Ready or not" she says, and backs up toward him until her calves bump against his knees. "Oh!" she exclaims as he puts his hands on her naked hips, and pulls her to sit between his legs.

She sits down and leans her back warmly against Andy's chest, rolling the back of her head against his strong shoulder as her hips massage her ass against his cock. I can see the head poking up through the dimple at the top of her ass and leaking precome all over. Michelle arches her back so as to make a tremendous display of her breasts for Andy, who wasted no time in reaching around her tits and starts to squeeze a nipple, when she reachs up and grabs his hand, not moving it, but says to him from his shoulder, "Is that part of my massage?"

"Well, yeah."

"Oh, Okay then!" she smiled big and squirmed up against him harder, rolling her right tit across his hand, which she'd left gently pinching her nipple. Michelle rolled her eyes sultrily over my way for a moment, nuzzling the back of her neck against Andy's collarbone as he fondled her breasts expertly.

"Aaron, are you doing alright over there?" I gazed dumbfounded for half a sec before she lost herself for a second in pleasure, then opened her eyes up again to look dreamily into mine, as Andy tongued her neck and ear.

"I'm fine... I love you, Michelle,"

"ummmmm...... ohhhhhh Andy," she said langorously, " She said. Andy kissed her on the mouth, her neck craned around to accommodate his mouth while she reaches down behind her and pulled on his large cock.

Michelle reached back to me and grabbed my hand as she lifted out of the water and turned to face Andy.

She looks back at me, kind of in total shock and watching the whole spectacle with my dick firmly in hand. I am a little embarrassed, but really turned on to see my baby, my love, being this surfer dude's slut. She kind of starts to look apologetic, and then thinks better of it, looks down at my fist stroking my own cock, and shrugs, then turns back to Andy and his cock, pulling her hand off his cock for only a second to spit in her palm before returning her attention to his pole. He has his hands in her hair, mussing it up as he massages her scalp, bringing her head further and further into his groin.

One of Michelle's hands is in the water, furiously rubbing her cunt, the other is savagely jacking off Andy, as she finally ceases resistance and lets him pull her face softly against his cock. She moves the circle of her thumb and forefinger down to hold the base as she eagerly fills her mouth with his cock, at least to the extent she is able. He basically just holds on to her head as she chokes herself on the meat again and again, taking a breath at one moment and pumping with her hand again a while, looking up at the night sky to say, with a wondrous smile of discovery on her mouth, "I can't believe how much I love your cock!"

She looks back to me again, says, "Aaron, this is the biggest cock I have ever had in my life! It's even bigger than Frank's last night! You have no idea how much I love you,"

But she's cut off as he pulls her mouth back onto his member, words cutting off in a gag, and raising a finger back to me, as if to indicate that she would be back in a minute... It was actually kind of cute, I thought. Her ass raised up in the air as she came to her knees in the pool, breasts standing proudly and nipples engorged like erasertips. She holds his dick in her right hand still, and pulls him closer where she is kneeling, so she can smack his dick against her breasts for everyone to see.

Andy's friends had stood somewhat quietly by for a moment, as if a little surprised at how this all panned out, but now they were stroking their cocks proudly, and she was stealing glances at theirs as she played with Andy's.

She adjusts herself to stand up all the way, and mashes her breasts into Andy's face lazily, while his crooked finger quickly finds its way up her water-slick thighs to rub and plunge into her pussy. Her posture kind of tightened like it does when I'm banging her, I thought. Her pretty ass swayed as Andy devoured her and she flirted with his friends, "You know guys, I have two more hands here..."

So it was that they closed in from either side and testingly groped open spots on her body, in answer to which she reached out and grabbed each of their dicks in either hand and started stroking absently as she reveled in the pleasure from their explorations and as well the focused attention from Andy's fingers inside her, and his mouth sucking and licking her swollen breasts and nipples.

"Aaron," she said, "...I'm not sure how to say this, or what it means..." she looked at me as she lowered her slick body down to straddle Andy, who started playing with her tits and groping her luscious ass, she looked at me and smiled naughtily as she ground against Andy, reaching down and grabbing his meat to rub it against her engorged pussy lips, "but I've never felt so hungry ...for COCK." She ground her cunt against his dick, hard, then looked at me. "Thank you, baby. Thank you for letting me experience this."

"I love you."

"Tell me," she said.

"What?" I knew what she wanted me to say.

"Tell me what to do."

I breathed out heavy. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew I wanted to see her do it, but I felt like I wasn't a man, wanting to give my woman over to the pleasure of someone else's body. But I did want to. Again.


I guess, she'd already had the guy last night in her mouth. Drank his come. It was obvious this was probably going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. But the truth was, I wanted it to happen. I wanted to see my girl give herself up as a sex object. I wanted her to fuck this stud like an animal. I wanted to observe her passion. "Put his cock in your pussy, baby." She squinted her eyes and licked her lips. "I want to see you fuck him."

