Cheating stories

Long Lost Bffs

by PacoSvengali

06/26/2016 08:30 in submission

Kara moaned quietly. Finally, she was having some reaction. We had been going for nearly an hour now, and I was worried that she just wasn't feeling it. Sitting on top of me as I thrust into her, she shivered as the orgasm washed over her body. I looked over her as I watched her large breasts swing with the motion. Her D-cups were pale and now covered in goosebumps from the pleasure she had just felt. Perky though they were, they hung heavily in this position. She was beautiful. Her long, dirty blonde hair dangled down just far enough to touch my chest. Her blue eyes were closed, and she bit her lip. She moaned again, more loudly this time. I knew she was excited, and I had to make this a night to remember. I didn't know it at the time, but she was bored. She didn't know what it was, but there was something about our sex life that just wasn't enough for her anymore. She feigned pleasure for me because she loved me so dearly, but still, she needed more excitement. That was why she agreed to have some of her old friends from high school over to enjoy it with us. She didn't know what she was missing, but maybe it would be just the spark she needed to really enjoy sex again.

We had been dating since junior year in high school. We had always spent all the time together, and people said we were the cutest couple. Now we had both graduated, she from dental school and I was a software designer. At 24 years old, we were doing very well, financially. Well enough that I had asked her to marry me. She of course said yes, and we are now engaged. When she told a few of her friends that we hadn't seen since high school, Hannah and Abby, they said they wanted to come see us and celebrate ASAP. Kara was thrilled at the idea of seeing her friends again, and I had always enjoyed seeing them around too. I had tried to get her into the idea of a threesome before, but she never used to be interested. She had mentioned once that if we were to get engaged, she would be willing to consider having a threesome with one of her friends that she trusts, but I had forgotten at this point. Then recently, she reminded me. Not knowing of her sexual dissatisfaction, I was very excited to hear that she was open to the idea of letting both of her friends into our bedroom!

Tonight was the night that they were supposed to come, and they had said they were on their way. Kara wanted to warm up before the big night, and so here we were in the bed, making love until they arrived. I had finally given her a small orgasm, and I was ready to blow. Kara was reaching behind her and holding my balls in her hand, softly tickling them. This nearly sent me over the edge.

"You're gonna make me cum" I moaned.

"Not yet! I want you to save it." she leaned over and whispered into my ear.

"I can't hold it back much longer."

"You had better, or you don't get anything else tonight."

I didn't want to ruin my chances of the best night of sex in my life, but she wouldn't let me stop and it felt so good. I felt the rush of the orgasm welling up inside me. I was about to explode inside her. I couldn't hold it back, no matter how hard I tried. Then there was a knock at the door.

"They're here!" Kara yelled, jumping off of me into the floor and grabbing her clothes all in one motion.

I struggled to hold the cum that was still trying to escape from my cock, and even though I managed to hold back most of it, a small stream of cum dribbled out, running down the shaft.

Carrie frowned. "You weren't supposed to cum." Then the grin returned to her face.

"But, since it was just a little bit, I guess I can let it go. This time." She looked at me sternly, then winked.

"Ok" I said. "It won't happen again, I promise!"

"Good" she said, "Now get dressed, we need to greet our guests." She smiled broadly, her excitement evident in her glowing face.

Amazingly, Kara was already fully dressed in her little yellow summer dress. It showed off her cleavage nicely, and made her breasts look even bigger than they already were. This made my cock instantly hard again, even more so due to the fact that I had been denied my last orgasm just minutes before. Obediently, I got up, cleaned myself up and put on my clothes. We then headed down the stairs. They were late. They had told us they would arrive around five, but it was just past six already. I hoped that this wouldn't affect our plans for the night. I don't think my blue balls could take waiting another night. In addition to warming me up just before, Kara had insisted that I save myself for the last week. I was ready to burst just walking down the stairs.

Kara opened the door, and immediately, Hannah came bursting through, tackling Kara with a big hug.

"Sissy!" Hannah yelled as she squeezed Kara tightly.

Getting over the initial shock, Kara joined Hannah in the embrace and smiled as she pulled herself against her friend. Hannah was a bit shorter than Kara's 5'7" standing only at about 5'4". Her skin was quite pale, and she had freckles spotting her face. Her hair was slightly darker than Kara's, and her green eyes glowed as she looked over her friend.

