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Garden Centre Ch. 05

by cuckolder

08/19/2016 09:25 in domination

Excerpts from her diary

27/10 : he has texted me saying that he has found some plants for our garden. Wanted me to come to see them. I answered saying I was a bit busy.

Has responded asking me to find even a short time to come. Says 'I also want to see you. Shall I come to your place this evening.' I was not sure I wanted that to happen as V also maybe home early today. So agreed to go there this noon.

Only he was there at the horti. Shop when I got there. Directed me to park inside the gates saying it was safer than leaving the car outside. As usual he was very friendly and flirty as he showed me around showing the different varieties of plants. He really seemed to have got a good collection for us. I agreed to all the plants he suggested.

Then he asked me to come and see something else he had got specially for me. Didn't say what when I asked but cheekily said that it was a surprise and I might like it. I followed him to a shed at the far end of their compound. Opened the door and let me in. As soon as I stepped in he followed bumping into me. As I stumbled with the impact he steadied me with his strong arms and pulled me back. I was pressed against his body. Though I exclaimed in surprise, he did not release me and kept his arms wrapped around my bust. I didn't try to struggle as it felt really nice.

I asked him what was the surprise that he had brought me to show and he chuckled softly saying that I was driving him crazy. Even while I was asking what he meant, he buried his face on the side of my neck and nuzzled it. It was a rapturous feeling to be in his arms like this and I let him go on. In minutes he was kissing my cheeks and turning me around. With me turned towards him he lost no time in kissing me full on my lips. It was such a surprise that I was didn't know how to react and let him control the action. But he's such a wonderful kisser. His tongue explored every part of my mouth, duelling with my tongue ever so often. I wanted it to go on forever. I took the chance to explore his body with my hands and oh what a body. It felt absolutely magnificent. Hard, warm and hairy in the correct places without making him seem to be like a gorilla. But suddenly I realised the enormity of what he was trying to do to me.

As I struggled and pushed away from him, Aj asked why I was having a change of heart. I pointed out that we were both married. He suddenly looked downcast and went on to explain to me that his marriage was not working out as his wife was constantly nagging him and wanting him to change his job for a better paid one. He explained that this job at the garden centre was what he enjoyed and he didn't want to change it. Due to this disagreement there was constant friction in his home between the two of them and he was spending more and more time at the centre, even opting to stay over there on some days. All this time Aj never completely let go of me and kept his arms around me. As I listened to his sad story, I started to feel sorry for him and sort of relaxed. He must have sensed the change in my stance and again tried to start to kiss me. I didn't struggle against him, but pointed out that I was also married.

Aj was very quick to remonstrate that he was not trying to disrupt it. He said he was intensely attracted to me from the first time he had seen me, but would not do anything against my wishes. He went on to say to me earnestly that I could see him very discreetly at the garden centre or at our home when he came for deliveries without ever arousing any suspicions. He started pulling me closer to him saying that we should at least give it a chance as we were both mutually attracted to each other. As I did not resist any more he held me in a very tight embrace, allowing me to feel his hard muscular length. There was also no mistaking of the hard on inside his jeans..

I buried my face in his hairy chest and noticed that he had a rather attractive musky scent. I pushed up his T shirt and he obligingly pulled it off letting me have complete access. I suckled at one of his nipples which had gone hard, making him moan. I needed him. I encircled his body with my arms and moved my hands down his back, slipping my fingers inside his jeans. At the same time I felt my blouse slipping down my shoulders. The beast. He had taken advantage of my passion and unbuttoned it. I looked up to retort and in a trice he was French kissing me deeply once again. Oh it felt like heaven and I continued to explore with my fingers under his jeans.

At once I felt it moving down and then realised that he was pushing down his jeans, exposing himself to me. I broke off our kiss and looked down. He'd not been wearing any underpants and his thing was hard and pressing against me. It gave me such a shock to see such a huge one that I immediately pulled away and asked him to stop. What if someone came to buy stuff and saw us. He looked disappointed, but was very decent to allow me to leave without doing anything more. He promised to deliver the plants home the next day.

