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Burning Desire Pt. 01

by PacoSvengali

07/25/2016 18:52 in domination

This is the first part of a cuckold story. If you don't like wives having sex with men that are not their husbands, with no revenge, then I recommend not reading it.


I'm sure every good husband has only the best to say about his wife; I'm of no exception. Though you have only my word to believe, I promise you the person I'm about to describe is of no exaggeration. My wife, Irene, was beautiful in every possible way one could fathom. What I found most amazing about her beauty, was its ability to go unnoticed; when she wanted it to. I certainly don't mean that for any instance she was not the same beautiful woman she always is; however, if almost by magic, she would just blend in. Anyone passing her on the street would almost certainly give her no extra attention. But the moment she wanted to be the center of attention, the switch would be turned on and she would light up any room she walked into; though that is very rare. Now, that certainly is an accomplishment that would be difficult to achieve without effort and so it almost goes without saying, my wife worked hard at it. It was a skill she had been training from the first day that boys started noticing her. It came from her vast sense of modesty and reserve. Though she did not often have the urge to flaunt, I can certainly say with confidence, that she was not prudish. Irene was petite, with a full size bust and tush. It was amazing that she manage to keep her figure even past collage, but I guess that came from all that time in the gym.

Dwayne , or as I would call him "Old Man," is exactly as the name implies, an old man. One who could describe himself with a lot more flatter than I. It wasn't that I had a hatred for the man, just a proverbial bad taste. Which you will later learn came with good reason. The worse part about it all, would be that I needed the old man. The way a person who wants to sell his soul needs the devil. And like those few, who have an unquenchable thirst that leads them either success or madness, I did something previously unimaginable; I surrendered to my greedy lust. Now, I don't mean to paint the old man as some kind of living Beelzebub; that would be harsh and I have to be honest, far worse than his actual character. Except for his arrogance, the man was actually decent, having no worse fault than the next guy. Perhaps the real demon that I was trying to describe was inside me; the one we all have but are not suppose to pay any attention. Well, mine had taken complete control and was behind the wheel. But I'm getting off track, back to Dwayne. He is around 60, aged well and actually decent shape for his milage. But I've always heard black men aged like a whiskey. Contrasting with his dark skin was greying hair and I believe for any woman around his age would consider him a great catch. But how could a woman many years younger be attracted to this man? With my help, the answer is my wife.

How it all began:

It was our anniversary, and I had the usual plans; dinner and drinks. It would have been like any other weekend that we went out. Except, this time we was going to a new place, a higher end joint and we had the attire to match. Myself, a nice dark gray tailored suit; with the right amount of color splashed in at the rights spots. I was putting on the finishing touches when Irene comes gliding into the room. Until then, I hadn't seen her dress except on the rack; it was a black, form fitting, and a work of art. A dress that wrapped around her body like it was created just for her. Stopping right above the knee, with the sides open allowing her legs to tease any onlookers while she walked but would swiftly close back when she had stopped. The tops of her white smooth breasts clearly showing, allowing the most perfect cleavage. To finish it off, as if that wasn't enough, only a few well placed threads covered her back. With the open back, tapering closed right above her large round tush. I had never seen my wife dress like this before, and if it wasn't for the expensive reservations then I would have made love to her right there in the room.

However, we was off on our date. Upon entering the restaurant, which was more of a club, we was sat down in a corner booth. From there we could see all the dancing in the center of the room as well as the patrons sitting at the bar.

"Thank you, so much," Irene spoke to me; breaking the silence which slightly startled me. I look up from my plate and see her staring at me with those beautiful eyes; she was grinning ear to ear.

"For what?" I said, smiling back.

"Taking me out to this place and dressing up. For just being so loving and caring. I know dancing isn't your thing and it would have been easier to just take me to our usual spot. I understand we have hit a rough spot and I can't help but feel it is my fault"

I didn't care much for dancing but I cared a lot for her and she loves to dance. I knew the rough spot she was referring; things has slowed down in the bedroom. But that was expected, no two people could be sexually at each other all the time. Especially after being married for a while. Still, we couldn't help notice it, even it was perfectly normal. Except, I been acting strange and Irene believed it was from our lack of love making. I have to admit, however, that I accidentally put the thought into her mind. See, I have recently developed a fantasy; one that might be considered slightly eccentric. From discovery the topic; then avidly reading Hott Wife stories, I began to have a strong desire to see my wife fuck other men. I can't fully explain how a man can have such a drive but I had it. I think it came from a strong enjoyment for porn. I really enjoyed seeing women get passionately fucked, especially beautiful innocent looking women. And there is no woman I find more beautiful than my Irene, except she doesn't just looks innocent, she is innocent. It sounds something akin to being psychotic, after saying it outloud but I wanted to see her lose her innocence. I don't mean raped or even in the slightest forced; I wanted her to willingly surrender it. I wanted to sit back and watch her, just for the night, get fucked. It would be like my own private porn. I could see all the details and hear all the sounds. It was from this constantly consuming mad desire that I finally got up the nerve to talk to Irene about my fantasy. I don't know what I was hoping to achieve or what reaction I expected from her. Truth was, I didn't care. It made no sense, but there was no talking sense back into me. I waited until we was laying in bed one night and I asked her if she had any fantasies. I got the usual romantic fantasy, candles and whatnot. It was then that I asked her if she ever wanted to sleep with anyone else. She immediately got upset and started to battering me with questions. She asked, "Are you wanting to sleep with someone else or see other people?" I panicked, I might not have planned her reaction but I certainly didn't imagine this would have been it. I tried to reconcile and explain I had a fantasy of my own but the damage had already been done. She didn't want to hear anything else; she believed I wanted to sleep with other women because of our own slowed sex life. She eventually cheered back up but I knew it was still on her mind. From fear of opening up an old wound, I left the topic alone. But tonight, I wanted to address the issue and let her know that I didn't have any desire to be with other women. So it was now that I took the plunge and replied to her previous comment about the "rough spot."

