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Elizabeth: Weekend at the Lake Pt. 02

by gelir

05/27/2016 13:03 in submission

This is the second part of a story about a wife whose husband enjoys seeing her with her lover.


"I need a hard cock right now. Which one of my lovers in going to fuck me first." My wife said as she looked down at her two lovers.

"Well I wouldn't be a good guest if I didn't let our host enjoy you first." I said, knowing that I wanted to see her face while he fucked her.

"I'd be more than happy to David." Jonathan replied in a gracious tone.

With that Elizabeth crawled between us and laid so her ass was off the bed. Jonathan stood and moved behind my wife. To get a better angle I moved up the bed so that I could see my wife's face as he entered her. I gave her a kiss as Jonathan started to rub his tip against her slit. She let out a moan, and I could see the pure pleasure on her face. Soon he pushed further and further into my tight wife and she let out a scream of joy as he buried his cock into her dripping pussy. She closed her eyes in slight pain as she got use to his size. My god this was so hot, being so close to my wife as someone else fucked her.

As Jonathan slowly stroked in about out of my wife, I was getting more and more turned on. My fantasy had become a reality, and I couldn't handle it any more I wanted some pleasure as well and moved my cock into her field of view. She didn't miss a beat as she pulled my dick towards her mouth and started to suck on it. Jonathan started to pick up the pace and my wife clearly loved it. Her grip tightened around my shaft as he aggressively pumped his hard cock into her now dripping pussy.

I lay back further, and stroked back some loose hair from my wife's face so that I could see her sucking and licking my dick better. What made it even more erotic was, Elizabeth was holding my shaft with her wedding ring hand which was capturing the rooms light and almost glowing. All the while I could see her eyes were in pure joy as Jonathan enjoyed her.

"God that looks sexy, Lizzie. Do you like having 2 hard cocks to play with?" I said while pulling her hair.

All she could do was mumble as Jonathan was now driving into her at such a pace that she took my whole cock in her mouth.

"David, your wife has an amazing pussy. I love being inside her. She's so tight, I could get use to fucking this little slut for the next little while." He grunted towards me.

As Jonathan said that he grabbed my wife's flowing hair into a ponytail. He was going to use it for grip as he fucked her hard. He pulled her hair back, which released her lips from my cock. She started to scream as her first orgasm was hitting her hard. My dick was aching to get back into her mouth but she was more occupied in enjoying the other cock that was inside of her currently.

After a few minutes of this rough fucking, Jonathan's pace slowed. As my wife's vagina was so tight not many men could keep that pace for too long without filling her full of their load. Elizabeth was clearly tired from the raw fucking she had just got and was enjoying the slow strokes of his shaft now. But he was far from finished.

"Let's flip her over," Jonathan Demanded.

I took my cue and pulled my wife's hand off of my cock and aloud her lover to flip her onto her back. As she lay there, Jonathan pulled her now soaking panties from her body.

"Show him your beautiful breasts, my love." I directed.

With that my wife still trying to catch her breath pulled her arms out of the straps of her nightie and rolled it down to her stomach. She was beautiful in this light and her tits were perky. His hands started to roam her body and pinching her nipples as his fingers went by. After a few seconds he pushed her back down onto her back and raised her legs so they rested on his shoulders. I knew she loved this position as usually my cock would go deeper than normal and hit her in the right spots. I stepped of the bed to grab my beer and watch, as Jonathan got ready to re-enter my wife.

As he was stroking his cock against her wet slit I could hear her moaning. She was in the moment and enjoying everything that was happening to her.

"Fuck me Jonathan, fuck me." She pleaded.

With that he sank his cock back into her waiting vagina. With her legs resting on his shoulders he started to pump away at her like a piston. She started to moan uncontrollably, as I sat on the edge of the bed watching her fuck her new lover. The visual and sounds of what was happening was pure erotic.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." She screamed as her hands reached out to grasp my swollen cock. She froze for a second before shaking and finally letting go of my dick, basking in her second orgasm within minutes.