Oh what a day, I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

I am tempted to continue this in a safer place. He's so gorgeous.

My wife's first time with him seemed to have been a special occasion indeed.


Sure enough come 7 pm that evening the doorbell rang and I opened our gate and front door to admit Aj. He was dressed up very stylishly for an evening visit in an open necked black shirt, figure hugging black trousers and stylish loafers. In one hand he carried a stack of DVD's and a bottle of wine in the other. I welcomed him warmly and got him seated in the living room and called my wife. Her eyes flew open as she walked in. 'Aj you are very smart. Very nice outfit.' He smiled rather self consciously. To my surprise my wife was also in a very nice dress which hugged her figure, showing off her assets well. For a 40 year old she was extremely attractive and sexy. The dress which was well short of her knees showed her shapely thighs to perfection. I had not noticed this dress before and felt fairly certain that it must have been a recent purchase. I complimented her on the beautiful dress and i could see Aj ogling her, from the corner of my eye.

Aj too ventured to compliment her almost shyly. 'Ma'am is very beautiful today.' I invited him to stay for dinner to which my wife agreed with enthusiasm. I asked him to stay to watch a movie with us as it was a Friday night and we did not have to get up early in the morning to get to work. He agreed very willingly.

My wife disappeared into the kitchen asking us to start watching a film while she got some food ready. We opened the wine he had brought and settled down on the sofa. I had to agree that he was an extremely companiable sort of guy that you feel real comfortable with. He asked me about my trip and what i was going to do up north to which I replied that i had a couple of lectures to do. He seemed very impressed by that fact and complimented me on it. I thanked him for fixing the TV in our bedroom and asked him about labour charges. He grinned saying it was free with his compliments. He asked me to choose a film to watch, sliding over the stack of DVD's. As there were no promotional covers on them it was difficult to select one. I rummaged through them and ultimately picked out one named Tarzan.

Aj looked at my choice and a broad cheeky grin broke out on his face. Sir that's good for watching later in the night.' He said winking at me. I sort of caught on the meaning. 'Ah is it an adult movie?' I asked with a sly smile on my face. He nodded vigorously and handed me an action police movie which we started watching.

We were both engrossed in the movie and didn't want to get up when my wife announced dinner. Being the good hostess, she served plates of food and brought it to us. We continued watching while eating and my wife came and sat in between us picked off morsels of food from my plate. Aj slyly offered her wine from his half empty glass which she sipped with no protest. After that she randomly picked at food and wine from both our plates and glasses. We had finished our food and about half a bottle of wine before the film ended. I felt that my wife was a bit tipsy as she is not used to taking alcohol. She seemed slightly more boisterous and more disinhibited than usual.

All of us chipped in to clear the dishes and wash up in the kitchen. As it was only about 10.30 and as we were in a very happy and cosy mood it was i who suggested that we could watch another film. My wife and Aj agreed promptly. Aj very casually asked whether we had tried out the TV that he fixed in the bedroom. I replied that we had had no time this evening and my wife suggested that we could try it out now, much to my surprise. As there was no way of backing out, i agreed. Actually it didn't seem a bad idea. As i locked up the down stairs door and windows, Aj and my wife proceeded upstairs.

I joined them upstairs almost immediately to find my wife already reclined on the bed and Aj seated on an arm chair by the bedside. They had turned the light down very low making it appear very cosy and intimate and had started to play a DVD whose credits were running. 'Look darling its great isn't it?' my wife enthused, patting the bed by her side indicating for me to join. It was a very good arrangement as the large screen TV was fixed on the wall at the foot end of the bed. I took off my T shirt and reclined next to her and agreed that the TV seemed to be done in a very professional manner. 'That's why i was asking you to fix the TV here all these days. Luckily Aj was there.' She mildly admonished me while praising him.

