Cheating stories

Cheating and Rivals Pt. 18

by gelir

08/24/2016 03:04 in submission

"Zip me?" Jen said to Mike, turning around and holding up her long blonde hair. Mike zipped Jen's dress and then she turned around. "What do you think?"

Mike's eyes went up and down his wife, his heart beat quickening. Jen wore a sleeveless white shift dress. While it showed off her slim figure, it certainly wasn't body hugging. The dress was simple and classic, conservative even.

Except, the dress ended really high up Jen's legs. Really high. The dress ended just a couple inches passed her panties. With her 4 inch heels, Jen's incredible legs truly appeared to go on forever.

"You look incredible honey," Mike gushed. Jen gave him a smile at the compliment. "You're wearing pantyhose?" he asked, figuring there was no way to hide stocking tops with that short a dress.

"Stockings," Jen told him. She tugged the dress up slightly. The thigh highs ended just below her panties. The lacy stocking tops were thin, no more than an inch. They weren't visible when she was standing or walking, but she'd have to be careful when sitting not to flash them. Although, that was probably the point at least with Frank.

"For you honey," Jen said with a grin at Mike. She knew her husband always got a charge when she wore hose, especially thigh highs (although he loved when she wore pantyhose and tights too). Back in high school and college she hated wearing hose. But she gradually gave into Mike's preferences and wore hose almost all the time now. She even wore hose in the summer (like now), except when it got blistering humid and hot in the City.

"We better go," she said. She put on a light summer jacket. She didn't want her parents to see how short the dress was.

"Bye mommy, daddy," Anna said as Jen and Mike gave their daughter kisses goodbye. Anna was in mom's lap. Mom looked happy to stay home with Anna rather than go to Frank's party.

The same couldn't be said of Jen's dad. "You're invited and I'm not?" Dad said bad-temperedly. "Frank's my friend not yours."

"I work with Frank," Jen said with a scowl. She had a love-hate relationship with her father. "This is a work function."

"You should call him Mr. Tower," Dad said with a scowl back.

"Dad I'm not a teenager anymore," Jen said. She gave Anna another kiss then grabbed Mike's hand and left. "God I can't stand him," she told Mike as they drove to Frank's house in the rental car.

"Maybe we should do something with your parents tomorrow," Mike suggested, trying to be peacemaker.

"Mom maybe, but not Dad," Jen said. "I know what you're trying to do Mike. But you have loving supporting parents. My Mom's like that, but not Dad. You know I think he still cheats on her? I'm pretty sure. I wish she'd leave him."

"People need their parents Jen," Mike pointed out.

"I don't," Jen said. She grabbed her husband's hand. "I have you."

The valets took the car keys from Mike as they arrived. Jen left the jacket in the car. The valets took long looks at Jen's incredible legs.

The party was packed. Jen scanned the crowd. She nudged Mike. "Look over there."

Mike looked over the sea of people. Taylor Swift. Wow. Mike's eyes lingered on the young 25 year old super star. Talk about a beautiful blonde with long legs ....

"Will you put your eyes back in your head," Jen said with an elbow to her husband's side.

"I was, ah, just noticing Taylor talking to Chris Christie," Mike said with a grin. "Frank invited Republicans too?"

"This is supposed to be a social event," Jen said. She added (a little sarcastically) "Anyway, Jasmine likes to think she can work with Republicans and Democrats."

"Can she?" Mike asked.

"I don't know Mike, do we have to talk about her?" Jen snapped.

"Okay, sorry," Mike said. He was thinking Jen brought up Jasmine, not him. She couldn't possibly be jealous because he was looking at Taylor, right? Maybe she was nervous about seeing Frank.

At that moment Frank Tower walked up to them, all smiles. "Jenny, you look wonderful my dear," he said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Then he turned to Mike. "Mike Andrews, it's my pleasure to meet you," he gushed, shaking Mike's hand. "I'm a great admirer."

"Thanks," Mike said surprised at the welcome.

Frank was holding 2 glasses of clear liquid. "You'll love this," he said giving one to Jen.

"Tequila?" Jen asked taking a sip. "Oh god this is so good," she gushed.

"You like tequila?" Mike asked.

"Frank's getting me into it," Jen said. She handed the glass to him. "Try it honey."

Mike took a sip. He normally didn't like tequila but this was certainly smooth. He gave the glass back to his wife.

"I have a feeling you want to talk to me," Frank said giving Mike a knowing grin.

"Uh, yes, I do," Mike stammered, off balance by Frank's offer and directness.

"Let's go to my den," Frank said to Mike. "Jenny I think Leo's looking for you."

"Okay," Jen said giving Frank a smile. She looked at Mike and gave his hand a quick squeeze.

"I understand you're a Highland Park man," Frank said as he closed the door to his den.

"Yeah," Mike said. He watched as Frank poured him a drink. Frank's Highland Park was not the standard bottling he normally bought. Instead, this was one of the high end Highland Parks that cost close to $1000 for a bottle.

"I've known Jenny for years," Frank said as they settled into chairs across from each other.

Mike nodded. His wife went by Jen now of course, but it gave him a charge to hear Frank call her by her school girl name.

