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Elizabeth - A New Job Well Earned

by hana

05/25/2016 20:48 in submission

At around 6pm I woke from my nap, my beautiful wife lay exhausted next to me. She had crawled into the bed naked after her shower and hadn't moved since her head hit the pillow. She had hardly slept from her previous night's enjoyment, just like me from the mental torture as I waited at home. As I got out of bed the thoughts of what Jonathan had been doing to my wife bounced around my brain. All I knew so far thanks to the picture he sent, was she had sucked his cock and again as she swallowed his load while getting a ride home.

The thought of being a cuckold kept creeping up, and I thought I'm not exactly a weak man. I played college and pro hockey, worked out and was usually the more dominate partner of any relationship I've been in. But this wasn't about strength or toughness; it was the urge of pushing my partner into the arms of another man that I wanted. The thought that someone else was fucking the woman I loved, really turned me on. Maybe I was a cuckold? Only time would tell.

As I looked at her naked body I wanted to wake her and find out what had happened. I was horny as hell but also my chest was tight with anticipation and jealously. Did she still love me, had she fallen for Jonathan or did she hate the experience? I didn't know what to do, so I let her sleep and left the bedroom for the kitchen. I decided a good meal is always a way to relax and wind down both mentally and physically.

I set about making a nice dinner for a quiet Saturday night. My idea was to wine and dine my wife, while in the comfort of our own home. This way we could talk about what had happened the night before and how both of us were feeling about it.

At around 7:30 pm I heard the bedroom door open and there was Elizabeth my beautiful wife standing in the doorway to the living wearing my college T-shirt. I thought to myself, the last time I had really seen her she was wearing his college hoody. Now she was claiming me to be her lover again, a warm feeling fell upon me, and my chest relaxed just a little bit.

"What are you doing babe?" Elizabeth softly spoke

"Just making us some dinner, so we can relax and possibly watch a movie." I replied.

With that she walked across the living room to our open plan kitchen. Without saying anything she came into my arms for a big hug. She stayed like that for what felt like minutes until she pulled slightly away to lift her head up and whispered

"I love you"

With that she kissed me passionately on the lips, and her hands roamed my body. Eventually I heard the water behind me boiling and I broke the hug off to take care of the cooking. She was just hanging out at the side of the kitchen not knowing what to do. So I told her

"Babe go throw on some netflicks, and relax I'll have the dinner ready in twenty."

With that she came in again to hug and slowly kiss me, and then went to the couch turning the TV on. I could tell she was very nervous and scared by what had happened and as much as I wanted to know what did happen, I would take it slowly with her.

As I was close to finishing the meal, I started to set the dining room table. I looked into the living room and Elizabeth was fast asleep again. My poor wife was that tired she couldn't keep her eyes open. The night before had taken its to toll, what was she dreaming about I wondered. Was it something to do with Jonathan taking her as a lover or did it have me involved. I returned to the kitchen and started to bring the food out to the table. Once I was finished I decided to open a nice bottle of wine to help settle her nerves.

I walked to the couch and started to softly kiss Elizabeth on the forehead then the cheek and finally as she started to wake a lingering kiss on the lips.

"Hi Baby." She whispered softly as her eyes opened.

"Hi sleepy head, dinner is ready." I replied.

"Where is it?" As she said, looking towards the ottoman by the couch where we usually watch some tv during dinner.

"I wanted tonight to be special, so I made a feast and it's in the dining room." I mumbled nervously.

"You shouldn't have!" She said smiling and hugging me.

"Well after last night I want to be romantic to my wife, if that's ok?" I said with an authoritative tone.

She simply nodded as I put out my hand and helped her to her feet. Walking hand in hand I led her to the dining room. In front of her was my signature meal I make on special occasions. With a bottle of white wine chilling in the middle of the table. To add a special touch, the lights were off as I had lit one of her favorite candles that partially lightened the room. The dim lighting gave the room a romantic feel I wanted for such an important night.

I led Elizabeth to her seat and pulled it out for her.

"What a gentlemen you're being tonight!" she jokingly said

"Only the best for my lady." was my quick reply.

As I started to serve the food, I could tell she was still nervous.

"Baby relax, I want tonight to be about me and you. If you want to tell me what happened last night, I'm more than ready. But if you're not ready that's ok, I'm just happy your home in our house having dinner with me." As I gazed into my beautiful wife's eyes.

"You're truly amazing David, I don't deserve such a good husband as you." She replied before taking a long sip of wine.