'Yeah, thanks Aj for the job you did. This setting is very good isn't it? He grinned cheekily. 'Yes sir it's super. Ma'am can watch TV even all day long like this.'

'Aj can you see well from that chair?' my wife queried. It's slightly at an angle, but no big problem.' He replied. My wife moved towards me. 'Aj come here and watch. You can see very well from here. And there's enough room here.' I indicated. We were breaking another boundary... maybe it was the effect of the wine we had been drinking all evening.

He didn't have to be told twice, he also pulled off his shirt and was on our bed sandwiching my wife between the two of us. 'Yeah this view is fantastic.' he exclaimed. We all settled back to watch the film with my wife leaning against me. It was in a minute or so that i realised that it was the same film i had chosen earlier on in the evening. 'This is that Tarzan DVD?' i asked incredulously. Aj looked at me over my wife's head and gave me cheeky smile. 'Yes sir the one you chose earlier.' he said. The mischief in his eyes was very evident. I decided to play along. Afterall, all of us were adults and we could jolly well handle an adult scene without being embarrassed.

It took me only few minutes to realise that this was a porn movie. Within minutes, the main character who was a very well built, handsome and muscular guy was rubbing himself against a busty woman who was probably Jane after rescuing her after falling into a river. The appreciation she showed was by feeling up Tarzan under his loin cloth. My tipsy wife who seemed to have lost verbal inhibitions started giggling and remarked that Tarzan seemed to be not wearing any underpants. Aj defended him rather cheekily. 'Ma'am he's in the jungle. Where can he find under pants.' This response got her giggling even more and she snuggled even closer to me.

I was at a loss at how to handle this situation. But as the film progressed, i started getting turned on as the content was extremely erotic. My wife who was snuggled against me felt it and started giggling even more. She also slid her hand down to gently start rubbing my hard on. If Aj had any inclination of what was going on, he didn't show it at all.

'Jane' had managed to get Tarzan spread-eagled on a sandy beach by the river and was hastening to untie his loin cloth. I noticed that everybody was watching the unfolding events rather tersely and thought that lightening the mood would be a good idea. 'What do you think? How long will it take to remove that?' Aj chuckled and said, 'I don't think it will take long now, females are experts at knots aren't they?'

'Hey don't try to be funny. Men are also experts at knots.' My wife piped in, elbowing Aj in the ribs jovially. Aj feigned shock and pain, clutching at his chest.

My wife suddenly looked concerned, 'Oh was that very painful. Please, i am so sorry.' He grinned wickedly, 'To repay for your damage you have to at least get a cup of coffee for us.'

My wife jumped off the bed to get us all some coffee. While she was gone I asked Aj whether the film was hardcore and he replied that some parts were. I wanted to know if it was suitable for the 3 of us to be watching together. He was of the idea that we were all adults and it should be ok. But he left it to me to decide if i didn't want to continue.

But truthfully i was also fairly aroused from what i had seen and wanted to continue though i didn't tell him so in so many words. He slyly asked whether he could borrow a sarong as his jeans were not comfortable for bed. I lent him one of mine and we had both changed into sarongs by the time the coffee arrived. 'Did you watch anymore after i went down?' my wife asked. She noticed that we had changed into our sarongs but said that it was not fair for only us to get comfortable. She disappeared into the bathroom and returned shortly in a loose night gown and promptly received a glowing compliment from Aj for it.

The film resumed with the female lead starting to go down on Tarzan while still was trying to get the knots undone. My wife sort of whispered that she could have done a better job with the knots. There was a lot of moaning going on as Tarzan had his nipples licked and suckled by Jane. We were coyly asked by my still tipsy wife whether men liked their nipples played with as Tarzan seemed to be enjoying it intensely. I said it can be fairly enjoyable if it is done well and passed the question to Aj. 'Oh yes, it is something i like a lot.'