Jonathan was not going to give her a second to recover. He pushed her down to lay on the bed and started to pump back into her. After seeing her orgasm I now wanted release as well. I moved so that I was kneeling to the side of her face, my cock inches from her lips. I grabbed ahold of Elizabeth's head and guided her lips to part around my dick. I moved my hand from her beautiful face and around her neck. I applied a little pressure as she always did enjoy a little choking. As Jonathan started to fuck her hard once again, I also started to fuck my own wife's mouth. Jonathan grabbed one of her tits for balance and pumped away at her lovely mouth as she gagged from my size.

Elizabeth was now moaning once again when I looked over at Jonathan and knew he couldn't last any longer.

"God this slut is going make me cum like this." He Grunted.

With that he pulled out of my wife and moved up towards her head. I moved my own cock from her mouth as he quickly replaced mine with his while stroking his shaft. Elizabeth looked up to see us both stroking our dicks and placing them in out of her mouth one after the other. I heard a loud grunt as Jonathan released his load all over Elizabeth's face. The first splashes landed on her lips, followed by her cheek and finally on her chin. This view was too much to bare and I erupted covering Elizabeth with my own cum.

Jonathan and myself collapsed, either side of Elizabeth we were all spent.

"My god that was hot!" Elizabeth eventually said while patting our now softening cocks.

"I'm going to shower all this cum you boys gave me off. She said while getting up to leave for the shower.

"Wait there babes, I want to take a picture of my beautiful wife covered in her two lovers cum." I said while reaching for her iphone.

I made her pose and zoom in on her beautiful face and the warm cum was starting to drip down onto her naked breasts. The next time I went on the road I would be using this picture for some play time I thought.

About 10 minutes later Elizabeth came back into the room still wet from her shower. She crawled up the bed and gave me a kiss, as I grabbed her tight to my naked body. As she broke our kiss off I playfully slapped her round ass, before she moved over to kiss Jonathan. Eventually she settled in between us on the king size bed and we all were to exhaust to start anything again. She fell asleep in my arms while Jonathan kissed her softly and placed one of her legs to lay over him.

I woke up around 6 in the morning. We had forgotten to close the blinds as the sunlight brightened the room. I wasn't the only one to be awake as across the bed from me was movement. There was my wife riding her lover hard. She was on top of Jonathan one hand on his chest the other tickling his balls. A move I knew rather well and enjoyed when she did the same to me. She was in bliss and I wasn't going to ruin anything, as I simply wanted to watch. Elizabeth gave me a wink when she noticed I was awake. After a few minutes Jonathan grunted and filled my wife with his sperm before she collapsed back in-between us and fell asleep.

Around noon Jonathan got out of bed and I heard him cooking downstairs. Looking over at my exhausted wife she was just smiling at me. We didn't say anything before I moved over to kiss her, it wasn't long before I mounted my wife and started to make love to her. After last night's enjoyment and seeing her this morning, I wasn't going to last long. We kissed as I reclaimed my wife and within minutes I was cumming inside of her. Afterward I threw on some boxers and my wife returned her nightie straps and we walked down to eat with Jonathan.

There weren't any awkward silences while we ate breakfast and strangely it didn't feel weird at all. It was a great start to the weekend and we all mentioned how the rest of the trip was going to be great. The plan for the rest of the day was to take the boat out on the lake and enjoy some wakeboarding. As I carried a cooler of drinks to the boat, Jonathan was starting the engines and the stereo was playing some music. I looked across the cove and notice the couple from last night sitting on their deck looking towards Jonathan's house. I turned back and there was Elizabeth wearing a very sexy bikini; in fact it was the same one she bought for our honeymoon. She knew what affect it would have on me, and was clearly wearing it to tease me in front of her new lover.