"Jenny was all blonde hair and legs back then," Frank said. He chuckled as he added "I suppose she still is."

Mike nodded again. He took a sip of the scotch, unsure how to begin the conversation. It occurred to him that he rarely spoke to Jen's lovers about their relationship with his wife. Usually Jen passed along anything he wanted them to know.

Always direct, Frank began the conversation. He said "Jenny tells me you enjoy sharing her."

"She enjoys being shared," Mike said. "We're both into it. Are you judging us?"

"I'm certainly in no position to judge anyone," Frank said with a laugh but his eyes held no humor. He took a long draw of his tequila.

"I let Jen have lovers," Mike said. "But you have to treat her right."

"You're talking about what happened in Chicago?" Frank said.

Mike nodded.

"No offense, but Jenny's a manipulative bitch," Frank said. He smiled to take the bite out of his words. "She's beautiful and she knows it. She uses her pretty looks. You're her husband, you obviously love her, so you let her get away with it. Probably most men are the same way. That's not me Mike." Frank shrugged. "I'm not perfect, far from it. But I'll never lie to you, never hide anything."

"You don't pull her into a stairway," Mike said with a glare at Frank.

"Did Jenny complain? Is she upset?" When Mike didn't answer Frank knew he was right. He said, "This is the way I am. I'm not changing for you, or Jenny, or anyone. If that's not acceptable then walk away. That's the best I can do Mike. I am who I am."


"Frank said you wanted to see me?" Jen asked Leo.

"Yeah Jennifer," Leo said. He grinned at her. "Frank said you were amazing in Chicago. We raised over twice our target."

"I guess maybe I'm more use than a symbol?" Jen said sarcastically, referring to how Jasmine wanted her at the fundraiser to show how she could be reasonable and work both sides of the aisle.

"That was Jasmine's idea Jennifer, I never thought that," Leo assured her.

Jen shrugged, as if saying "whatever." "Where is our master manipulator?" she asked with a touch of irritation in her voice.

"You know Jas, she's always working the room," Leo said. "She's with her new boyfriend. Justin something."

"Timberlake?" Jen asked. She added with a giggle "Bieber?"

"No not them, thank god," Leo said with a laugh. "Although they might be next. Jasmine churns through boyfriends." Without thinking he added "Actually Mike was her longest boyfriend I can remember." Realizing he just put his foot in his mouth, he said "Sorry about that."

Jen shrugged. "I don't know why I'm working for Jasmine," she mused as much to herself as Leo.

"Because you believe in her positions," Leo said. "You don't have to like the candidate Jennifer. I've run dozens of campaigns and half the time I don't. But if they have the right ideas and ideals, and if they're good people, then that's what matters."

"I guess," Jen said although she wasn't entirely convinced. She certainly wasn't sure if Jasmine was a good person.

"By the way, Mike's here right?" Leo said. He looked across the room. "You might want to stay away from JJ. I don't think he's a big fan of Mike. Because of Liberty-Gate."

"Oh," Jen said, following Leo's eyes. She saw an older, balding man. He was just a little taller than her and wore a non-descript suit that didn't fit him well. He was Jonathan Jakes, JJ, special advisor to the President. He didn't look like much, but everyone respected him. In fact, most people (including Leo) were scared shitless of JJ. She didn't understand why, JJ didn't look like much. But she respected Leo, so if he was intimidated, then JJ was a person to avoid.

Jen said "Okay, I'll tell Mike."


"How'd it go?" Jen whispered when Mike approached a few minutes later.

"He's not apologizing for Chicago," Mike said.

"I didn't think he would," Jen said with a laugh. Then she saw her husband looked bothered. She squeezed his hand and said "Baby, I'm really okay with what happened."

"He's dangerous Jen," Mike said.

"He won't hurt me Mike," Jen assured her husband. "Look around baby, at all the famous people. Frank wouldn't risk a scandal. And I've known him for years. He's friends with my parents. He wouldn't hurt me."

"I guess not," Mike said, only partially mollified.

"Frank's perfect honey," Jen said with an excited sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes. "He'll push our boundaries. That's what we want, right? Actually, I would've been disappointed if he apologized."

Mike couldn't help getting into the spirit of his wife's enthusiasm. After all, he was addicted to their game. He grinned at her and whispered "Are you wet?"

"I'm trying to control myself," Jen whispered back. She had an excited glow to her but she didn't have a complete cum face on. "When you went with Frank to his den, that what so hot."

"Do you want to fuck him, with all these people here?" Mike whispered excitedly.

"I want to be a little subtle," Jen said with a giggle. "But I probably should talk to him."

"Okay, I can take care of myself," Mike said.

Jen remembered what Leo said. "Do you know JJ? Jonathan Jakes?" she asked. When Mike shook his head no, she said "He works in the White House. That's him over there."

"Okay," Mike said seeing the older balding man talking with people across the room.

"Leo said you might want to avoid JJ," Jen said gently.

Mike got it. "Liberty-gate?"

"Yeah," Jen said squeezing Mike's hand. "I guess I'll go find Frank."

