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He Cuckolds His Father

by gelir

08/04/2016 07:09 in submission

Dear reader, this is a story of a son seducing his beautiful mother, cuckolding his father, and unknown to either he or his mother, his father was aware of it.

Robert William met his future wife when she was only fifteen years old, even then she was head and shoulders above other girls and women as far as looks went. She was around 5ft 5" with long black hair, it was so glossy and heavy it could be construed as eastern in texture.

Jasmine was hot and sexy even at this tender age, it was a natural trait in her being, she made no attempt to be this way, she just was. When she met Robert he seemed so in charge of himself, a man of the world, knowledgeable, kind and very good looking. He was also ten years older than she, her parents disapproved strongly. But Jasmine kept sneaking out to see him, he was intelligent, knew what he wanted, her being one of them. He had a good job as a mechanic.

Then the dirty brown stuff hit the fan, he had seduced her into illicit sex, and lo and behold, Jasmine found herself pregnant. Her family were deeply religious and the upshot was, Robert would pay a serious price if he didn't marry their daughter. Jasmine was more than happy with this turn of events. She would have Robert, a gorgeous baby, a new home and a full life. Her life turned out very nicely thank you.

Two days after her sixteenth birthday, Jasmine gave birth to a bouncing 7lb beautiful boy. He was christened Kenneth Robert Williams, and called Kenny, He looked much like his adoring mother, wit silky black hair, and a soft angelic face. But as Kenny grew up, it was easy to see he took after his father, he was a determined boy, and he was going to be a go getter.

Jasmine, despite her beauty kept herself to her husband, she was a terrific cook, a wonderful hostess, and hotter than hot in the bedroom. And many men wished for her to be theirs, but she turned down every offer without thought.

Her only regret was that Robert's sex drive was tailing off, this in itself didn't turn her toward other men, it wasn't even a consideration. So she experimented and found ways to keep herself happy. But men being men, they didn't give up on the chance to flirt with her, her friend's husbands, her husband's friends, even two of his brothers. But Jasmine never once considered them.

Kenny was in school and doing well, life was good, and they took out a mortgage that stretched them financially. Robert started over time, and Jasmine took a job in a supermarket as a cashier to help out. Robert was offered a night time position too, which meant him sleeping when he could. The job itself was security, so as long as he clocked his clock, he could get some sleep. Jasmine in her job also meant that they were becoming ships in the night, passing each other on the way in, and on the way out.

Their sex life was almost none existent because of this, one other thing caused a problem was, because Kenny was doing so well, they put him into a pay school. This made finances even more difficult, but they had talked about it, and decided that within three years they would be okay.

Kenny was approaching his 18th birthday, he was in his room, mom and dad were at work, and for some reason his thoughts turned to his mother, and without trying, he saw her in his mind in the shower. Her beautiful long black hair and body was dripping with water. It was such a hot sexy apparition Kenny immediately got an erection. Walking to his parents room, cock in hand he searched his mothers drawers and found what he was looking for, a pair of her scanty silky panties.

He hurried back to his room, jumped on his bed, and wrapping them around his young and impressive cock, he jacked into them filling the pussy area deliberately with his hot steaming cum. It was the best he had ever had, his mother had been the object of his virile and fertile mind.

He rinsed them out and threw them into the laundry basket, where his mother would find them, and couldn't remember when she had worn them. This started to occur several times over the ensuing weeks, and it dawned on her what was happening. Her son was using them, and rinsing them out and leaving them for her to find in the basket.

Jasmine was amazed that her son would do this, she dare not tell her husband what he was up to. Then one day, for reasons she never knew she left a soiled pair for him to find. It excited her so much to tease him like this, it made her have a tiny but wonderful orgasm because of her naughtiness, and his.

Jasmine didn't understand that her lack of sex and loving with her husband was having an adverse effect on her, one that would not set her free. She enjoyed the secret games with her son, not thinking of any possible consequences. Then one night around 10.30, her son surprised her by flirting with her, he was chatty, paid her compliments, how beautiful she was, how sexy she always looked.

How he wished that one day he too would find the perfect woman that his mother was. Jasmine blushed and told him to stop being silly, and that one day he would meet this woman he was dreaming of and fall in love, just like she had with his dad.