"You're even prettier than the last time I saw you!" Hannah said in mock contempt. Hannah hadn't filled out her bra quite as much as Kara, only looking to be about a B-cup, but as she turned, I saw her ass was as big and beautiful as ever through her white skirt. She released Kara and turned to me. She adopted a stern face. "You better be taking good care of my sissy, or you'll be in big trouble!" She lightened up and pulled me in for a hug.

Just as Hannah released me, Abby came through the door, apparently carrying both of their bags. I quickly came over to relieve her.

"Thanks." she said shortly, slightly out of breath. Then she turned to Kara and smiled, inviting her to a much milder hug. They pressed together, and I watched as their chests pressed together, showing off both of their considerable cleavage. Abby had always been the busty one in high school, filling out a B-cup by freshman year, and a C-cup the year after that. Her smooth skin was a light, olive brown , and her brown eyes hid behind her short, dark brown hair. She was Kara's height, and about as skinny. She was wearing a green dress otherwise very similar to Kara's. I couldn't help but stare as she held my fiancé in a heavenly embrace.

As they let go, she turned to me. "Hi, Josh." she said in a bubbly voice, smiling. She invited me to a hug, and I made sure that I pushed her soft breasts against my chest. She giggled as she let go, not saying anything. Kara suggested that they sit down and talk, so there we were in the living room, sitting around talking about the last few years and catching up on what we had missed. They didn't really have much to say about their lives, and it was mostly Kara talking about us. But Kara was eager to move on to something else, and I could at least tell that Hannah seemed to be, too.

"I think we've talked for long enough, don't you?" Kara asked her friends, and as she did, her dress 'accidentally' slipped down a little bit, revealing more of her large bosom. Hannah's eyes widened in reaction, and she seemed to be having more trouble holding herself back than I was.

"Why don't we get on to something a little more exciting?" Kara's eyes smoldered as she talked. I had never seen her act this way before, as she had always been very sweet and innocent. She leaned toward me and brushed her hand lightly over my lap. My cock stood at attention and twitched vigorously. This was torture, but it was almost time, so I withstood it. As she teased me, Kara looked at her friends, giving them a face that made it clear she was ready for them to join in. Hannah eagerly came over, but rather than join Kara in playing with me, she immediately grabbed one of Kara's tits. I watched her squeeze them as Kara continued to rub me through my pants. I might have come right there, until Abby stood up and spoke.

"Wait! I think that we need to establish some rules before we start here." Hannah looked at her in despair. Abby gave a mysterious and mischievous grin and winked at her, and Hannah smiled and sat up to listen. I had no idea what this was about.

"I think we all agree that it's most important that the girls here have fun, since I think Josh here will have fun no matter what happens." She looked down at me. I knew she was probably right. She continued, "I think that Josh needs to promise that he will do whatever we say, and especially whatever his fiancé says, no matter what. Agreed?" The other girls nodded in agreement and grinned. After that, they made up a long oath that made me feel like I was at a grade school girls' club meeting. Now I had been denied my long awaited pleasure twice, and the second time was for this? I was getting fed up, and wondering whether this was even worth it. At the end of the oath, they made me agree to all the terms of the oath, basically making me their slave for the night. 'Whatever,' I thought, 'just as long as I get laid at the end of this. After the oath was complete, we began again.

Back where we started, I was instructed to sit on the couch. As I did, Kara came down in between my legs and once again began teasing my cock. This time, she used her mouth as well as her hands, kissing the bulge that was displaying through my pants. I felt virile. Maybe it was the waiting and teasing or just how turned on I was, but I felt like I could explode at any second and cover all three of them in my cum. My cock was hard as a rock, and the bulge showing through my jeans told me I was swollen to more than my usual six inches. This would still be a good night. Hannah and Abby were behind Kara, squeezing and fondling her considerable assets. As Kara finally released my cock from its prison, Hannah and Abby looked up at me and giggled. Abby was behind Kara, nipping softly at her neck while simultaneously squeezing her breast and reaching down to her sopping pussy. She had now pulled down Kara's dress to her waist and was fondling her bare breasts. Hannah was behind Abby, also fondling a breast with one hand and apparently playing with Abby's downstairs as well. I heard two quiet snaps as she did so, but I thought nothing of it. Kara nearly began to finally stroke me, when suddenly, Abby and Hannah switched places. As Abby delved into Hannah's skirt, I soon heard two quiet snaps, like just moments ago. I wondered briefly what I was hearing, until Kara grabbed my hyper-sensitive cock. I was immediately drawn from my thought and into what was happening before me. I gasped slightly and my cock twitched vigorously.