She arrived at the boat and I gave her a hand to get on board. Jonathan had witnessed her sexy walk from the cabin to the boat and grabbed her and laid a long lingering kiss on her lips. After all the neighbors were watching and they believed Elizabeth was his most recent girlfriend. We were soon cruising the lake and enjoying a great day on the water. We took turns hitting the wakeboards and tubes, which Elizabeth really enjoyed. Eventually we turned the engine off and drifted into a quiet bay. My wife took this excellent opportunity to catch some sun and lay at the front of the boat. Jonathan and myself sat at the back and drank a couple of beers and started to shoot the shit. About an hour into our drifting Elizabeth sat up and looking at us unclasped her Bikini top. Our jaws dropped as her perfect tips came into view.

"Would one of you gentlemen be a dear and help me with some sun tan lotion?" She said seductively.

I looked around the back of the boat for the lotion as my cock was quickly rising when I noticed Jonathan holding it in his hand. He winked at me as he stood and walked to the front of the boat. I watched as her lover started to apply the sunscreen lotion all over her body. He wasn't just applying the lotion but was giving her a full massage as she lay on her stomach. As he reached her Bikini bottom he lifted her slightly and started to remove the last piece of clothing. He wasted little time and started to finger my wife right there at the front of the boat.

After a few minutes of his fingers roaming her vagina and stimulating her clit, she rolled off the front seat and onto the floor. Kneeling in front of her lover she reached up and pulled his board shorts down to his ankles. As I couldn't see much from my seat, I could only witness the back of her head as it started to bob up and down on his shaft.

A few minutes went by as I drank my beer watching my wife blow Jonathan, on a boat in the middle of the lake while enjoying a gorgeous day. He had now grabbed her hair into a ponytail and was guiding her head up and down to his liking. I could faintly here the sound of her gagging every time he made her deep throat his swollen cock. I was fully enjoying the view but noticed a boat was coming into the bay, which could soon see what was happening. I moved seats to the steering wheel and turned on the engine. Jonathan looked up to see what was going on as I pointed to our new visitors. He nodded as I reeved the engine and started to drive out of the bay. I could now see a closer view of what my wife was doing only a few feet away, and it looked very hot. I steered the boat towards Jonathans cabin and watched as my wife brought her friend to an orgasm. I witnessed as she took all of his cum down her throat and then licked the remaining off his shaft.

"We're close guys." I shouted over the sound of the boats engine.

They looked up as Jonathan pulled his board shorts to cover his softening dick. Elizabeth quickly rummaged to put her sexy bikini back on, as I pulled the boat into the dock. We were soon back on solid ground walking towards the cabin, when Jonathans neighbor walked over to us.

"Oh hello Derek," Jonathan said while holding hands with my wife.

"Good evening guys, the wife wants to know if you all want to come over tonight and enjoy a fire and a few night caps."

Jonathan turned towards me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sounds good we'll be over in a hour." Jonathan replied to Derek.

As we entered the cabin we all made our way to our rooms to get ready for the evening. I threw on a pair of cargo shorts and a college hoody, while my wife changed out of her sexy bikini to some short white shorts and also put on a hoody. As I looked at my wife I could see that something was wrong as she looked down at her wedding ring finger.

"Baby, do you mind if I take my ring off tonight?" She nervously asked.

"Why, what's wrong?" I replied.

"Well I'm meant to be Jonathan's girlfriend and it would look kind of awkward if I was wearing a ring while we sit with the neighbors." She replied.

"That's a good point baby." I replied while I kissed her.

"But you better put it on as soon as were back!" I demanded.

She nodded and pulled tightly as her ring came off her wedding ring finger. We soon left the room and were greeted by Jonathan at the bottom of the stairs. He was holding a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of wine. As we left the cabin and motioned to Jonathan to pass me the beer and my wife's hand soon took its place.

We arrived at the fire and there were only 2 empty seats. As I took my seat so did Jonathan with Elizabeth playing to role of his girlfriend taking a seat on his lap. Derek moved his seat closer so we could chat and Katie moved closer to Jonathan and Elizabeth. We were soon all talking about our jobs, cabins and fun stories. As the drink flowed so too did the stories. As Elizabeth and Katie were now talking about something as Jonathan listened. Derek nudged me and implied I need to move closer so I could hear.