"Well okay, baby but I think there's one problem," she said as she lifted up slightly to settle her pussy down on the head his cock, "OOOOOoooooooohhhhhh" she moaned. "I just don't know if Andy alone will be enough. Andy," she said.

"Yeah," he answered, twitching his hips to diddle his cockhead between my girlfriend's pussy lips.

"Will your friends fuck me after you have?" she asked politely.

"Fine with me —Josh? Rich?" he said, and they beamed.

Josh was shorter than Andy, and had a shorter, albeit thick cock. Rich was tall and muscular, and had an uncircumcised one just a little bigger than Josh's.

"Baby is it okay if I let all three of them fuck me? Since we're camping at the hot springs and it's a special occasion and everything?"

"Yeah," I said, chokingly. "Fine." I pulled out my cock, totally stone hard and oozing with precum.

She puckers her thick lips and blows out as she settles down on Andy's giant shaft, exclaiming with pleasure as she gradually lowered herself onto him, expanding her beautiful pussy every step.

She tried really hard to jack Josh and Rich off while she fucked Andy, but once she got a rhythm going, lifting her hungry little beaver up and settling it down again to rub her groin against his, rooted against his pole as she was —she was well and distracted from anything but that dick inside her.

Josh and Rich play with her tits and fondle other parts of her body as they take turns kissing her.

"Oh, god —Oh, fuck—" Michelle was beginning to be carried away on the sensations of lust and wantonness she was exploring. Her hands clumsily jacked Josh and Rich's cocks, occasionally spitting into a palm, as her body danced its convulsing rhythm against Andy's lithe, muscled body.

Eventually Michelle started licking and kissing Rich's cock as her hips heaved against Andy's cock behind her.

"I'm going to come," Andy said.

"Come on my tits, Andy," Michelle asked him after spitting Rich's hefty meat out of her mouth.

She turned and presented herself for him as he jerked a couple times, finally letting a few thick arcs fly to land across her swollen and excited breasts. The stringy white fluid sat against her fair skin, as if a cream waiting to be rubbed in to soothe the love bites and squeeze marks already evident on her tits from the boys here, as well as probably Frank, yesterday.

Andy stood there with his fucking perfect cock sticking out, slick with come and Michelle's juices —He really did have a perfectly sculpted body, I had to admit.

Michelle looked at me, "Aaron, honey, do you wanna clean me off?"

"I..." I stammered. I kind of did, but I didn't want these young guys to think less of me.

They laughed at me, anyway.

"Come on, baby – they won't want to suck my tits anymore if there's come on them. Don't you want to be a part of the experience?"

I trudged over to Michelle, opened my mouth and brought my tongue to scoop up a big glob of Andy's semen that had clung across her engorged nipple. I licked and slurped the majority of it off of her beautiful breasts.

"Good boy" she cooed, and I saw Rich moving in behind her and playing with her ass a little.

Just then another couple around our age entered the general area, and saw what was taking place, as Rich lifted Michelle's ass up to accommodate the height his cock was at.

Michelle's lower body now floated against Rich as he held her by the waist in the hot pool, sawing his fat dick against her little bare cameltoe. I watched the shining flesh of his well-shaped member rub again and again against the sweaty and taught flesh of her inner thighs as it drove itself skimming along the rest of her crevasse. Back and forth, like that, just testing the feel and fit of his cock in the valley of my wife's ass, testing the responsiveness of her pussy as he nudged it back and forth against her folds. Her upper half was resting in Josh's lap, her large hanging breasts knocking into Josh's erection again and again, smiling up at him as she played like that.

We all heard the woman from the other couple as they disrobed nearby.

"We aren't into joining you guys, but can we watch and play over here?"

"Please do," My baby said, licking her lips at the new man's cock as she lowered herself further to be able suck Josh's dick a little.
She looked up at me, smiling but with a slight question in her smoldering green eyes, like 'is this still cool?'

"I can't believe how fucking hot you look right now, Michelle."

She took Josh's cock in her hand and smacked it against her face, her tits, smiling at me and at the other couple.

Andy was just watching now —sitting on the rocky edge of the pool with his cock in hand; smiling at the woman of the new couple. She seemed to appreciate him, too, as she touched her pussy when she smiled back at him.

Michelle said, "Oh" and I looked down to see Rich working his meat into her eager, responsive cunt.

I think if I were an alien that breeded human beings for an intergalactic zoo, I would consider Rich and Michelle to be a perfect set of specimens. His large, strong and defined frame looked like it belonged with hers, as he pulled her firm and voluptuous ass against his savagely thrusting hips, again and again.

She grabbed the rocks around her, Josh's thigh —clinging and collapsing her head to devote her attention completely to the sensation of Rich's relentless pistoning frame, owning Michelle's womanly ass in front of us all.

"Oh god you are such a fucking man fuck oh god oh oh OH OH OOOHHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!! Baby, oh—"

Michelle lets loose and squirts all over Rich, who just keeps on pounding her snatch with relentless fury.