"Mmm, someone's pent up, aren't we?" I was surprised to see Abby was the first to comment. She came toward me, and Hannah copied her every move. With Kara still holding me, Abby wrapped her index and middle finger and her thumb around the base of my cock. Hannah grabbed the shaft just above her in the same fashion, pushing Kara up and making her hold it in the same way. There was barely enough room for all three hands, even though they each only used two fingers. My cock was totally covered, and I suddenly didn't feel so big. Still, as pent up as I was, I soon forgot my insecurity for the insane pleasure now surging through me. They all moved their hands slightly in sync, and I felt a familiar rush start to build up in me. They continued for just a few seconds, and I thought they might let me cum before even really getting started. But then, Hannah and Abby both stopped, forcing Kara to stop as well.

"Why don't we show off for you a little bit first?" said Abby. Abby and Hannah were both standing up already, and it was clear that this wasn't a question.

"Please do!" Kara replied before I could say anything.

"Then why don't you sit next to your little boyfriend and watch?" Hannah winked at Kara, and I didn't like her tone. It was a slight turnoff to be called the 'little boyfriend'. I waited apprehensively.

Hannah and Abby stood next to eachother, like they were getting ready to put on a rehearsed show. I stared as the two of them began undressing. They didn't really dance, but there was still something exotic about the way they moved. They pulled the straps off of their tops, and slowly began to pull down on them. As they pulled further, it appeared neither of them had been wearing a bra, and their tits were fully exposed within seconds. Abby's large, tan breasts jiggled as she moved. I looked over at Kara, and saw that she had finished removing her own dress, and was gently fingering herself. Her hand was still on my cock, but it wasn't moving at all. She looked engrossed in what was happening. I looked back and saw Hannah's smaller breasts looked bigger when they were exposed. They were cute and perky, and jiggled in small motions as her shirt continued its descent. She allowed the shirt to drop to the floor, and Abby was still holding the top of her dress at her waist.

"Like what you see?" they both chimed out in unison, grinning devilishly. Kara nodded absently, with a faint smile on her face. She was ogling her best friends and was completely unaware of herself.

"Do you want us to go on?" Abby said as she continued to grin. This time Kara and I both nodded in response. They continued as requested, and began to pull down on their garments. The mons of both girls peeked out of the top of their garments, nearly exposing the gorgeous crotch I couldn't wait to see. As they continued their descend, it looked as if they had hit a snag, slowing down slightly several inches above where their pussies would finally be exposed. Then I noticed that something appeared to be pressing out on their clothes, making a large tent. I wondered for a moment what was going on when suddenly, they both allowed their clothes to drop completely to the floor, which is exactly where my jaw went immediately afterward. Kara was clearly surprised as well, and her jaw followed suit. As the dresses finally dropped off of their bodies, what bounced out were the two most massive cocks that I had ever seen in my life! I was suddenly more confused than I had ever been before. In front of me were two hot girls, old friends of my fiancé, and they had cocks that made mine look like an infant's in comparison on the best day.

Abby's cock was long and thick. It looked like it must have been a foot long. It was darker than the rest of her body, like it could belong to a black man. It was vascular, with veins running its entire length. It was tube-shaped, having the same massive girth, about the same as my forearm, all the way up to the head, which mushroomed out to nearly the size of my fist. Her foreskin tried in vain to cover the massive head and her urethra and nearly half of the head remained uncovered. Behind the cock was a large pair of balls which looked like they were about the size of a pair of large eggs. Her scrotum was perfectly hairless and looked smooth, rather than the typical wrinkled ballsack of a man.

Hannah's cock appeared, at first, to be a bit smaller. It looked like it was almost a foot long, maybe lacking just an inch. It was fairly slender at the base, though still easily double my girth. Moving toward the middle, the cock swelled like an overly stuffed sausage, and there it may have even been thicker than Abby's. Her head was only slightly thicker than the base, and her foreskin covered it completely. Though her cock was slightly smaller, it appeared that she made up for this in the massive size of the testicles between her legs. They hung down at least six inches from her body, and they had to be at least the size of tennis balls. Her scrotum appeared to be strained holding the heavy balls, and it too was hairless and shiny.