As I leant closer so did Derek.

"So how's is it to share a cabin with two love birds?" He asked.

"Oh it's not that bad, I have my own room and there down the hall." I replied.

"What I mean is, how do you get any sleep? Especially after hearing them go at it all night last night." He giggled while replying to me.

"Oh I'm a deep sleeper and was exhausted last night, so I didn't hear anything." Was my simple reply.

"You must be a deep sleeper. That sexy lady was making the loudest moans last night the whole cove could hear her orgasms." He replied in a joking manner.

"Oh really you could hear that?" I inquired

"Oh yes, me and the wife are used to Jonathan bringing back his new woman each trip. But I must say this one is the hottest I've seen, and after hearing those sounds last night Katie and me are hoping to hear more from her. We like to listen you see." He replied with a wink.

"Well maybe I'll keep an ear open for tonight's activities" I replied while re-arranging my crotch.

We all carried on drinking and enjoying each other's company. From time to time I would look over to my wife who was now melting into Jonathan's arms and he was tickling her back. I must admit it made me jealous not to touch my wife. It was getting late and Elizabeth yawned.

"Oh I see someone's tired." Katie said.

"Maybe you should take your new girlfriend to bed Jonathan?" Derek replied.

"I think you're right I won't want her passing out on my." He said with a laugh.

We all laughed as all three of us stood.

"Oh David, you don't have to leave." Katie pleaded.

"You can enjoy a few more cocktails, with us and enjoy the sounds of the lake." Derek said. As I soon caught on my what he meant.

I looked over to my wife and Jonathan. Not knowing what to do as I wanted to be there to enjoy my wife, and I knew if I wasn't there Jonathan was going to have her to him tonight. I didn't have long to make a decision.

"Yes stay here David, enjoy the lake and we'll see you in the morning." Jonathan said, making my decision a lot easier but tougher at the same time.

My wife and Jonathan soon said good night and made their way hand in hand towards the cabin. As Derek threw another long on the fire, we all engaged in some chit chat.

Twenty minutes later, I started to hear the faint sound of a slap followed by a moan. The sounds were coming from Jonathan's cabin as I turned to narrow down the sound. My wife was clearly enjoying her new lover as he was spanking her and making her moan in joy.

"Oh it sounds like they're going at it again!" Katie giggled.

"It appears so." Was my reply.

My stomach was now in knots. I was turned on knowing my wife was fucking Jonathan but upset that I wouldn't be there to witness it or join in. At this point Katie had moved onto Derek's lap and her feet were resting on my lap. She was clearly making her self-comfortable listening to my wife getting off by Jonathan. As we carried on chatting, every now and then there would be a loud scream of joy that travelled across the cove.

"God, this turns me on listening to your friend and his girlfriend." Katie said while wrapping her arms around her husband and kissing him on the lips.

"It is rather hot, I'm not going to lie." I replied.

As I finished speaking Katie's foot moved and resting closer up my thigh. I could feel the outside of her foot resting on my swollen cock. Derek had now started to kiss his wife more passionately and was groping her breasts right in front of me.

"I can tell David, I can feel your hard cock pulsing on my foot." She said seductively.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm married so I don't get to hear this much." I replied while trying to lift her heels from my crotch.

"Don't be sorry David, enjoy the sounds and us if you like." Derek said.

The couple I had just met was inviting me into their marriage. I must admit with the sounds and visuals I had seen today I was super horny. But I hadn't spoken to Elizabeth about me enjoying some side action. I decided this was a bit too far and decided to stand.

"Good night guys, I really appreciate the offer but I'm getting tired." I spoke up.

"Oh you don't have to go." Pleaded Katie.