"Okay," Mike said. He watched his wife move away. Then he turned back to JJ. He looked at the man for a long time.


Jen found Frank a few minutes later. "We should talk," she told him.

"I think you're right," Frank said. He led Jen down to the basement

Jen looked around the room. It was a luxurious man cave with an elaborate bar and high tech home theatre with a wall filled with huge flat screen TVs. "Is this where you fucked Paige?" Jen asked, wanting to throw Frank off balance.

Frank was startled but for only a moment. "So she talked to you," he said with a sly smile.

"We were best friends," Jen said. "She wanted to warn me to stay away from you."

"You should listen to her," Frank said moving close to Jen. He brushed his fingertips across her breasts.

"You've got a lot of nerve," Jen said although she made no move to push his hand away.

"Come on Jenny, I think we're pass your hard to get act," Frank said as he continued to lightly caress Jen's breasts over her dress. "Yes, I fucked Paige down here. A few times with a party going on upstairs, just like now."

"So that's what I am, your new Paige?"

"What, you're jealous I picked Paige instead of you?" Frank said with a laugh.

"You think so much of yourself," Jen said with a laugh back. "I was with Colin then. I had no interest in you."

"What does that say about Mike?" Frank asked with a grin. "He's your husband, but you're here with me with your tit in my hand."

Jen stepped away from him. She glared at Frank. "I don't want you to talk about Mike," she said sternly.

Frank was about to respond but Jen cut him off. "Wait, I'm not done. Sometimes you call me Jenny Johnson. Don't call me that, I'm not Johnson anymore. My last name is Andrews, you know that. Also, you better not do anything to Paige or her husband. If I hear Bob got fired or demoted, we're over."

Frank began saying something but Jen cut him off again. "One more thing," she said. "Mike is Anna's father. I never want to hear anything different from you."

"Are you done?" Frank said with a glare at Jen.

"Yes," Jen said with a determined look on her face.

Frank moved towards Jen, forcing her to back up. Soon she was pressed against a wall with Frank so close she could feel his breath on her face when he talked.

"Did Paige tell you I paid her college tuition when her parents divorced?" Frank said. "Paige asked me to hire Bob when he got laid off, so I did. I'm fond of Paige and I like her husband. He's a hard worker. I'm not going to retaliate. I'm not petty Jenny."

"Good, I just –," Jen began, but Frank stopped her with a finger to her lips.

"I'm talking Jenny," Frank said. "Something you need to understand. I don't respond well to people telling me what to do. You have spirit and I like that. You defend your friend and I admire that. But you don't order me Jenny. No one orders me. You ask politely. Understand Jenny?"

"Yeah Frank, whatever," Jen said. She was putting up a brave face and trying to keep her voice from shaking.

"You're a beautiful girl Jenny," Frank continued, running his finger across Jen's lips. "You're used to getting your way. All your life you've had men wrapped around your finger. I'm not like that Jenny. I demand respect. In return, I'll treat you right."

"Like Chicago?" Jen shot back, although her scowl was only half-hearted.

Frank pushed his finger into Jen's mouth. She resisted momentarily but then relented. Frank stroked her tongue with his finger. After a moment Jen licked and sucked his finger, like she was blowing him. Frank smiled. "Yeah Jenny, like Chicago," he told her.

"One more thing," Frank said. He pulled his finger out of Jen's mouth. He traced over her chin and down her neck with his wet fingertip. Then he put his hand over her breast. "You need to be honest with me Jenny. You lied to me. I know for a fact Mike is not Anna's father." Frank's private investigator had gotten a copy of the paternity test showing that Drum's was Anna's father, not Mike.

Jen was silent for long moments. This seemed so surreal, boxed in by Frank, his hand cupping her breast, all of this happening with the party going on upstairs. "Mike's not Anna's biological father," Jen finally admitted in a low voice. "But he's her father."

Frank smiled. "See? That's all you had to say. Always tell me the truth Jen honey. It's not hard, right?" Frank continued to caress Jen's breast. He thumbed her nipple through her dress and bra. A moan escaped her lips.

Frank's hand moved down her body, from her breasts, over her flat stomach, to the hem of her short shift dress. His fingertips moved to her thighs. Frank looked displeased when he felt the silk of Jen's stockings. Then his fingers moved up her thighs and disappeared under the dress. His frown turned to a smile when he felt Jen's soft skin above her stocking tops. Then his fingers reached her panties.

"I like the dress Jenny," Frank said as he softly stroked between her pussy lips over her panties.

"Thanks," Jen breathed, the one word coming out like a moan.

"This dress reminds me how you dressed in high school," Frank said as he continued to finger her. "You showed more leg then."

"I'm older now," Jen said, her voice shaky.

"I think you're even prettier now," Frank said, so close to Jen now their lips almost touched.

"Thank you," Jen said. Again she thought how unreal and ridiculous this situation was. They were both fully dressed, yet Frank had his hand up her dress and was fingering her. And she was letting him. All of this happening while they were having a mostly normal conversation with the party going on upstairs. With her husband upstairs.

"Ever think I'd be doing this?" he asked as he stroked soft circles around her clit.