Kenny protested slightly, "Come on Mom you and dad don't have sex anymore, even I know that! He's never here, but I am mom, I'm here for you, every day." The last few words made her stop. "What do you mean, you are here for me?" she asked. Kenny stepped to her, she was half turned towards him, he ran his hand over her lovely firm ass, cupped it and squeezed.

"I'm here for you mom, don't you understand what I'm saying?" Jasmine knew very well what he meant and wlked away, calling over her shoulder. "I am your mother, you mustn't say things like that, or touch me that way." The next day, Kenny tried again, and he kept on trying day after day, gradually he was wearing his mother's defences away.

Kenny was nothing but persistent, day after day, night after night he was 'nice' to his mother, always there to help. Touching her, saying sweet things like she reminded him of a rose petal in the morning light, glistening with dewdrops. How her face brightened his day, being there with her made him feel like a hero. He was hoping that soon she may tell him she loved him, that she needed him, that he was her hero.

Kenny didn't know that day was on its way, that the need in her to be loved again was gaining ground. Her husband always at work, even though it was for them, brought a little unreasonable resentment to her. Jasmine wanted to feel like the woman she was, to be needed, desired, wanted, and be placed back on the pedestal she used to occupy in her husband's heart. Many times she almost wept when Kenny held her the way he did sometimes.

But Kenny didn't know that the feel of his hard cock always put a temporary brake on her downfall. It also had the opposite effect too on occasions, to know that she was the real cause of that erection made her feel alive, made her feel like the woman in her again. She felt powerful, able to control a man's feelings simply by him having an erection for her alone, even if it was her own son, and not her husband who had this affliction for her.

Many many times her husband wanted not to go to work, or to come home early, to surprise her. But it never seemed to happen, he sometimes made excuses for himself not to do it. Then one fateful night, Jasmine was washing dishes in the sink, it was almost midnight, her husband was at work, and Jasmine was feeling lonely and unloved again, even though she knew her husband loved her above all others.

And that very night Robert her husband, sneaked out from work, he was determined to go home to his wife and make love to her. He had a hard on to prove it. After thinking of how long it had been, he realised it had been at least three months since he had made love to his wife. It was no wonder Jasmine was forlorn and lonely from lack of loving. He knew she was wanting, she had told him many times.

He parked his car silently, stepped to the door and ever so quietly opened it, his idea was for surprise. Stepping in he saw the light on in the kitchen and smiled to himself. He stood in the dark at the end of the hall until his eyes adjusted to it, he was just about to go to Jasmine, when the downstairs bathroom door opened and out stepped Kenny. Kenny stopped for moments to espy his sexy mother. Robert watched his son watching his mother, he thought it was odd standing there like that.

He had only a towel around his waist that was all. Robert actually admired his young son's physique, tall, wiry, very manly too, and well formed; with tight muscles about him now. Kenny sauntered into the kitchen and immediately took his mother in his arms. Robert smiled at the love his son was showing his mother, not knowing he was making his second attempt this night to seduce her.

He heard his wife protest meekly, like she always did when Kenny got her this way. And unknown to Robert, her protests had been getting weaker each time. Kenny had seen and heard the hesitation in his mother's voice and carried on. She had her back to him, Robert heard his wife moan in what sounded like anguish. It was anguish, and it was a sexually deprived anguish from her.

Because this was the moment that Kenny had been waiting for, and his mother dreading. And now Jasmine was on the verge of giving in to their son. Robert hadn't of course known about the weeks of trying, teasing, and tempting that Jasmine had been going through from their son.

Robert was suddenly outraged to see his son behaving in a way a son shouldn't with his own mother. But something stopped him from intervening, something in his head made him wait to see. He watched as Kenny stroked his mother's tight ass, then he kissed her neck, Jasmine struggled but only mildly. The connection of Kenny's lips to her neck, the hot breath, the urgency she felt, was the tipping point for her.

Jasmine knew now she was falling. "Oh Kenny, ple... I, we. You shouldn't darling," she begged, as Robert watched his son feast on her tender neck. Jasmine's head turned this way and that without seeming to actually try to stop him. Kenny's right hand was freely roaming his mother ass, his middle finger sneaking down the little crack, his father couldn't see his left one yet.