As massive as they were, they both looked like they were totally flaccid. They hung straight down when the girls stood still, and bent considerably when they moved. This was a scary thought, as if they weren't big enough already, they might grow even more? I would soon get my answer. I must have been lost in thought for a long time, because when I came to, I saw that Kara had left my side. I looked up in horror, and saw that she was kneeling before the two, looking up at them.

"Can I touch it?" She asked. She didn't seem to indicate that she was asking one of them or the other, but they both replied. "Of course you can!" Hannah was the first to reply. Her bubbly voice was excited. She looked up at me and grinned evilly. Abby simply nodded and said "Mmhmm." also smiling. Kara immediately took a cock in each hand and began slowly, gingerly stroking. Her hands looked tiny on those huge cocks, and it probably would have taken two more girls holding them to cover them up. She could just barely touch her fingers together at the base of Hannah's cock, and anywhere further up was hopeless. She gave up on trying to wrap her fingers around Abby's at all.

Between the surprise of this shocking secret and the fact that my fiancé had so quickly given into temptation left me totally stunned. It felt like I had drifted off for some time. I suddenly snapped out of it and tried to speak.

"H-how do you...?" I drifted off, not knowing what to ask.

"Oh, look" Abby said, looking up at me. "He finally stopped staring at our cocks." I realized that I had in fact been staring at their organs pretty much the whole time.

"I think he must really like them!" Hannah chimed in. "I think your boyfriend might be hiding something from you." She looked down at Kara, who turned and looked at me with a playful stern expression.

"Is there something you need to tell me baby? Do you like these cocks as much as I do?" She was obviously enjoying herself. 'That bitch!' I thought to myself. 'She did this on purpose!' She had already gone back to ignoring me in order to play with her new toys.

"If you were going to ask how we got our cocks, let me just assure you that neither one of us was ever a man. We were born just like this. We're like girls in every way, except that instead of a pussy..."She trailed off and motioned to her cock, leaving no need for further explanation.

"It made growing up normally really hard. You can imagine how hard it is to hide something like this, especially in school or from close friends." She paused as she said this, and I realized the implication that Kara actually had no idea about their little secret.

"Kara here was our best friend as kids, and it turns out we both had a huge crush on her as kids. But as soon as we got old enough to think about showing her our love, you came along and ruined everything. She fell in love with you and ran off with you." Now we're here to take her back and make you pay for taking her from us." Abby was grinning widely as she spoke now. I didn't know what to say.

"It's ok, Joshy." Hannah said, also grinning. "Just sit back and watch." As she said this, the girls repositioned, Kara turning to face me, and the other girls turning so that they were now on either side of her. I now had a side view of both cocks, and their length must have grown considerably, Hannah's appearing to be well over a foot long now, and Abby's a few inches longer than that.

"How long are they?" Kara asked, looking up at them while still stroking.

"Oh, only about 14 inches." Hannah looked at me with a boasting expression as she spoke.

"I was 16 inches last time I checked." Abby said, still looking at Kara.

'14 inches?' I thought about how long I was the last time I measured. When I was fully erect on a good day, my cock almost reached the 6.5 inch mark. Their cocks still didn't look totally erect, and they had more than double my best length?

"Don't worry, Josh, we probably won't get any fuller. Getting a cock this size to full mast is pretty hard. But I guess you wouldn't know that" Hannah smiled, looking down at my hard prick. "I guess you're still enjoying the show." She was really enjoying this more than I was comfortable with. I started to pull my pants up when Hannah interjected. "No! You have to keep them off. I want to see how horny staring at our cocks makes you. I wanna show your girlfriend how much you love big cocks. You promised you would do whatever we said, remember?" She finished with a taunting note. I didn't care about some stupid oath. They were trying to fuck my fiancé. I ignored her and continued to get dressed.
"Stop it!" Kara now focused on me. "You made a promise to me, and if you love me, you'll do what I say! You're still my little baby. I'm just trying to have some fun. I wouldn't need this if you were more exciting in bed." She instantly returned to looking at the cocks before her, once again ignoring me. She had never treated me like this. She had always been so sweet, yet now she was ordering me to sit there and watch as two monstrous cocks took her away from me. I was stunned, and found myself unable to argue. I sat back down and let my pants fall to the floor.