"No," Jen said, the word coming out like a moan. She rolled her head back as he stroked over her clit. "God Frank," she said with an embarrassed laugh.

"You're wet Jenny," Frank said as he continued to rub between her pussy lips and draw circles around her clit.

"Ya think?" Jen said with a laugh. Her chest heaved as Frank fingered her. She said with another laugh "Can you at least kiss me if you're going to do that?"

"You like to kiss?" Frank asked.

"Yeah," Jen breathed, her beautiful face flush with excitement. She moved forward to kiss but Frank pulled away. "God Frank," she said, pleading and frustration in her voice. She was close to an orgasm, but he was keeping her on the edge.

"You're not in control Jenny," Frank said with a confident smile. Then, in a single smooth movement, Frank pulled her panties aside and pushed a finger into her pussy.

"Ugh god," Jen groaned at the sudden penetration. Frank expertly found her g-spot. "Oh fuck," Jen moaned as he rubbed her there. Frank adjusted his hand so he could rub her g-spot and thumb her clit at the same time. "Oh god Frank!" Jen cried her manicured fingernails digging into his muscular arm. Jen came a moment later, the intensity of the orgasm lifting her out of her high heels.

Jen collapsed into Frank's chest, gasping as she recovered from her orgasm. "Oh god oh god oh god," she panted into Frank's tailored shirt.

Frank kissed Jen tenderly on the cheeks and lips. "See Jen honey?" he said between loving kisses. "I'll take care of you."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Jen panted. Her knees were shaky. If not for Frank's arm around her she'd collapse to the floor.

Frank withdrew his finger from Jen's pussy. "Here Jenny, taste yourself," he said, pressing his wet finger between Jen's lips. Jen let Frank push his finger into her mouth. She sucked him like before, licking her juices off his finger.

Frank gave Jen more tender kisses. He pulled away and began straightening his suit. "You should check on your husband."

"Oh ... yeah, sure," Jen sputtered, surprised Frank didn't want her to do something for him. With shaky hands she fixed her dress and hair.

"I'd like to see you this week," Frank said, his voice casual but like a command. "We have a lot to talk about."

"Okay, yeah, definitely," Jen said.


Mike wandered around the party, trying to keep to himself and avoid having to talk to anyone. He didn't like parties, especially ones like this where he didn't know anyone. He sipped scotch and pretended to watch the Mets game, but really his thoughts were on Jen and what she was doing with Frank.

"Hello Mike," a voice said from behind him. Mike turned. It was Jasmine Kelly.

"Oh, hi Jasmine," Mike said.

"You look good," Jasmine said.

"Thanks but, I've actually gained some weight," Mike admitted.

"I mean, you look happy," Jasmine said.

"I am happy," Mike said.

"Because you're back with Jen," Jasmine said.

There was an awkward silence. Then Jasmine said "So where is your pretty wife? Oh let me guess. She's with Frank Tower." Seeing Mike's surprise, she said "I have eyes Mike. And ears. There are rumors."
Mike shrugged. "You know how we are Jas. It's something we do together."

"Really, together?" Jasmine asked with a bitter laugh. She knew only Jen "played" while Mike stayed faithful to her.

"It brings us closer together," Mike said. He shrugged. "If you're not into it you wouldn't get it."

"Well I don't get it," Jasmine said with another humorless, sarcastic laugh. Turning melancholy, she said "You know, there are things I would've done if we had more time. Things I would have done for you. You never gave me a chance."

Mike raised an eyebrow at that. Jasmine was beautiful – exceedingly beautiful – but in bed she was plain brown wrapper. "Seriously?" he said skeptically.

"We all have our demons Mike," Jasmine said with another laugh.

Mike searched inside himself, searched his desires. If Jasmine had played the game, would it have made a difference? If she fucked other men for him, dated other men, would he have fallen in love with her?

But the question was also the answer. What made the game so exciting and dangerous was he loved Jen. Love came first, then the game. Sure, it would be exciting to watch Jasmine with another man. But it would be no more than watching a porno flick. All the cuckold thrill and angst, the emotions, the heartache and delight, none of that would be there with Jasmine. That only happened when it was the girl you loved holding another man's hand, kissing him, making love, cumming on his cock. For Mike, it only worked with Jen.

Jasmine read it in Mike's face. It wouldn't have made a difference. "Well nice seeing you Mike," she said bitterly, turning away.

"Jasmine," Mike said. He didn't know what to say. Finally he said "I'm sorry."

Jasmine looked at Mike. She shrugged, then walked away.

A little later Jen found Mike in a mostly empty sitting room. He was pretending to watch a Mets game but his thoughts were on his wife and Frank Tower, and also his conversation with Jasmine. He didn't mention Jasmine to Jen of course.

"Take me home," Jen said urgently, grabbing her husband's arm.

"What happened?" Mike asked excitedly.

"Now Mike, take me home," Jen pleaded.

Halfway home Jen made Mike pull into a deserted parking lot. She couldn't wait and knew they'd have to spend time with Anna and her parents when they got home.