"Its ok, I'm going to have a little walk and make my way back." I replied and strolled off into the moonlight

Eventually I made my way over to Jonathan's dock and sat and an finished my beer. All the time hearing my wife moan and Jonathan's grunts as they fucked like rabbits in the cabin. An hour later the sounds had stopped as I assumed they were now fast asleep. I walked back into the cabin and up the stairs, I looked down the hallway towards Jonathan's bedroom. My wife was naked her arms stretched above her head tied to the bedposts. My heart sank a little as I was worried this may be going a little to far as we had never done the tying up thing. And there was my way restrained to her lovers bed being used for his enjoyment.

That night I hardly slept as I knew my wife was a few feet away next to another man. A man I had aloud her to fuck but things had developed further and I could see she was having feelings for him. He was older than me and was very successful, I just hoped this was sexual and wouldn't lead to her leaving me for him.

I woke to the sound of my bedroom door creaking open; the sound of the toilet refilling was coming from down the hall. My wife was opening the door, Jonathan must of released her to go the bathroom and she had decided to come see me. As she turned to close the door behind her, I could see the red marks of a spanking he had given her. There was a clear handprint across both cheeks of her lovely bum. My cock started to rise as I was stimulated about what had happened to her. As she approached my bed I could see hickies all over her breasts. Jonathan had definitely used her to his enjoyment and by the looks of her face, hers to. She crawled into my bed. And softly kissed me on the lips.
"I love you Baby, Thank you for tonight." She whispered.

"I love you to." Was my reply.

With that she moved so that she was laying on top of me and guided my growing penis towards her opening. As I entered her sloppy vagina she let out a quiet moan. I was half asleep as she fucked me. She kept nibbling my ear and tickling my balls as I eventually erupted inside of her. Elizabeth rolled of me and laid her head on my chest and wrapped an arm around me.

"Are you having fun my love" I softly said.

"I am, thank you for being amazing. Having both, you and Jonathan is a dream come true." She softly replied.

We then fell asleep in each others arms.

We woke to a knock on the door, Jonathan was already dressed in his golf attire.

"Time to wake up folks, the tee time is in thirty minutes." He said.

"Oh yes I forgot, I'll get ready." I replied.

I quickly hit the shower and on my return my wife was getting dressed. While I was in the shower Jonathan had brought and outfit to Elizabeth that he wanted her to wear while we were on the course. It was a sexy little Nike gold outfit that consisted of short golf skirt, tight ladies polo. Knee high socks and to cap it off a golf cap that let her ponytail stick through the back. She looked very sexy and just like a professional LPGA golfer but much more sexier.

We were soon at the course and got into our carts. As we drove to the first tee box we spoke about how Elizabeth would alternate between riding with myself and then Jonathan for each hole. We did try to convince her to play but she just wanted to relax and enjoy the ride.

As we tee'd off I could see it was going to be a tight game as just like me I could see Jonathan played a lot of golf. After 9 holes we were tied and we were both playing well. We decided to hit the clubhouse for a bite to eat before we played the back 9. After the server took our food order and brought our drinks, I could sense Jonathan wanted to say something.

"Hey David, how about a little wager on the back 9?" He said.

"Oh what do you have in mind?" I inquired.

"Well guys I didn't want to bring this up until our drive home tomorrow. But it looks like I'm going to be moving to Hong Kong for the next 6 months. The bank has asked me to take over their main accounts over then and I actually leave Tuesday." He said

I looked over at my wife, as a look of shock came across her face. I could tell she was disappointed in hearing her lover was leaving.

"Oh that isn't any good, just as we were enjoying having you around." I replied.

"Well this is where the bet comes in." He spoke up.

"Go on." I snapped back.

"Ok so here it is. If you win the back 9, I want you and Elizabeth to look after my cabin while I'm away. And to make it worth your while I'll give you the boat as I'm not going be needing one for quite some time." Jonathan said while looking at me.

"Ok, what if you win?" My wife asked.

"Well Elizabeth. You're both get to use my Cabin while I'm gone. But when I'm back or just visiting the continent. I get to have you." He replied.

"What do you mean have her?" I asked.

"I mean, for 4 weekends in the next 12 months I get to have your wife. These could be anytime I'm back or me flying her out to see me. But over the course of 12 months she'll visit me for 4 separate weekends." Jonathan said while looking my wife up and down.