She started to cut into her meal and I did the same. Every now and then I would look up and I could see she wanted to talk about what had happened. You could cut the tension with a knife even with Michael Bubble playing in the background.

Putting her knife and fork down I looked up. Elizabeth was nearly in tears.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"I want to tell you David, I want to tell you about everything I did last night. I just don't want you to think less of me for what I did. And I don't want to lose you over a one night stand." Nearly crying as she spoke

"Baby you're not going to lose me! We both made the decision for you to enjoy Jonathan last night. We both had this fantasy for quite some time and you finally lived it out for both of us. What ever you did and didn't do last night was in the moment and purely sexual. As long as you still love me, I'm more than happy with what ever you did." Speaking in a manner that was softly spoken, as I was trying to comfort my wife.

"Of course I still love you David. You're the love of my life. I have the best husband in the world, not any of my friend's partners would ever let their wife be with another man. Let alone leave her with the man to explore her sexuality. Now I want to tell you everything that happened from the moment you left me to the time I walked through the door in the morning. But please, please, please don't think less of me as I did some very slutty and graphic things for Jonathan last Night." She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm all ears?" I said as I wiped away one of her tears. She then placed her hand in my other hand and she started to tell her story.

As I sat there listening to my beautiful wife tell her story, my stomach and chest were tight. A Million emotions rushed through my brain, I was jealous / aroused/ upset/ extremely turned on and finally scared. She went into great detail of how she sucked Jonathan's long and wide dick in the limo while it was still driving. How she gagged on his cock when he grabbed her hair and forced all of it into her mouth. She said he used her for his own sexual pleasure and he degraded her by Cumming all over her face and dress like a common whore. Don't get me wrong this was extremely hot and my dick was straining the jeans I was wearing but I couldn't believe how their night of lust had started.

I was in a daze listening to her story.

"Babe!" she said.

"Babe!!" She shouted.

I snapped out of my trance.

"Are you ok? Did you want me to stop talking about last night?"- she nervously said.

"No, no please carry on. Sorry I was trying to picture what was going on. Do carry on my love," I replied in a horse voice.

"Ok but this isn't a story that's gets better. He used me babe, I don't know what came over me but I was a 100% his slut last night and loved every minute of it." Elizabeth said.

In hearing this, my heart skipped a beat. My wife loved being used, she loved being someone's sex object to enjoy and do what ever he wanted to. This was very hot, I had dreamt about this moment for years and finally she was telling me what I wanted to hear.

She then went into the part of the evening where she stripped for Jonathan. How he made her turn and show her body to him and then how he demanded she crawl to him. She said felt like a hired whore when he took the photos of her holding and sucking his cock with her wedding ring hand. This was the same picture I received via text message from her phone. He made her gag again on his cock and as she was sucking his balls he pushed her further down to tongue his bum whole. Something we did very rarely as Elizabeth didn't like the idea of anything to do with anal.

She talked about how the first time they had sex; he fucked her so hard her pussy was swollen from the hard thrusting. Elizabeth spoke about how he fucked her so hard she scream in pain and ecstasy all at the same time. How she begged for him to cum and how he pumped countless amounts of cum into her that evening.

But there was another side to Jonathan. After using my wife for hours like a slut, they fell asleep on his giant bed. They cuddled; he tickled her back and kissed her neck and shoulders. Something a loving husband would do. She said she loved this part the most as it wasn't purely sexual but there were some intimacy behind his aggressive lovemaking.

Elizabeth even explain how in the morning while giving Jonathan a blow job the room service guy watched as she sucked his dick. How scared but also horny she was knowing someone was watching and how she felt she had to perform for this visitor. She said she even wondered what she would of done if Jonathan told the guy to join in. It turned her on to think she could have two men at the same time.

Finally she went into how Jonathan pushed her head into his crotch and to suck his cock while they were driving back to the house in his Ferrari. How the speed he was driving and the wind in her hair made her truly feel liberated and how the only thing on her mind was to satisfy her new lover. After she had taken most of his load she popped her head up at the traffic lights just before our house and looked over to see the car next to them giving Jonathan the thumbs up. She said at that moment he had awoken her inner slut, and she simply smiled to the guys in the car and whipped her lips.

The room went quiet, as this was the end of her story. My heart was pounding.

As she looked up in a frightened state, scared to see what my reaction was. I leant over the table and got within centimeters of her lips

"That was the hottest thing I have ever heard." I said before kissing her passionately on the lips.