He was just about to get himself together, and rush in to challenge his 18 year old son when his towel fell away. What he saw stunned him to the core, and shocked his very being. There sticking out from Kenny was his cock, and it was far bigger than his was, it was pointing halfway up to the ceiling, its own weight preventing it from looking all the way up. Robert stood as if in a time warp, frozen, and that's when he felt a hand squeeze his own cock.

He looked down and he was stroking himself, it stopped him from going into the kitchen. Looking about him, he saw the door for access under the stairs. Dazedly he opened the door and got in, leaving it ajar so he could watch what was happening. In his mind he knew Jasmine would resist their son, and admonish him, even threaten to tell his father. That Kenny would realise he was doing wrong and slink away.

"Kenny is a young man," he decided, "he is feeling his manly feet with women, and testing them on his mother." These thoughts made him feel better about what Kenny was attempting. He saw Kenny, running his hand around Jasmine's little bum, she was only wearing a short nightdress come dressing gown that she had put on ready for a lonely night in her bed once more.

Kenny was kissing her neck, Robert knew his wife loved that, then he saw Kenny's left hand, it cupped a breast and Robert saw the definite squeeze. He heard his wife whimper and bleat, but the voice he heard was one he also knew, it was husky with arousal.

"Kenny, don't... please... sto... you mustn't... Oh Kenny nooooooo." Somehow Kenny had turned her towards him, Robert hadn't seen him do that, but now Kenny was facing her, her head was slightly tipped back, it seemed like a gesture of helplessness, Kenny had his mother pegged on his large cock.

He had got it wedged between her thighs and pressing right up at her ignored and lonely pussy. Jasmine knew it was there, and she couldn't breathe, she tried to push him away but had no strength. Kenny kissed her neck even more making her moan out loud. Now she was leaning slightly away from him, thus he had better access to her. Jasmine protested feebly again.

"Kenny, Oh Kenny stop darling, oh please Kenny nooooooooo... Arggggh oh Kenn..." She stopped protesting when Kenny finally kissed his mother, she couldn't pull away. His mouth on hers, the sudden invasion of hot tongue, coupled with hot and demanding breath made her wilt even more.

Her pussy, rapidly followed by her body, had placed of her sensory perceptions on the thick, hot and hard, bar of flesh licking her ever increasingly needful pussy. The pressure point caused by her son's soon to be acquired, more than adequate cock, was something she was now unable to resist. She found herself kissing him back, her hands that had been pressing against his shoulders to keep him away, now slipped over them and around his neck.

She didn't know it, but her personal fight with him was over. She had defended herself admirably against him, attempting desperately to protect her marriage. But his loving insistence, his strength, his character, all had overcome her. The walls that had defended her all these years were now in the process now of being breeched by her own son.

In the cupboard Robert was jacking himself off slowly, he was watching mesmerised; as his beautiful wife's seduction by their own son was all but complete. He knew many others had tried over the years, as he had always known seduction would be tried. And he had always known she had been faithful. But Robert and his wife were helpless against the one she had to give into, their own flesh and blood.

He gazed in awe as he saw Kenny tug at the tiny bow holding her robe together, and then slide the nightgown off his gorgeous mother. It seemed to float forever until it nestled to the floor in a pool near her dainty feet. Kenny suddenly had free access to that wondrous sexy body that, until now, had been solely for his father's use. A slight but definite tug, had her thong sliding down one thigh.

What he also hadn't known was, as he sat stricken in the cupboard was, the very second he had approached their front door. As he had inserted the key into the lock, Kenny was the bathroom simply to jack off. He had seen his mother in the kitchen, approached her and started being 'nice' to her. And although she had complained, albeit only slight, he had seemingly backed off. But Kenny hadn't, his hard on was such that he had to pay attention to the young maestro hanging from his torso it had demanded.

So dropping his clothes to the floor of the bathroom, he had taken all of 5 seconds to dump a load of hot cum, (with his mother in his mind) into the toilet, and breathed deeply. He decided to go back for another try at her. He was so up for this, his cock hardly dropped at all. He had just popped the towel around him loosely, with the intention of it dropping off at the opportune moment. His timing as far as he was concerned couldn't have been better, for his father, it couldn't have been worse.

Robert now knew he couldn't jump out of the cupboard and start yelling at his wife and son, not now. He had trapped himself, and it was of his own making. He had to stay there and take it, if he had been in a boxing ring with the heavyweight champion of the world, he couldn't have received a bigger knockout punch.