She frantically unzipped Mike and pulled his cock from his pants. She awkwardly climbed over the gear shift and straddled her husband's legs. She pulled her panties aside and guided his cock into her.

"What happened?" Mike asked.

"Later," Jen said as she desperately rode her husband's cock. God she needed fucked so bad! Mike wasn't big but he was hard.

But Mike was too sexed up. Taking to Jasmine (and wondering what she might have been willing to do for him) made it worse. After just a few moments he came. "Fuck, I'm sorry," Mike said feeling bad and cursing himself.

"It's okay honey, it's okay," Jen said, tenderly kissing all over his face. But inside her body screamed in frustrated longing. She needed fucked so bad! God why couldn't Mike last longer? Why couldn't he be bigger?

Back at the party, Frank stayed in the basement for a long time after Jen left. He was trying to get control of himself.

Looking into Jenny's pretty face as she came had been an incredible sight. It was probably the most beautiful, most erotic thing he'd ever seen. God she had the bluish eyes. He could get lost looking into those eyes.

Jenny looked so sweet and innocent. Yet Frank knew she was a bad girl with a big sexual appetite. The combination made her even more alluring.

There was something about Jenny Johnson. Why did she captivate him so? Flirty and bitchy, charming and sweet, engaging, nervy, and so drop dead gorgeous. God he wanted to fuck her. But he had to be patient. It was like training a young horse. He needed to break Jenny's spirit. Not completely. But just enough.

Still, Frank was a man, and men had physical needs. He called his aide. "Find Paige and ask her to come down to the basement," he ordered.

Paige wasn't nearly as alluring as Jenny Johnson. But she was a girl, she had decent looks, and she had a pussy. At the moment that was what Frank wanted.

"Frank's kind of a force of nature," Jen told Mike later in bed, using the same words as Paige. They were laying on their sides looking at each other. Anna and her parents were asleep.

"That turns you on?" Mike asked knowing his wife.

"Yeah," Jen said. "Other guys, like Colin and Scott, they're aggressive, but not like Frank. Maybe because he's older."

"What about Clint?" Mike asked as he caressed his wife's shoulder.

"Yeah maybe," Jen said. "But back then I was mostly thinking about you."

"I like hearing that," Mike said with a smile at his wife.

Jen reached down to Mike's crotch. She was happy to feel him hard. She got on top of him and guided his cock into her. "Did you get upset waiting?" she asked as she slowly rocked back and forth.

"I was too excited," Mike said. Again he didn't mention talking to Jasmine. He thought back to his conversation with Frank. "I know what you mean. Frank doesn't listen to anyone. He told me, if you don't like it, leave."

"I guess he's so successful he can be like that," Jen said.

"I'm surprised you didn't fuck him," Mike said as he raised his hands and tenderly cupped Jen's breasts.

"I wanted to," Jen admitted with a laugh. "Frank plays power games."

"I'm sorry I came so fast before," Mike said.

"You don't have to apologize baby," Jen said, leaning down and kissing her husband. She giggled and said "The good thing about being married, we can always do it again."

"I can last until you cum this time," Mike promised.

"I love you Mike," Jen said leaning down and kissing him again. She always felt Mike's unconditional love. He was so kind and tender. He treated her like his goddess. Maybe he didn't always give her body what she needed, but he always fueled her heart and spirt.

"So if it gets too intense, we'll need to end it with Frank," Mike said. "It's not like he'll change for us."

"I know," Jen said having thought the same thing.

"Will you be able to end it?" Mike asked.

Jen remembered what Paige said, about how it's hard to say no to Frank Tower. "Yeah but, I might need your help," she said.

"Okay," Mike said, both bothered and excited by his wife's words.

Jen read his thoughts. "You might have a hard time ending it too," she said.

"That's why this one is so exciting," Mike said.

"We talk about them like they're objects," Jen said with a giggle, referring to her lovers.

"They are, human dildos," Mike said grinning at her.

"Maybe I'll tell Frank that," Jen said giggling again. She got serious and said guiltily "I told Frank about Anna."

"What do you mean?"

"That ... that you're Anna's father, but not her biological father."

Mike was silent for a moment. "How did it come up?" he asked.

"Frank brought it up," Jen said. "He said he knew."

"I guess anyone can count months."

"No, I think he really knows," Jen said thinking back to her conversation with Frank.

Mike thought about it. With Frank's money and power, he could easily get a copy of the paternity test results.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything," Jen said.

"Why did Frank talk about it?" Mike asked. He felt his cuckold desires growing inside him.

Jen heard the extra excitement in Mike's voice. She felt his cock getting harder inside her. "I don't know," she said. She leaned down and they made out as she continued to ride him. Jen rode Mike harder, feeling her own excitement grow. "Frank plays power games," Jen said between kisses. "Maybe he wants to control you too."

Their fucking turned frantic as Jen rode Mike hard and fast. True to his promise, Mike held off until Jen came. When her orgasm hit, Jen bit into Mike's shoulder to stifle her screams. She collapsed onto Mike's chest, panting. After a few moments of recovery, she began rocking on Mike again, slower now.

They were silent as they made love. Mike ran his hands over Jen's flat tummy, to her breasts, and then her tummy again.