Kara smiled. "Good boy. Now you just enjoy the show." She said in the most erotic voice she could muster. She returned to the swollen cocks pointing hungrily at her face. They now each had a large bead of precum the size of the head of my cock building up at the tip. As Kara began stroking once more, the head began to sling lewdly, causing the precum to drip onto Kara's legs, running down them to form a small puddle at the floor. The precum kept flowing after that, causing the puddles to grow rapidly. After just a few minutes, the puddles were both larger than a puddle of my own load, even on a good day.

Kara leaned toward Abby, and licked the head of her cock, cleaning it of precum. It twitched vigorously in response. She smiled, licking her lips. "Mmm, you taste good. Much better that my boyfriend." She slimmed her eyes and looked at me, then looked back. She then turned to Hannah and gave her the same treatment. "You do too" she said, smiling with precum on her lips.

Then she turned back to Abby, and suddenly opened her mouth wide, going down on her massive head with all she had. She attempted to wrap her lips around it but couldn't even take the whole head in her mouth. "Got all that, honey?" Abby smiled as she moaned softly. Kara, with what she could fit of Abby's cock still in her mouth, moaned, "Mhmmm." Pushing harder, she finally managed to squeeze the head of that cock inside her lips. Her cheeks her blown out and her mouth stretched further than looked possible. She retreated, gasping quietly as she pulled her mouth off of it. Without pausing, she turned to Hannah, looking straight down her cock and stroking it vigorously. Another large bead of precum appeared before her, and she promptly licked it off. "Yours tastes the best." She smiled up at Hannah, before plunging down on her cock, engulfing the head in her lips and taking it at least a few inches down her throat. She was getting better by the second. She began going back and forth between cocks, always keeping one hand on each. I watched in horror as she quickly became accustomed to the size of them, taking them deeper and with more ease each time she went down. Precum was now profusely spilling from their cocks, and each time she pulled one out of her mouth, a mouthful of it spilled from her mouth.

Even more agonizing was my own cock. It was still rock hard. No matter how I anguished over what was happening before me, my cock stayed rock hard. I was really horny. And even though I had been pent up without release for quite some time now, I knew that it wasn't the only reason. Some part of me really must have been enjoying this. Was I really enjoying looking at these massive cocks? Or was it because I was enjoying watching my fiancé with someone else? I was getting off on being humiliated like this, and that fact just made it even more humiliating.

Kara kept sucking their cocks for fifteen minutes longer. I noticed that she now had her own puddle. I couldn't believe it. She was literally dripping wet, and I knew that she was horny. Was she really going to let them fuck her? 'They'll split her in half!', I thought.

"Come here" came the voice of Abby, and she was speaking to me. I obediently stood up. "No, I want you to come here on your knees, just like her." She motioned to my Kara, who was sitting in the floor sucking her cock. I dropped to my knees and moved toward them. As soon as I got close, Abby and Hannah picked up Kara by her hands and pulled her over to the couch. They had told me to come just so they could take my seat. They laid her down on the couch, Abby positioning herself between Kara's now spread legs.

"Come sit down, Joshy." Hannah called to me from Kara's other end. I obediently came and sat down. Kara put her head in my lap and looked up at me with a loving smile on her face.

"Are you enjoying yourself, baby? I know I am. Don't look so hurt, you know that I still love you, don't you? I didn't know this would happen, but since we're here, I thought we should at least have some fun. It looks like you are." She motioned to my hard prick, and then grabbed it, stroking it hard and fast. I nearly came again. She noticed, and stopped immediately.

"Ah ah ah. Not yet, silly." She teased me. Hannah then came and sat down next to me. She began lazily stroking her cock, which was pointed across my lap toward Kara. I instinctively stared, which I regretted immediately.

"I know you love looking at my cock, but you should be watching after her. That's the cock that's about to fuck your fiancé." Hannah said without looking at me. Her eyes were fixed on Kara.

Just then, I heard a heavy sounding thud. I looked over as instructed, and saw Abby's heavy meat slapping against Kara's stomach. She slapped it a few more times for effect, then let it rest on her, pushing it to the point where her full length rested on Kara's body. The head touched her sternum, resting comfortably in between her breasts.

"Ready for this, baby?" Abby said to Kara.