He also didn't know that his son's heavier and bigger cock was taking its toll on his wife. It was lodged right where the most telling damage was to be, and was indeed being done. Her memory locked on to the hard member, and instinct took over, she knew what it was and the pleasure it could bring her.

Robert actually unzipped his pants and took out his own, he looked at the hard flesh there, and gripped it, knowing he was smaller than his son. It too took a heavy toll as he worked it slowly up and down as Jasmine succumbed to her son before his very eyes.

"Mom you know you need this," his father heard him say, his hips were rocking back and forth, and his tool was working her up. "Dad isn't doing it for you anymore, we both know that. I love you mom," he told her as he slapped his hips gently at her. "I can and will make you happy again you know that. And dad will be happy too, knowing you are."

"I will be your man mother, your guy, from now on, all your needs will be taken care of by me." His reasoning struck a chord with his father, and the moan from his wife as Kenny squeezed a nipple for the first time, confirmed what he had just heard his son say.

He looked on helplessly as his own son seduced his wife, and his own mother. He had the control now, after all these weeks of perseverance he had got her. Jasmine mewled, her son bit her neck, squeezed the other nipple, and standing on his toes his cock growled at her pussy demanding entrance.

"Oh Kenny, oh darling, I, er, we, but your dad Kenny, oh Kenny," she moaned as he drove at her. She wasn't aware yet that she was naked before him, and also that her husband was secreted in the cupboard watching. Her arms tightened around his neck and Jasmine gave in completely. Robert watched in fascinated arousal as his son completed the rout.

He seemed to grow in stature knowing he had won her, his whole body seemed to expand, grow bigger. Roberts cock was fit to burst at this point, but he had to hold off, he knew that him blowing a load would not be looked upon favourably. And he also knew he had to get back out of the house, unseen and unheard.

Kenny turned himself and his mother, she went gracefully as only a beautiful woman can. He backed her to the table, and gently leaned her over it, he went with her, his mouth firmly on hers, the "Hmmmm's, and Arggggh's" were coming from her very soul.

Then Kenny reared upright, pointed his cock at her wet slick silky pit, he pressed and in he went. Now he had her, his own mother was his, he had got her, and he had taken her. Because he had jacked off only minutes earlier there was no chance in hell of him losing stamina or speed, his father watching intently from the cupboard expected him to ejaculate almost immediately.

He watched and waited for a long time. Kenny lifted his mother's legs and propped them on his shoulders, and then he fucked her. Jasmine was holding on to the edge of the table to prevent her being fucked right over and off it. She had never felt so stuffed full. His cock touched every part there was to be touched as he bulldozed his way in and out of her. And every part he touched had never been touched before, this was new territory for his mother.

"Darling, Oh darling, Oh Kenny what... Oh my God Kenny, Oooooh Urggggh Arggggh, Yes, oh yes, ohhhh, ohhhh Hmmmm. Oh Kenny yes darling, oh yes darling, hmmmm. Do it honey, do me, please me baby. Oh my darling honey baby, I love youuuuuu!" Jasmine's lovely head was lolling from side to side. Kenny practically obliterated her hot pussy. He was a lot bigger than his dad, he didn't know it, but his mother did. And it was this knowledge that would make her mind up, that this was definitely not the first and last time that this would happen.

Jasmine came in a torrent of unheard of garbled words, it was the language of another planet, unknown, and unintelligible. But Kenny got the message, and so did his father, now with a hot sticky puddle of cum over his own hand. He didn't think of how he had got that, he knew he had been slowly jacking off. But if he had realised, he would have known it was his son who had made him cum.

Kenny continued hammering his mother on the table and Jasmine loved every second of it. She came again, and a minute after that, then once more. Her mind sagged under the onslaught her son was unleashing, but she didn't want him to stop.
"Kenny don't stop darling, please don't stop," she pleaded, "I need you baby, do me honey, do me, do your mother for as long as you want my darling baby honey," she was chanting now. Kenny, his eyes closed did so, he battered her as she had never been battered, Robert his father was, had been a good lover, but nowhere near as determined, or as good as this.