"You don't think I'm a cheating whore, a slut or a terrible wife?" she said nearly in tears.

"Oh don't get me wrong. I think you're a whore and a slut but you definitely didn't cheat on me and you are an amazing loving wife. The whole story you just told me was incredible. I was so turned on the whole time; it was a story that I thought only fantasy could have. You turned it into reality and I couldn't thank you enough" I replied with a firm voice.

"Are you sure? I do feel really bad for what I did. More like I feel bad for how he somehow put a spell on me and turned me into a whore who would do anything to satisfy him." She said, probing to see my reaction.

"I am sure, but I do have crazy emotions right now. I'm so turned on by what you told me. When we first started to hang out many years ago. We were both were using each other, we did some crazy stuff in the bedroom or outside of it. Similar to what you told me you did to Jonathan. But as our relationship matured so did our sex life, we went from fucking to having sex to now making love. And making love with the women of you dreams is the best feeling ever. Sometimes when we're drunk or supper horny we have passionate sex but we never fuck any more? We never take our sex life into the realms of submissive or dominant. And that's ok after hearing your story I don't think we will ever get back to that point. But for you to do that stuff with Jonathan scratches an itch that I wanted you to have for the longest time. As long as you still love me and nothing has changed I'm glad you could act like a slut for Jonathan. I'm just jealous I didn't get to witness it in person." As a paused to catch my breath.

"Wow David, I can't believe we can talk about this is such a calm way. I thought you would be jealous or disgusted and not want anything to do with me after I told you what happened. It turns me on that my actions could have this affect on you. I'm not going to lie the way Jonathan forced me into being submissive was very erotic. He woke something in me I didn't know existed. I love making love to you and I always will but to experience a different cock on a man much older than us was truly exciting" She confidently said.

What Elizabeth had just said was so erotic, I couldn't hold on any longer. I had to reclaim what was mine by marriage. Without a word I stood up and grabbed my wife to her feet. I started to kiss as I pushed all the plates and glasses further up the table. I pulled at the college T-shirt she was wearing, eventually right off her body. I moved her so her bum was sitting on the corner of the table and quickly I forced her to lay on the table while I held her legs. The candlelight flickered as her breasts and body were fully exposed to me.

"What are you doing David?" she joking said.

"Reclaiming what is mine!" I said back to her, with a wink.

"Be gentle, as I'm so sore down there from all the hard fucking Jonathan did to me," Elizabeth pleadingly said.

"Oh its to late! If you want to be a slut with another man you better be one with your husband when you come home," I aggressively said.

With that I pulled her panties forcible off her hips, down her legs and threw them to the ground. I dropped my pants to the floor and line my hard cock to her entrance. As I looked down I could see the swollen lips Jonathan had used less than 12 hours previously. She was red and it did look sore, but I was in no means going to let her off. I rubbed the tip on my dick against her lips and the wetness was remarkable. She let out a little moan as I rubbed her. Knowing that she liked to be more submissive now, I thrust into her in 1 motion. She let out a bigger moan, more like a scream as I aggressively entered her.

My hands roamed her body. From her flat stomach, up they went towards her breasts. It was then I noticed the bite marks on her breasts, there were at least four I could see over her tits. This was Jonathan's work, and it made me feel angry that she would allow him to mark his territory.

My mind snapped, I started to fuck my wife with no care of how it felt for her. I was in a zone of lust and wanted to fuck her and not to make love. As I looked down at my wife she was in ecstasy, her wedding ring finger was playing with her clit as I had my way with her.

"How does it feel Lizzie? How does your husband's cock feel after you fucked another man? Did you miss my dick inside you? I roughly said.

"Oh yes baby it feels so good, I love having your cock in me. Fuck me, fuck your slutty wife hard David." She scream out.

She was enjoying the roughness as I felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. I decided to take it up a notch and grabbed one of her tits for support. As I pulled on it, I started to spank my slutty wife's ass with the other hand.

"Did you enjoy his cock Lizzie? Did it make you cum?" I asked.

"Yes David, his cock felt amazing inside of me!" She said while trying to catch her breath.

"He treated me like a slut, just like you're doing right now," Elizabeth breathlessly said.

"Are you upset, I didn't get to watch you last night acting like a whore? Do you wish I were there to see you fuck him? See him use you for his pleasure? She him cum on your beautiful face" As a grabbed her tit and slapped her butt harder

"I am David, I wished you were there. I wish you saw what he did to me. He turned me into a cock hungry whore and I loved it. I wished you fucked me there to. I would of loved having both of your cocks to play with." She screamed as I slapped her ass again.