'Yeah I know you do. I watched my wife doing it to you the other day.' I thought to myself.

Aj went on to counter question, 'Don't ladies also enjoy it a lot?'

'Yes it is one of my favourites.' she replied suggestively. I went on to add that she would do anything I wanted, to have her nipples played with. It earned a slap on my thigh from her. Aj grinned knowingly and asked a cheeky question whether I wanted to do it for her now. My wife dismissed it jokingly, saying that we couldn't do it while he was there.

It is later, with a certain amount of misgiving that i realised that it may have been the alcohol which had made us loose our inhibitions and discuss personal sexual matters in front of a third person. Aj also contributed more, saying that he loved to suck on a woman's nipples. I noticed that he didn't say that he loved sucking his wife's nipples.

We continued to watch the film and there seemed to have been a lowering of barriers between us after that chat on sexual preferences. It was my wife who seemed to bring up these taboo subjects most of the time. Maybe the effect of alcohol was more pronounced on her. When I put an arm around her shoulder in possessive way and noticed with a bit of surprise that my arm landed on Aj's shoulder. He was that close to touching her shoulder. He did not bother to move away when my arm touched him.

As Jane slowly moved down Tarzan's body she finally got the offending knot untied and out sprang his rampant cock from the confines of the loin cloth. I instinctively tightened my grasp on my wife's shoulder and noticed that Aj seemed to also move slightly more towards the both of us. He was now brushing against my hand which was around my wife's shoulder. I don't know why I did not realise at that point that it was not right to have a near naked man who was in a flimsy sarong and not much else right next to us in our bed watching porn.

It was also obvious to me that he was probably getting aroused by the way he slowly flexed his leg at the hip to conceal a hard on. As Jane progressed on her journey down Tarzan's torso we could see that his cock was lying on his abs and reached nearly upto his navel. It was almost with bated breath that all 3 of us watched to see how she would deal with it. Jane's lapping tongue slowly closed upon it, dipping into his navel and then onto the cock head.

The camera panned in close allowing us to see that he had precum dripping from it. Jane lapped it up almost reverentially and then went on to touch the tip of her tongue with his cock head. His entire cock twitched as it got the ministrations from her tongue and his hands moved onto her head so as to control it. The huge ruby red head slowly disappeared into her mouth making Tarzan groan in pleasure. The heavy sigh from Aj was also very noticeable.

'What's up Aj?' my wife asked cheekily. 'oh god, see the amount of pleasure he's having.' He replied, probably referring to Tarzan. 'Are you jealous?' she piped in.

He slowly grinned. 'Well, a little bit I guess. We are not so lucky.'

What followed was an all out face fucking which he did with a lot of energy. I could see my wife watching open mouthed as more and more of his length disappeared into Jane's mouth. Her hand made way under my sarong and started massaging my rock hard cock. I furtively glanced towards Aj to see his hand disappearing under his sarong. I also caught sight of him slyly glancing in our direction and am sure that he wouldn't have missed noticing where my wife's hand was. After quite some time Tarzan blew his load into her open mouth and some of the excess dripped down her chin.

'Is that OK?' my wife asked, breaking the silence. 'What's ok?' it was Aj who answered her with a counter question? 'I mean to swallow that stuff? She nearly choked.' (I wanted to shout out 'you swallowed all his stuff. Wasn't it OK?') It was Aj who answered again. 'There's nothing wrong with it. Some say that it is quite nutritious. Anyway, she gave him some intense pleasure didn't she?' The man was spreading a few lies as well. I didn't want to comment and spoil the intimacy between the three of us. 'I guess so.' My wife responded.

The film went on to less erotic scenes of an adventure in the forest – the usual Tarzan movie stuff. My raging hard on receded and I pretended to drift off to sleep. My wife always complains that i go off to sleep while watching TV and she would have no problem in believing that I was fast asleep now.

A nudge from my wife and I had to pretend to wake up from sleep. She was looking at me in amusement. I continued my pretence of being very sleepy. 'I am very sleepy.'