"What are you thinking about?" Jen asked as she slowly rocked back and forth.

Mike hesitated a moment. "I wish I was with you when you were pregnant," he said as he continued to caress Jen's toned, flat stomach.

"I wish you were there too," Jen said, leaning down and kissing Mike. They kissed as they made love, the room silent except for the soft sounds of their love making.


Justin drove Jasmine to her hotel. "Do you think the DNC's closer to supporting me?" she asked. Justin was a rising star on the Democratic National Committee.

"Jasmine you're always talking business," Justin said with a laugh.

"This election is important to me," Jasmine said.

"I know, but what about our relationship?" Justin said as they arrived at Jasmine's hotel. He put the car in park and turned to Jasmine. "You know, I'm starting to think you're dating me just to get an edge with the DNC."

"Justin you know that's not true," Jasmine said.

"Well, all I know is ..." Justin said as he put his hand on Jasmine's leg.

Jasmine inwardly sighed. Why were men so obsessed with sex? Okay, true, they'd been dating for a few weeks and they hadn't had sex yet. But why couldn't men wait? Why couldn't they get to know each other first?

Still, Justin was a major catch. And yes, he could help with getting support from the DNC. Jasmine gave Justin a smile and said "You're right, I work too much. I'm sorry. Want to come up?"

A half hour later Justin rolled off Jasmine and fell on to his back, panting. God, Jasmine Kelly did not disappoint! She was gorgeous and her body was incredible. She wasn't the most creative lover, but Justin liked that, it meant she probably hadn't been with too many guys.

"That was incredible babe," Justin gushed, reaching over and cupping one of Jasmine's tits. Her breasts were fucking amazing! Huge yet incredibly shapely and firm, with perky nipples. Her entire body was amazing. It was like being in bed with a Playboy centerfold model.

"You're so wonderful honey," Jasmine said. She pulled the sheets up to her neck. She suddenly felt shy being naked with Justin. The lights were off (she preferred sex better in the dark), but still she felt self-conscious.

"Maybe you better go," Jasmine said gently. "I've got an early flight tomorrow."

"Oh okay, sure," Justin said. He was disappointed, he hoped to spend the night with Jas. He flushed the used condom down the toilet and got dressed.

"Let's go out this week," Justin said as he buttoned his shirt.

"Let me check with Deidre, she's got me running around," Jasmine said. "You'll, ah, talk to the DNC about my campaign?"

"Yeah Jasmine I'll work it," Justin said with a laugh.

"I know I'm obsessed about it sometimes, but think how great it'll be if I win," Jasmine said. "You on the DNC, me in the Senate. We'll make a great team."

"So, you think maybe there's a future for us together?" Justin said with a hopeful smile. God he would love to have Jasmine Kelly as his wife.

"Well, we just started going out but I think we have potential," Jasmine said, her tone more business than romantic. Justin didn't notice her ambivalent tone though. He left her room with a big grin on his face.

Neither of them noticed the tiny wireless camera in the air conditioning vent.


The next week at work Allie came into Jen's office. "Darren moved out, we're separated," she abruptly announced.

"Oh my god," Jen said, rushing over. "What happened?" she asked as she hugged her best friend.

"I'm okay, I'm all out of tears," Allie said looking sad but resigned. "Darren is too much into his thing. I can't deal with it."

"But I thought it was better," Jen said, thinking about Darren's BBC fetish. "Mike said he's over Stacy."

"It's not just Stacy," Allie said with a resigned look on her face. She shrugged. "It's how he is, I can't change him."

"But ... I thought you were having fun too," Jen said. Darren had got Allie to open up their marriage so he could get back into the BBC bull lifestyle.

"Yeah, kind of," Allie said. After a lot of dieting and hard exercise she had her pre-baby body back. She was hot! "But .... Darren's more interested in other girls because of his fetish."

"God Allie," Jen said feeling terrible for her friend. She didn't get Darren. Allie was beautiful. No way his other lovers were prettier. "So what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Survive. Start over. For Darren Jr. And me," Allie said. "You're lucky Jen. You have bubble boy, and all the men you want. For me, Darren wants the reverse. I can't live with that."

"Yeah ..." Jen said knowing she couldn't deal with the reverse either. "You have Darren Jr.?"

"Yeah, Darren's not a complete ass," Allie said, a sad sour look on her face. She added bitterly "This way he's free to do what he wants."

"God Allie," Jen said feeling so bad for her friend.

That night Jen told Mike about Allie and Darren. "I can't believe Darren thinks other girls are prettier than Allie," she said incredulously.

Mike nodded. Like Jen, Allie was gorgeous. They were both rare beauties, Jen blonde and slim, Allie brunette and curvy. But Mike understood Darren's fantasies better than his wife. "It's not that," he said. "For Darren it's like a competition. To take a white wife from her husband. To own her. You remember how Darren acted with you. It's not that Allie isn't prettier. But he already has Allie."

"God that's so fucked up," Jen said with disgust. "I mean, I play but not with married men. Don't those girls know they're breaking up Darren's marriage?"