And Robert knew now that his rights to Jasmine had been taken from him his by his own son. And effectually, he had condoned it by his own somewhat sympathetic actions to his wife's obvious needs. He watched as Kenny tensed, gripped his mother by her hips, his head dropped, reared back up, dropped again and then he slammed into her with a huge back breaking thrust. Robert knew he was cumming in his mother. Head now thrown right back, Kenny began humping at her, he was shedding load after load of hot steaming cum into his beautiful mothers yearning pussy.

Robert closed his eyes in despair, what could he do now? His son had claimed his mother, his son had taken his wife. And in his heart he knew that even though he had the best of intentions. Denying his beautiful sexy wife of what she needed, no matter what the reasons, or the best of intentions. It was a damning indictment, he was, and would pay the price now, not giving her the love was a dunce's actions.

Suddenly Robert thought back to an exchange of letters they had had months previously, where he had told her of jacking into some of her panties. Not known to him was the fact that Kenny had done the same thing. She had left Robert a letter calling him 'Honey.' And now he had heard her calling their son the same thing, 'Honey.'

Kenny moved, and picked up his mother, she nestled in his strong arms easily. "Where are you taking me Kenny honey?" she asked him with what breath she had left to speak with, not knowing, her head resting on his shoulder.

"To bed mom, we have some more loving to do tonight, I know you are ready for more, I can seen it in your gorgeous eyes," he told her, and the way he said it left nothing for disagreement. "Dad won't be home until 7 in the morning mom, you might even have time for a snooze," he laughed.

He was more than secure that she would protest no more, and she didn't, she squeezed him and kissed his cheek. "Hurry baby honey, I need you again darling!" she moaned to him. Jasmine's desperate desire for sexual gratification had been fed to her by her own son. Robert heard her say 'Honey' again they passed the door he was hiding like a skunk behind. He knew he was in a distant second place now. He watched from the crack in the door as his naked son carried his naked mother upstairs.

All he heard was the thump, thump, thump, of Kenny's feet as he climbed up, then the opening and of a door. Climbing stiffly out of the cupboard he went into the kitchen to wash his hands and to think, to think about what he had witnessed this night. He had witnessed his fabulous sexy wife being absolutely topped and tailed by their own son.

Then his eyes fell to the floor, and there, right where they had been was a pool of cum, he could tell it was Jasmine's and his son's where it had dropped out. It was confirmation of what he was hoping to deny himself, he could even smell them here. He went slowly and quietly up, and outside of the only open door, which was his own bedroom, he listened. And he heard the unmistakable sound of bed springs, and the definite squealing from Jasmine.

He risked a quick peek around it, and again he was smashed by the view. Jasmine was on her knees, Kenny was behind her. She had her head down, her long black hair spread far and wide like a huge halo. One hand behind her trying to claw her son, the other gripping the sheets tightly as Kenny humped her. Jasmine's knees were spread too, all the access for Kenny was given. Kenny himself was totally upright, fingers digging into his mothers hips, he forced himself time after time mercilessly into his mothers captured, defeated, and prisoner of war pussy.

Bending at the waist Robert scurried across the door way to prevent him being seen. Now he could watch through the crack their consummation being delivered without hindrance. His son was fucking his wife, his mother again, and all he could do was watch silently.

Kenny gave his mother no quarter, he was machine like, his young cock carving out a solid rock face to make his own entry forever. Robert never stayed for the ending, he was the architect of his own downfall. He had been well and truly cuckolded by his own son, and summarily defeated in the process. He knew he would never be able to match the stamina of his son, nor the length and breadth of his man blessed cock.

He went down stairs a thoroughly chastised man, he had brought this upon himself, albeit unintentionally. But even as he reached his car his own cock activated again. He hated himself, the thought that he was being excited by his own son, fucking his own mother, was abhorrent. Yet so sexually stimulating, so much so, that he stopped in a quiet place and jacked off again over it.

Robert and Jasmine didn't see too much of each other over the ensuing days. As they passed in the drive, a quick kiss in the kitchen, a word here and there. "How are you?" "Oh I'm fine, you?" But Robert saw the definite change in Jasmine, she was happier than she had been for a long time, and Robert knew why, she was being fucked day and night by their son!

It was two nights later that he got off work again, it was just after midnight, he raced home not knowing what to expect, what he would find. His mind had been in turmoil, constantly thinking and believing the worst, knowing, wondering, what they were up to in his absence. But hoping it was all over and they could get back to normal.