With that the thought of spit roasting my wife came into my mind. I released her tit that was now bright red and forced two of my fingers into her mouth. She eagerly started to suck and swallow my fingers.

"Oh you want both of us to fuck you, whore? Would you like to have us both fuck you and fill you with our load? Or would you like one in each end. One in you pussy pumping away at you while the other gets you to blow him. Just like I'm doing to you now with my fingers and cock. Tell me the truth Lizzie" as I slapped her bum again.

She grabbed hold of my wrist and while licking my fingers she looked up at me and stared into my eyes.

"I want both of you at the same time. I want one of you fucking me in the mouth as I'm being taken from behind. I want to feel both of you dicks inside of me at the same time!" She said while taking time to deep throat my two fingers.

"That's my girl, be a whore for both of us. I started to thrust quicker and quicker. Maybe this week at work you should pull Jonathan aside and invite him to dinner this weekend. I want to see what a true slut you can be." As I pounded harder into her pussy.

"Mmmhmmm that sounds hot babe, that sounds so hot!" She mumbled, while taking my fingers back into her mouth

I could tell she was getting close her body started to tense and shake uncontrollably.

She started to scream in ecstasy as she came and squirted all over my crotch. I wasn't far behind and I pumped my cock into her a few more times before I erupted with the biggest load of my life into her. I collapsed on top of her panting and trying to catch my breath. A couple minutes went by when I heard her say.

"Lets go to bed." She barely whispered to me.

I picked up my well-used wife and carried her to our bedroom. As we got under the covers she lay into my body resting her head on my chest.

"That was so hot , That was the first time in years your squirted during sex." I said.

"mmmmhmmmm, it was. It felt amazing." she replied curling into my body.

"God I love you! Can I ask you something?" As I spoke softly to her she simply nodded

"Do you want Jonathan again? Did you want him as a lover from time to time"? I said not knowing what she would say.

"Hmmm that's a tough question, it was so much fun the first time there is a lot to live up to. Plus I wouldn't want to make you jealous like last night." She quickly replied.

"What about if I was you to invite him around. I would love to see you act like the way you just did, and plus you may get lucky with both of us" I jokingly said.

"Well that would be the ideal situation. If this ever happened again I want you there so you can enjoy it as much as I did. Elizabeth replied while looking into my eyes.

I kissed her passionately on the lips then we both fell asleep from an epic day. Sunday morning quickly approached and like each Sunday I play hockey with the boys at noon. I left the house in a sate of bliss. I had reclaimed my wife and enjoy a great fuck on the Dinning room table. I wish like in college I could tell the boys about what I did the night before. But this wasn't some random on a road trip this was my wife and now I had to be quiet.

After hockey I went home to find the house full on Elizabeth's family. I had forgotten its was Sunday dinner night at our house. They were all congratulating her on the big promotion and her mum said "she must of worked really hard for it" We looked at each other with a slight giggle as I gave her a wink. Oh yes my mother in law, young lizzie worked really hard for it, I thought to myself. Life as we knew it was going back to the way it was.
Finally as the family left we eventually ended up in the bedroom getting ready for bed. As I lay on the bed looking into the washroom, my wife was standing brushing her teeth, while she only wore her sexy nightie. Elizabeth stopped brushing pulled the toothbrush from her teeth and looked at me.

"Did you really want me to invite Jonathan for dinner Friday?" She said.

"I was wondering when you were going to bring this up." I replied.

"I would enjoy seeing you act the way you described to me while with Jonathan. It would turn me on seeing you fully pleasured." I confidently said.

"Ok I'll try to set something up, if I'm not to busy at the new bank." she replied back to my with a wink, returning to brushing her teeth.

Monday morning came and as usual I watched my beautiful wife get ready for work. Today she wore a business suit with a blouse and skirt. It was going to be her first day at her new job and she wanted her employees to take her serious. No one needed to know how she got the promotion but she was going to take full advantage of the situation. As she left for work, I thought to myself I have the best wife in the world. But a second thought came into my head about when she would see Jonathan next. Would he try to fuck her straight away? Or would he be the typical professional Jonathan, Elizabeth had mentioned previously.

Later that day I received a text from my beautiful wife. I opened up the message as my heart skipped a beat for a second. And the entire message said was

"Jonathan's coming over Friday at 6pm." I gulped reading the text.

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