"Oh." She said.

"Hmmmm, would I be there as well or would this be just you and Elizabeth?" I inquired.

"Great question. It would mean it's up to my decision if you're invited or not. I may invite you or I may want her to myself for the weekend. No question about it, when she is with me. She's mine to do what I choice to. Obviously nothing painful but I'm in control to do as I wish." He replied in a stern voice.

My wife grasped my thigh. I couldn't tell if she was turned on or scared. As I looked at her it appeared she was turned on by the words Jonathan just said.

"You've got a deal, but you better bring you're a game" I said while shaking his hand.

We soon ate and finished our meals and were back on the course. Elizabeth rode with my for the first hole.

"Are you ok with this bet?" I asked my wife.

"Well its definitely and interesting bet, I should be mad that you're playing for me. But I'm really turned on by you guys fighting over me. It's a win win for me as It'll be fun having a cabin to spend this summer at. But I'm kinda scared to just be at Jonathan's beckon call." She replied.

"I know baby, that's why I have a plan. But I need you to help it." I laughed while replying.

After the first hole I was in the lead. As we tee'd off and drove our carts for the 11th hole. My plan was starting to take place. I had asked Elizabeth to tease Jonathan on the next hole and try to put his mind off the game. I could she as she was tickling his leg and trying to turn him on with her touch.

But even with her teasing he beat me on this hole and tied the round. As she switched back to my cart we drove to the next hole. After a great drive by both of us, I felt Elizabeth's hand roaming my crotch. It was clear he had made her play the same game as I started. Needles to say I lost the hole.

It was time for her to step up her game, did she really want to be his sex slave for the next 12 months. As she rode with Jonathan on the next hole I could see she was stroking his cock while he was driving between shots. I luckily won this hole but then again he had his mind in a different game.

The next hole I received the same teasing as Elizabeth stroked my shaft and just like Jonathan I lost the hole. We were now tied with 5 holes to go. This game escalated to her blowing us both during the next few holes, bringing us both to the brink but not finishing either one of us.

Going into the final hole we were both busting at the seems for release. This was a challenging dog left par 4. As it was my turn to ride with Elizabeth I tried to keep away from her gentle playing and her delightful lips. As we were both on the green in two, the game was looking like it was going towards a tie. I lined up for my 10 feet putt but pulled it wide. Jonathan had a though shot. Just as he lined up to put he stopped and called Elizabeth over. She walked over to him and he kissed her, he then led her to his gold cart. He proceeding to bend my wife over the side of the cart and lift her short skirt. He was going to fuck her right there on the 18th whole. As I knew he wouldn't last long her entered my wife and pumped away. My crotch stirred as I watched a quickie between my wife and her lover. After two minutes Jonathan was cumming in my tight wife. He pulled out, wiped the remaining juices of his cock onto her short shirt and zipped up his fly. Then Jonathan calmly walked over to his ball and drained his shot.

With the look of satisfaction on his face he turned to me.

"Thanks for the game, David. I'm going to enjoy having your wife as my sex slave more often now." As he said with a smirk.

I looked to my wife who was looking at me while readjusting her short skirt.

We left the golf course and the car ride back was quiet. I had just lost my wife to her boss as his new sex toy whenever he wanted for up to 4 weekends in the next 12 months .

That night after dinner we both enjoyed Elizabeth while watching a movie. She took turns fucking both of us and eventually this led to us spit roasting her into the early morning.

The next morning we pack the suv and headed home. We again made chit chat to pass the time but in the back on my mind this guy now had more of a claim to my wife that before we left. I was a idiot but I was also turned on to hear there fun stories.

As we pulled up to our house Jonathan reached into his pocked and pulled his car keys out. Separating his cabin keys off he gave them to me.

"Enjoy the cabin guys, and I'll be in touch about setting up those fun weekends." He said while looking at Elizabeth.

With that he left and we stood in our drive way silent. The next 12 months could make or break our relationship I thought.

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