"They might not know," Mike said gently. "It depends what Darren tells them."

Later in bed Mike asked "You're going out with Frank tomorrow?" They were spooning (their favorite position for sleeping) so Mike spoke into Jen's long blonde hair.

"Yeah," Jen said, her mind elsewhere. She was still thinking about Allie.

"That should be fun," Mike said, stroking his wife's arm.

Jen turned around to face her husband. She pushed Allie from her mind. She wasn't really in the mood, but this was Mike's game too. "You want me to go out with Frank?" she asked, knowing the kind of pillow talk her husband liked to hear.

"Yeah," Mike said. "You'll come back here right?"

Jen moved her leg over Mike's and moved her foot up and down his calf. "Frank's into power games. He might want to go to his place. Or get a hotel." She gave Mike a soft kiss. Then she said "Would that be okay?"

"Yeah, but I don't want you to sleep with him," Mike said. "And you have to use condoms." Jen was on the pill, but it was only 99% effective. And it was the principle of another man's sperm inside his wife.

"Of course baby," Jen promised. She kissed him again. Then she ran her hand down to his penis. He was hard. She pushed his boxers down and then began slowly stroking him. "I'm sorry I've been distracted tonight."

"That's okay, you're thinking about your friend," Mike said. He kissed his wife. "Do you think you'll have sex tomorrow?"

"Probably but I don't know," Jen said as she continued to slowly stroke Mike. "Frank likes playing games."

"Is that frustrating?" Mike asked with a grin.

"Yeah, but exciting too," Jen said with a giggle. "You know, Frank messed around but it didn't break up his marriage. I think he really loved Mrs. Tower."

"Kind of like us," Mike said. "Maybe his wife didn't satisfy him. Frank needed more."

In the past Jen would've denied she needed more than Mike. But after so many lovers it seemed silly. So instead she pulled off her panties and got on top of Mike. She wasn't really in the mood so she licked spit on her hand and used it to lubricate herself. Then she guided Mike inside her. She wrapped her arms around Mike's neck and kissed him as she slowly rocked back and forth.

Mike ran his hands up Jen's back. Then he moved to her breasts. Jen stopped kissing long enough to take off the white nighty. Now they were both naked, except for white cotton socks Jen wore to bed (because her feet got cold at night). They looked into each other's eyes as Jen moved up and down on Mike's cock. Mike reached up and cupped his wife's small breasts, fondling her and rubbing her nipples.

"You don't have to worry about me, I probably won't cum," Jen told him.

"Okay," Mike said feeling disappointed. "I'll go down on you after."

"That's okay, I really should get sleep," Jen said. She realized she was probably being dismissive. To take the sting out of it she took Mike's hand and sucked on his finger as she rode his cock. But that made her think about the other day when Frank made her lick her juices off his finger. She decided not to mention that to Mike. It might excite him, but also get him upset that she was thinking about Frank during their love making.

As she moved up and down on Mike, her thoughts drifted to Allie and her situation with Darren. But she quickly pushed those thoughts aside, not wanting Mike to sense her melancholy mood and ruin the sex for him. Trying to turn it into something sexual and exciting for her husband, she grinned and asked "What ever happened to Jim and Stacy? Have you talked to him?"

Mike nodded, he was breathing hard because Jen's pussy felt so good, like a velvet glove around his cock. "Yeah. Last time we talked, Stacy was still with DeShawn. She's not pregnant yet."

Jen pulled Mike's hands to her toned flat stomach. "Maybe she is now," she said.

"Yeah," Mike said as he caressed his wife's flat stomach.

"Does thinking about that turn you on?" Jen asked, already knowing her husband's answer.

"Yeah," Mike said the word coming out like a moan. Without thinking he added "DeShawn's got Jim in panties."

Jen abruptly stopped moving. "Wait, what?" she asked.

"Jim's wearing panties," Mike said.

"But ... why?" Jen asked.

"It's a cuckold thing," Mike explained. "DeShawn doesn't want Stacy to think of Jim's cock as a sexual thing."

"Oh," Jen said. Her face felt hot. She began moving on Mike again. Now though her movements were more urgent. "So DeShawn is making Jim wear panties?"

Mike saw Jen getting her cum face on. "Does that turn you on, Jim wearing panties?"

"Not Jim wearing panties," Jen said, riding Mike harder. "DeShawn making Jim wear panties." Lust filled Jen's eyes. Yet she was hesitant as she asked "Is it okay to talk about that weekend at Penn State?"

"You mean Colin's party? When we found out Joe's cancer was back?"

"So many bad things happened," Jen said. "You went to London to fix the Ring. Then you got arrested."

"It's okay to talk about that weekend," Mike assured her. He grinned as he added "It was hot."

"You really think so?" Jen asked. She continued to ride Mike's cock hard. She ran her finger across his lips. "Remember what I did to you, with Mal?"

"Not all of it was hot," Mike corrected himself.

"Oh baby, that was the hottest part," Jen said delightedly, excitement in her eyes. "Tell the truth, you kind of liked sucking Mal."

"No," Mike said.

"And when Mal came on your face, you didn't like that?" Jen asked, a thrilled smile across her pretty face.