If he had been able to see them, he would have seen Jasmine with her feet pointing at the ceiling, and Kenny on top of her ramming her with his thick young cock, like the buck he was. Parking down the street he edged his way home, many times almost turning around and going back. But he forced himself onward. He entered the quiet house, there was a low light on in his bedroom, sometimes Jasmine would read in bed.

He inched his way up, and then he heard a sound, he stopped and listened. A moan? A squeal? A grunt, what? He moved again, then he knew what he had heard, it was Jasmine in sexual arousal, it was the very thing he hadn't wanted to. His wife was happily under the cosh once more, and it was Kenny their son, coshing her, with his now fully experienced cock in all things Jasmine.

He peaked through the door, and there was a sight he had never yet imagined to happen, he almost chastised himself for not seeing it in his mind because he should have done. Jasmine was kneeling on the floor, Kenny was sat on the bed, one hand behind him, one hand in his mothers soft black hair.

His knees were spread, and Jasmine was kneeling between them sucking him off, Kenny's hand helping her up and down. Jasmine, occasionally sliding off it, to dip her lovely head to suck and lick his balls, whilst she jacked him with her hand. Kissing his inner thighs, before diving back on to the red shiny head of her son's mighty cock.

Then she got down to business, she knelt up a little and attacked him as if it were the first and last time she would ever get to suck and make him cum for her. Kenny flopped back and lay down as his mother got to work, she was almost demented in her actions and force. She tried to suck his cock right off, the depth of her sucking was superhuman and Kenny couldn't, nor didn't want to hold back.

"I'm cumming mom, I'm cumming!" he called out, this seemed to make her go harder and faster. Her son's cock in her mouth, was like the big fish on and anglers hook, it was not going to get away, never.

Kenny's hand grabbed at her, and Robert saw his son's hips rise off the bed, and he heard a gurgle, a slobbering growl, and he could tell from Jasmine's red face Kenny was blowing his load. Jasmine sucked and sucked, swallowed, and gulped, and now one drop escaped her tight sealed lips around him.

His mother stayed there for age, she sucked out the last remnants of hot cum as he dribbled away. His cock felt as if it was on fire, the head tender, and ticklish beyond endurance almost, almost. He couldn't help the small laugh that jumped out from him, this was the first time he had ever been sucked off, and if there was a better one ahead, then he couldn't wait for it.

"Mom," he said, running his fingers through her hair, "that was the most awesome thing ever, it was fantastic, will you do it again for me?" Jasmine flushed and blushed with pride, she nodded her head happily, and told him anytime. Robert realised that he had been squeezing his own now puny cock in his trousers and that he too had blown his load in them.

He dashed away silently and left the house, now he knew his place as man of the house no longer sat with him. But what could he do about it now? He blamed himself for his wife's seduction, saying in his mind, "that if it had not have been Kenny, then someone else would have got her" Of that there was no doubt in his mind at all now.

He decided that the upcoming weekend he would not go into work, he would attempt to win his wife back. He would show her that he was and is the man for her, remind her of the lover he was, and make her his wife once more. Regain her from their young son. This made him feel good incongruously, he wasn't thinking rationally, but deluding himself, why?

The reason was because his wife was already in an anaconda like grip of fabulous sexual arousal in their bed. It was a grip that could crush the very life out of her. She was on her back, their son was kneeling over her in the 69 position and he was driving her insane, with his tongue striking hot irresistible barbs into her pussy, as he also sucked it into his mouth with venomous suctions.

Jasmine cried out loudly as her first orgasm struck without warning, her hips drove up to further complete her son's domination of her. He was holding her in place, his fingers locked into her thighs, and attacked her succulent soaking with honey nectar pussy. Her knees wobbled from side to side as climax after climax climbed through her and detonated in her head.

Jasmine fainted such was the intensity of them, when she awoke, her nipples were tingling, her eyes slatted open to see her son suckling her, just as he had when he had been a baby. Kenny had revisited all of her that he had before he became a toddler. Now he had fucked her, he had sucked her, and now he was suckling her. Jasmine sighed with unblemished happiness.

She no longer gave thought to Robert or his position, now he had been replaced by their son. The only thing that could happen now was him to discover them, or they would tell him. She would talk to Kenny and ask him, she would do as he told her to do, this was the way now.

"What will be the ending, happy or sad?" she pondered, while she caressed her lover son.

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