"Mhmm" Kara smiled, but I could see in her eyes she was nervous. I protested.

"Baby, don't! She'll hurt you!"

"It's ok, baby. I can take it." She winked at me, the nervousness vanishing from her face was replaced by a wicked grin. She looked at Abby and nodded.

"You should probably hold her hand." Abby said to me. I obediently took her hand.

"What a sweet boyfriend. Holding his girlfriend's hand while she enjoys what a real cock can do for her." Hannah was openly mocking me, still stroking her huge cock. A bead of precum fell from the tip, landing on my leg. I would have been bothered by this, but I was too focused on what was about to happen.

Abby pulled her cock back, allowing it to slide across Kara's tiny body until it finally fell in between her legs. She then grabbed her cock just before the head, and began to lightly kiss Kara's pussy with the tip of her cock. Kara moaned, louder now than when I had fucked her. Abby pushed slightly harder, and I could no longer see the head. A little more, and it disappeared inside her. Kara gasped loudly, biting her lip and squeezing my hand tightly. Abby had only gone head-deep and she was already on cloud nine. Abby began to rock back and forth, slowly pulling the head out and pushing it back in. Each time, her throbbing cock was covered with more of Kara's juices, lubricating it and allowing passage for a bit more of her manhood. Her precum was lubricating Kara's tight hole, making it ever more slippery. On my leg there was now a large amount of precum. I looked aver and saw that Hannah was now stroking herself more vigorously. She moved closer to me, making me stiffen up, and now her cock was reaching all the way across my lap and looming over Kara's face.

Kara opened her eyes to see the source of the precum that was now dribbling onto her face, and was pleasantly surprised to see Hannah's penis. She raised her head a little bit and licked the juice from it. She tried to suck it, but this angle didn't lend itself to sucking cock. Hannah stood up now and turned around to face me, her cock swinging around as she did so. She straddled my leg and grabbed Kara's head. As she did so, she allowed her huge balls to rest on my leg. They were warm and soft, and they parted across my leg, wrapping partway around it. She pressed the tip of her cock against her lips and forced her mouth open. Once she was in, she began matched Abby's rhythm, which was now increasingly rapid. I looked back to Abby, and she was now halfway in. Kara was so loud now that I couldn't hear myself think. All I could do now was watch.

"Mmm I don't think I can get any deeper into her pussy right now, Josh. She's so tight, she must be a virgin. But I'm already deeper than you could possibly go, and I've still got further to go than your whole cock." Abby didn't break pace while she talked. Kara looked up at me and smiled after she was finished.

"It's ok baby. Don't be ashamed. I like your cute little cock." Kara pulled the cock out of her mouth to console me. She had never called it little before. She had always praised me on how big she thought my cock was. Until today.

They went on fucking her like this for ten more minutes, and Kara must have had a dozen orgasms. Then Abby slowed down and began to pull herself out of Kara's pussy. Kara continued to moan and buck as she did so. Hannah took her cue and pulled herself out as well. I felt her warm balls lift from my leg as she stood up. She went to Kara's legs and grabbed them, turning her over onto her stomach and pushing her until her stomach laid in my lap.

"Stick it in the air for me." Hannah said. Kara obediently stuck her ass in the air and jiggled it around, looking back at me and grinning as she did so. Her head was then suddenly jerked back by Abby's hand. Abby sat down on the couch where Kara's head was and immediately shoved her cock in her mouth. As Kara began sucking her cock, Abby looked over at me.

"Did you like that? I think she did. Don't worry, the show's not over yet." She grinned as she turned her eyes to Hannah. Hannah was grinding her cock in between Kara's ass cheeks, squeezing them together around her. As she did so, her foreskin pulled back and forth on and off of the head of her cock. I now had a view of the underside of her cock. Her urethral gland was swollen and looked ready to pop, like the belly of the monster here before me. She did this for just a few more seconds before suddenly pulling back and shoving herself forcefully into Kara's pussy.