'Sir I will get going then. Let's watch the rest another time.' Aj said very promptly. 'No no, you all watch. I will take a short nap.' I ventured and closed my eyes. As the room was in semi darkness i could keep a watch on them without them noticing that my eyes were open very slightly.

As the film continued i noticed that my wife was not leaning on to me as heavily as she had done before. Before long she had stopped leaning on to me altogether. As the next erotic segment started, this time seemingly inside a bedroom with Tarzan starting to peel off her brief summer dress I saw that Aj had his hand on her loin. I could discern a slow stroking movement which seemed to be welcomed by her. And then the inevitable happened. It may have been the effect of the wine we had been drinking in the evening, but I actually fell into a deep slumber.

I think it maybe the faint light of dawn lighting up our windows that may have woken me up. As I slowly started to become more alert, I started to remember the events of the previous night. I was not aware when the film ended and what time Aj would have left. I slowly opened my eyes to see where my wife was as i could not feel her next to me. There she was, sleeping with her back turned towards me and then I suddenly noticed a swarthy arm draped over her torso.
Aj! He had not gone after the film and he was snuggled up with my wife. My heart started beating wildly and I very discreetly lifted my head up to see what was going on. My wife's night dress was bunched up even higher than her waist exposing her legs and buttocks. She had got her leg encircling his hips and pulling him close to her. It was then that i noticed that he had also got one leg inserted very possessively between my wife's thighs. My heart started pounding again in excitement rather than with anger. Was it the correct emotional response I should have had?

I slowly settled down again as they seemed to be in deep sleep. My mind was working at high speed and I was not sure how I needed to do handle this situation. I don't know what made me do it but I guess it was the intense need to know whether they had had sex while I had slept.

Almost automatically I stole my hand slowly between my wife's buttocks to try and feel whether her cunt was wet after sex. I was in for a huge shock – my exploring fingers met with his hot, hard and slimy cock. Aj was fully erect even though he was asleep, or was he really asleep. Though it was not inside my wife's sweet pussy it was obvious that he had ejaculated very recently by the amount of slimy wetness that was on my fingers. I hurriedly withdrew my hand, but my probing fingers must have made him wake up. He stirred and instinctively tightened his grip around my wife's back and I saw her stirring as well. I pretended to be deeply asleep but managed to slyly watch what was going on. Aj slowly slipped off our bed after a short whispered conversation between the two of them. It was then that I saw that he was completely nude with no sign of the sarong I had lent him. He quietly slipped on his clothes and left our bedroom.

Later that morning I went downstairs to find my wife rustling up breakfast and tea. She greeted me brightly and handed me my tea. I sat on a kitchen stool sipping my tea while she continued cooking.

'How did that film go? I fell fast asleep and missed it completely.'

'Ooh it was very educational.' She giggled. 'You must watch the rest of it some time.'

'What time did Aj leave? I didn't notice him leaving at all. You know how it is when i fall asleep. '

'Oh he left soon after the film. Must have been about one o'clock.' Damn it, Aj had made her his lover and also a bare faced liar.

'So late? You should have asked him to stay in the guest bedroom.'

'I suggested but he said he didn't want to impose on us.'

'So, did you have any more discussions about sexual preferences?' i asked jovially.

She giggled wildly, 'I had lots of questions to ask but Aj was awfully quiet after you fell asleep. So i didn't feel like asking anything. I thought i might embarrass the poor man.' 'I bet you did.' I thought to myself.

'Questions about....?'

'There was a rather erotic threesome, Jane had sex with 2 men. She seemed to enjoy it a lot.'

I was completely turned on by what she was saying, but just let it pass. Was she suggesting in a different way how our sexual life should move forward? We spent a fairly relaxed day as it was Saturday, with us having sex twice that day. She jokingly said that maybe we should start watching more erotic movies, if this was the effect of watching just one.

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