"No," Mike insisted.

Jen giggled. "Mal's small honey," she said with a big excited smile still on her face. "You haven't lived until you've had a big cock in your mouth."

"I'll pass," Mike said.

"Mike come on," Jen said teasingly. "You're so hard. Play with me. Just admit it kind of turns you on."

"It only turns me on because it turns you on so much," Mike said.

"Okay spoiled sport," Jen said giving him a pretend pout. She leaned down and kissed him. "I know you're not gay or bi," she said with their faces almost touching. "That's what makes it so hot. Making you do things. Like how DeShawn is making Jim wear panties. God that's so hot! I bet they're pink and lacy. Maybe he's wearing thongs. God I'd love to see that!"
"Jim's afraid Stacy won't want him sexually anymore, even after DeShawn's gone," Mike said.

"I doubt that," Jen said sagely. "It's just a game Mike." She gushed "God this is making me so hot!"

"Are you going to cum?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I think, yeah, I'm almost there," Jen panted. She pushed two fingers into Mike's mouth. "Pretend like it's Mal's cock. Pretend like he's fucking your face. Do that for me baby. Please."

Mike gave into it and began sucking Jen's fingers. "Oh yeah baby, see I knew you liked it," Jen said excitedly. "Maybe I'll make you go down on Frank baby. But he's so much bigger Mike. You'll have to really open up to swallow him. He's ... he's ... oh gooood," Jen cried as an orgasm ripped through her body. The pulsations of Jen's sweet pussy pushed Mike over the edge and he came too.

Jen lay with her head on Mike's chest as they recovered from their orgasms. She got up on her elbow and looked into Mike's face. "You know I'd never actually do that," she said. "Make you go down on Frank."

"What about Mal?" Mike said.

"That was a wild weekend, and I just wanted you to do it once," Jen said. "But I know you hate it. I won't do it again." She kissed Mike on the lips. "I promise baby." Then Jen snuggled back into Mike's arms. They fell asleep that way.


"I can't believe you're still dating that guy from the DNC," Deidre said later that week. "I mean, really Jas?"

"Don't start Dee," Jasmine said.

"I know you don't like him. You're just using him to get to the DNC," Deidre said.

"You make me sound like a prostitute," Jasmine objected.

"Then tell me it's not true," Deidre said with a challenging look.

Jasmine glared at Deidre. Then she shrugged, tacitly admitting that Deidre was right. Feeling spiteful, she said "We had sex after Frank Tower's party."

"You fucked him? God Jas," Deidre lamented. Then she gave her friend an inquisitive look. "Was he good?"

"No," Jasmine said with a grin. The two friends laughed.

"You never like any of my boyfriends," Jasmine said, a smile still on her face.

"I kind of liked Mike Andrews," Deidre said.

Jasmine's smile disappeared. "You know I hate talking about him," she said.

"Jas you're so full of shit," Deidre said, rolling her eyes. "I saw you talking to Mike at Frank's party."

"I'm not allowed to talk to him?" Jasmine scoffed. "You're as bad as his flat chested wife."

"Yeah, and you hired Jen," Deidre said.

"Leo hired her not me," Jasmine insisted.

"That's bullshit Jasmine," Deidre said skeptically. She eyed her friend. "I know what you're up to Jas. Don't think I don't. I know."


"I see you have a new asset," JJ said looking at the security reports.

"Yes sir," Colonel Banks said. "Codename Phantom."

"Phantom?" JJ said with a chuckle. The spy boys loved their codenames. "Well, your Phantom has been kicking major ass. A number of impressive op wins here."

"Thank you sir," Banks said.

"So what's his story?" JJ asked.

"We're keeping the lid on Phantom for now sir," Colonel Banks said evasively. Banks knew that JJ ran point for the administration on Liberty-Gate, and considered Mike Andrews a borderline traitor. Banks and the rest of the Big 4 did not want JJ to learn that the Phantom was Mike Andrews. And there was really no reason for JJ to know. Andrews was helping defend the country, that's all that mattered.

"Okay, whatever," JJ said. It didn't matter. If he needed more on this "Phantom" he could always find out later. "I assume he's working on the Q project. It is a he right?"

"Ah, no sir," Colonel Banks said. "That is, Phantom is a man. But he isn't working on the quantum computer project."

JJ raised an eyebrow at Banks. "I'm surprised Colonel. You know how important the Q project is. This man is obviously a talented mathematician. Why isn't he working on Q?"

"Phantom has ... ethical concerns about quantum computers," Banks said. "He's idealistic, believes the government shouldn't control the technology."

"Well that's not acceptable Colonel," JJ said with an incredulous laugh. "Someone like that must be a security risk. What if he leaks to a reporter during an idealistic rant? It makes me question your judgment Colonel. What does the rest of the Big 4 think?"

"We all think Phantom is a useful asset," Colonel Banks said. He added ominously "For now."

JJ stared at Banks. "I see," he finally said. There was only so much a civilian wanted to know. He tossed the report onto the table. "So you'll take care of it?"

"Yes sir, I'll take care of it," Banks said.

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