Kara's loud moans of both pain and pleasure were muffled by the dark slab of meat being stuffed into her mouth. She moved forward and back as Hannah began to thrust with full force already. She wasted no time in getting herself halfway inside Kara's dripping pussy. Kara was apparently bottomed out by now, as I could feel Hannah pushing hard and Kara pushing back, but Hannah could go no deeper. Looking over toward Kara's ass, I looked down to see that I could see Hannah's heavy balls swinging back and forth as she fucked my fiancé. They swung like a pendulum, slowly moving backward until I couldn't see them behind Kara's leg, and then back into my view as they gently tapped Kara's stomach as she moved forward. I looked away quickly, hoping to avoid being told to stop staring yet another time. Hannah looked at me and smiled, but decided to ignore it this time. She and Abby were starting to make a lot more noise. They both moaned as Kara's holes continued to try to please them, and gradually their moans became pure ecstasy.

"Mmm baby, I'm gonna cum!" Hannah's voice was quivering with anticipation, and she was panting.

"I'm almost ready too." Abby sounded more composed, since she wasn't the one doing the work now.

"Wait! You can't!" I cried, realizing that Hannah wanted to cum inside.

Kara, much to my surprise, suddenly got up. She released the cock from her mouth with a satisfying pop, allowing it to fall between Abby's legs. As she rose, Hannah's cock slithered slowly out of her pussy until it fell as well, the tip just touching the couch. Both Hannah and Abby looked at Kara in confusion and disappointment.

"I can't let you cum in my pussy. I do still love my baby Joshy, and I couldn't do that to him." She smiled at me and winked. I wasn't sure if I should be grateful or not. "So instead, you can both choose wherever else you want to cum." They both looked disappointed, turning their blazing glare at me. I suddenly felt very intimidated.

"Fine. I want to cum on your face." Hannah said, looking as though she had picked the next best thing to flooding my girlfriend's pussy with her seed..

"Then I'll cover her tits" Abby said, apparently content with this compromise. It seemed to me like this was almost just as bad. It took me over a year of dating her for her to let me cum on her at all, let alone her face. Now she was letting them both do whatever they want after just two hours.

"Ok then, come here, you two." Kara instantly dropped to her knees and motioned her hands to bring them closer. She looked over at me and gave a sensual, wicked smile before returning her attention to the two before her.

Both got up off of the couch and walked over to Kara, lazily stroking their still semi erect cocks. They were both dripping with precum that formed a trail in the floor as they walked. They reached their destination and began to stroke themselves with much more force and vigor. As the heads of their cocks shook vigorously around, precum began to fly off and fall all over Kara. Soon her face, tits, stomach, and legs had little dribbles all over.

"Come here, baby. I want a big kiss from my honey." Kara said, looking at me. The two cocks were mere inches away from her face, and were still dribbling precum. Luckily, they had slowed their jerking to prolong the experience, and their cock juices were now falling neatly into the floor. I came over and got on my knees, slowly approaching Kara. She suddenly grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me in for a kiss. I felt Abby's cock hit my cheek on the way in.

"Hey, careful, Josh! This is for her, not you!" Abby yelled at me. Kara just laughed as she kissed me with her whole mouth, sucking me in. I could taste the salty flavor of cocks and precum, and she smelled like the fishy musk of a horny cock. She held me in this position for several seconds, licking the inside of my mouth before releasing me. "Go lie down on the couch, baby. Make sure you have a good view."

I obediently laid down on the couch and watched, waiting for the inevitable climax. Kara looked up at her new lovers, occasionally taking the head of a cock in her mouth if they slowed down their pace. They both began to moan once again, and I knew that the finish was imminent.

Abby came first. "I'm about to cum, baby! Get down!" Kara put her hands on her knees and squeezed her big tits together between her arms. The shower began. Abby's cock pulsed vigorously, and appeared to achieve full erection for the duration of the orgasm. She stroked it with her right hand, holding the base with her left. The first shot missed Kara's breasts completely and hit her chin, a watery shot that deposited itself on her chin and lip before splattering and dripping to the floor. Her second shot was dead on, landing on Kara's right breast just above the nipple. It was now thick and sticky, a long rope dangled from her nipple, wiggling with Kara's tits. Rope after rope shot from that thick cock, soon almost completely covering her tits with thick white lines of jizz.