"Baby... You've never—"

Michelle cranes her head around to kiss Rich.

"Nobody's ever made me do that before, you fucking stud." Rich pushes her back down and resumes fucking her.

Andy's already getting another blowjob by the girl of the couple watching. Her man strokes her back as she bobs up and down on his organ.

Michelle is so lost in the feeling of Rich's ramming thrusts Josh ends up jerking as he watches her, which is what I was doing, too.

Rich starts grunting, grips Michelle's ass up against his pelvis and lets loose with this monstrous roar as he shoots his furious seed into my Michelle. Her eyebrows contort in painful pleasure, as her last orgasmic shudders subside on the surging tube of meat that Rich has dug all the way up inside her.

"Oh, god," Michelle said, as she looks sleepily up.

"I love you," I said as Josh sprays a long stream of come across Michelle's beautiful, sweaty face. And another one, before she grabs his dick and sucks the rest out, smiling up at me as she finally lets Josh's dick out with a 'smack' of her lips.

"Aaron, come here and give me a kiss," Michelle instructed me.

Rich was laughing at me. Josh was moving over to check out Andy's couple.

I waded over to Michelle and took her in my arms, kissing her tenderly, and gently tonguing out the semen that was still in her mouth. Then I started making out with her like it was our first date. I meant it —I loved this woman.

Eventually I was licking the rest of Josh's come off of her face. I got it all off and kissed her again for a while. Nobody was looking, and Rich was still there, watching us. His dick had grown incredibly hard again. Michelle was looking at it, and then looked at me.

"Baby, do you want to clean Rich's cock off?"

"Me? You mean—?"

"Yeah, baby, do you maybe wanna suck his dick a little?"

I couldn't help but look at Rich's cock, it seemed to be straining to get out of its skin, it swelled so hard, and the veins were so strong.

Michelle grabbed Rich's member at the base, and wagged it toward me.

"Do you want to suck his cock?"

"No," I said. "No, babe."

"Please, honey? Aaron it's another fantasy of mine, to see you suck a big dick."

"Michelle, that's kind of asking a lot..."

"How? How is it any more than you asking me to suck someone's dick? Or to watch me get fucked?" She looked genuinely frustrated.

"Michelle, I —"

"What are you afraid of Aaron? You've been looking at their cocks go in and out of me for the last half hour —why don't you take a turn so your girlfriend can live out one of her fantasies?"

"Look, I didn't think you were serious at first —I thought you were fucking with me. No, honey. Not tonight, at least. I will need to think about this."

"You'll think about it?"


"Okay then if you won't suck Rich's dick I'm going to have him fuck my ass with it, sweetie."

"As long as I get to watch, baby..."

I didn't know this would be something I could have done more than once but being Michelle's cuckold is really fulfilling something in me. I'd been thinking about it for weeks, really, but something about the air tonight —the electric charge of sex and the freedom with which we were exploring it together— it made me lose a little reservation.

I got of the pool as Rich started filling Michelle's asshole up with spit, rubbing it all around the entrance with the helmet head of his big dick.

I went to our bags and pulled a small package out, as I heard the sound of Michelle being assfucked. She sucked the boyfriend's dick of the new couple while Rich pounded her tight hole from behind. Her moans filled up the forest.

I jerked off as I watched Rich came in her ass, and the other guy came in her mouth —just moments away, actually. By then, everyone was just ready to go —they had a dusk restriction on the pool access at Cougar Hot Springs, so everyone had been getting ready while our last trio of the day was finishing up.

Everyone left as Michelle just laid there, face covered in another load of another man's cum. Cum leaking from her asshole.

I picked up the package I had. The one I'd been keeping around for some time now, waiting for the right moment.

I walked over to Michelle, kissed her on her closed eyelids, picking up a little more semen in my mouth for my trouble. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me. I leaned over her and kissed her tenderly.

"Are we going to be okay?" She asked.

"I'm always going to be okay, as long as I have you," I said.

"How could you say that after you just saw me used by all those men, Aaron?!"

"I don't know. I guess I don't believe that I own your body just because you love me. I guess I feel like I'm proud that my woman is so horny, and that other men want so badly to be with her. I guess I'm proud that you don't let shame and social stigma stop you from enjoying your sex in the way you like. I think you're fucking sexy as fuck and I love you, Michelle."

"Oh, Aaron," She reached out to me.

I dropped to my knees, bringing the small package up in one hand and opening it's lid in the other.

I smiled at Michelle. She still had streaks and smears of drying come on her face and tits.

"Michelle," I said, preparing —Michelle gasped, overwhelmed at the realization.

"Michelle, will you marry me?"

Michelle looked in my eyes with what can only be described as a look of wonder. She took the ring, pulled it out of the box. Put it on her ring finger, held it up and started crying.

"Oh, Aaron —Yes!"

I leaned over her and kissed her, and fucked her one last time at the hot springs this visit. I am going to have a real, bonafide hotwife, you guys!

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