Finally, after what I counted to be eleven shots, her cock began to lazily drool the remainder of her cum onto Kara's legs. Kara looked up at her in shock at the amount of cum she had just received, her mouth agape. Just as her jaw had dropped, Hannah's orgasm began. "Oh, baby, look at me!" She cried out as cum erupted from her cock. The urethra suddenly swelled to double its normal size, and her huge balls twitched upwards toward her body as she came. Rather than a sudden shot from her cock, she began to simply drool her seed like Abby had done at the end of her orgasm. But then, as if increasing the pressure in a hose, her stream of thick cum rose and shot across Kara's face, shooting a thick rope across her legs, stomach, tits, and neck on the way. It continued to rise and shot over her, leaving a white trail in her hair as well. Kara's open mouth received a serving of jizz as well, and she grinned widely. This cum was as thick, if not thicker, than Abby's. It sat on Kara's face and hardly moved. It ran slowly down her face and formed several dangling ropes from her chin, lips, and nose.

After about thirteen shots like this, Hannah finally slowed down and released her cock, allowing it to dangle between her legs, still leaking with cum. Kara slowly opened her eyes, careful not to get cum in them. It was so thick, however, that her eyelashes were able to hold it without letting any through. She smiled and opened her mouth. "Woah! Baby, did you see that?! That was way more cum than you've ever given me before! That was so exciting!" She was almost hysterical. My shame was unbearable. I had been outdone in every possible way. She came more than I had ever been able to make her, and now she had as much cum on her now as all of my orgasms in the last year combined! How could I compete for her now?

"Awww, I think Joshy feels bad." Abby was looking at me with a mock puppy dog face and pouty lips. "How can we make him feel better?"

"Hey, poor Joshy never got to cum! He's been saving up all week, and I teased him all day today! Poor thing! How about I let you cum now?" Kara sounded like she was teasing me, but she walked over on her knees, and suddenly grabbed my still hard cock. She started to stroke it furiously, and I immediately felt my orgasm building up. "You gonna give me a big load like they did, baby?" I didn't answer, too caught up in the moment and my approaching orgasm. I came, releasing a shot of cum that landed on my belly. Kara let go of my cock as if repulsed, allowing the rest of my load to drool out and run down my cock. It was the biggest load I had ever shot in my life. A week ago, Kara would have gasped, and I would have given a triumphant smile. Kara giggled.

"Awww, how disappointing!" Hannah said. "I bet he just feels worse now. Maybe something else will help. I know! Why don't you give him a big kiss?" Kara smiled, apparently liking the idea. She turned back to me, still smiling. I tried to turn and get away, but was too late. She fell down onto me, taking my mouth into a long, deep kiss. There was still cum in her mouth and all over her face. She got more into it, and mounted me, letting her big, cum covered tits rub on my chest. After a few more seconds, she released me and stood up. I had cum on my face, in my mouth, and on my chest. She looked me over and smiled contentedly.

"I need a shower." She said shortly. "Will you show our guests to their room, honey?" When you're done getting them settled in, you can get a shower and join me in bed." With this, she blew a kiss to our 'guests', and one to me, and turned up the stairs. The bathroom door shut behind her, and I was left alone in the room with the girls. Surprisingly, they said nothing, just staring expectantly. Avoiding eye contact, I grabbed my clothes and got dressed. They neglected to do so, and simply left their clothes lying in the floor. As I led them through the house to the guest bedroom, they walked behind me. I could hear the heavy meat slapping their thighs as they walked. I entered the guest bedroom and turned, finding that they were walking much closer behind me than I had thought. They both leaned in toward me at the same time. "Thanks, Josh." They spoke simultaneously, with the same wicked grin that they had all night. Then, they leaned further and gave me a peck on either cheek.

Shortly afterward they rushed me to the door. "Good night!" Abbey said as the door slammed behind me. After standing at the door in surprise for a moment, I turned and went upstairs, noting the state of the living room as a result of tonight's events. The carpet was covered in cum, the couch was wet with sweat, precum and spit. Clothes were scattered all over the floor. "Great." I whispered to myself. Looking up the stairs, I saw Kara had already finished her shower and gotten into bed, as the lights were off. I sighed and went up to take a shower. There was a towel in the floor that Kara evidently used to get the thick loads of cum off her face. I found a dry spot in the towel and wiped up myself before showering. After I dried off and got dressed, I went to the bedroom to find Kara already asleep. I crawled in the bed and put my head on the pillow. Hesitant to wrap my arms around her, I just laid there for a few minutes. Then, she turned over and wrapped herself around me in a warm snuggle, just like she normally would. I didn't know what had just happened, but she apparently didn't think it would change anything. I let my mind rest and I drifted off to sleep.

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