"Babe, I know you believe that I want to sleep with other women and that our love making is not at the level I want. But I promise you that isn't the case. That night, I simply wanted to ask your fantasy and tell you one of my own; which doesn't involve other women."

"I know, and I'm sorry" she replied. "I just keep hearing about men having these high sex drives and I was afraid you wanted to be with another woman. I know I overreacted and should have let you finish before I jumped to conclusions."

We reached out and held hands for a second to say "I love you." Before we could pick up conversation, the waiter came over to our table with a new round of drinks.

"I didn't order these," I told the waiter.

"It is from the gentleman over there," he replied; pointing at an older black gentleman sitting at the bar. Me and my wife raised our glasses to him simultaneously smiling, in a show of thanks.

"Why do you think he bought us these," my wife asked me.

Replying with, "I probably say he thinks you're attractive, you are the best looking woman in the place."

"Don't be silly; we are clearly together. And I am not the best looking woman here." my wife stated with curious tone of voice.

"Yes you are. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so. Think about it; what other reason would he?" I stated.

"If that was the case then why did he buy you one too? Don't tell me he thinks we are both attractive," she jokingly asked.

"Of course not, but he isn't going to just buy you one with me here. I'm sure he is bold but probably not that bold." I returned.

My wife stared at her drink in thought and I couldn't help but wonder why this gesture had her in such awe. Then it dawned on me; my wife never had a guy buy her a drink. She wasn't much of a drinker before we married and didn't, if any, go to bars. I had not just been the only guy to have sex with her but really flirt with her. It was at that moment, I done something without really thinking. I looked over at the man and waved him over. Now I know what you are thinking, I did this in the hopes of fulfilling my fantasy but I really didn't. I guess, I thought he was too old for my wife to find attractive. I had simply wanted to see her reaction to a little bit of flirting, kind of a test run. My wife saw what I had done and began to panic.

"What you doing!?" she firmly asked.

"I figured we could thank him for the drinks." I replied, matter of factly. " It would be rude if we didn't." Before anything else could be said, the older gentleman had arrived at our table. "We wanted to thank you for the drinks. Please, have a seat" I told him.

"Your welcome," he spoke. It was actually my way of saying thank you.

"For what?" My wife asked with genuine curiosity. I was actually shocked she said anything at all but I would soon learn that my wife was full of surprises.

"For bringing that beautiful face here in this joint." He told her. This made my wife blush and look away. I could tell she didn't know how to take the compliment.

"You're welcome," I quickly replied on her behalf. It was at that time I introduced us, with him doing the same. It was at that time I learned his name, Dwayne; it would be one that I didn't forget. The conversation continued along with the drinks. None of us was getting drunk but we was certainly feeling it. My wife began to open up more with her eventually becoming actively engaged in the conversation. It was after a while that I noticed the conversation had became mainly between her and him. I was now on the side lines and though they was a sting of jealousy, it was a pain I enjoyed. I simply set back and watched the show. Irene wasn't heavenly flirting but she was enjoying herself. She kept laughing a lot and smiling. After the old man made one of his jokes, he manage to place his hand on her's; it was only for a second before she pulled away but the fact they touched, sent my mind rampant. It was inevitable that my wife had to use the lady's room. She excused herself thus leaving me and the old man to talk.

"You have a very beautiful wife." He told me. "Mind if I take her out on the floor for a dance?"

"I don't mind but my wife is very shy. If you can get her on the dance floor with you then you have earned it."

"She doesn't like to dance?" He asked.

"Oh no, she loves to dance and is great at it. But again, my wife is very shy until she gets comfortable with you and that normally takes a while. However, I have to admit, you have gotten her to open up a lot in the conversation, she normally doesn't say more than a few words to strangers. So you might have a chance"

"We hit it off nicely; perfect match." He said, more as a spoken thought to himself. Then with clear direction toward me, he informed, "Just don't intervene and I will do more than dance with her."

"What does that mean?" I asked; shocked by his bold comment; not expecting it. "What are your intentions with my wife?" I should have told him to get the hell away and I attempted to portray some authority in my words but if I had to be honest then I was intrigued. My demons had stopped me from making what would have been considered as a rational reaction.

It was at that point the old man spoke with sternness. "Listen, I have gotten bolder with my age and I never was one for modesty. When you get closer to the end of your life you aren't afforded patience. I don't want to waste my time, if you want me gone then I'm gone. But if you want this to happen as much as I do and I have a sense you do, then just stay out of my way. And if you want to help then just follow my lead."

I just set there for a second with my mouth slightly open and a dumb look on my face. Before I could say a word my wife returned. Dwayne stood up and excused himself to the restroom next. I must have still had that look because my then asked, "Honey, what is wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost."

I didn't know what to say or what to do; I was faced with one hell of a dilemma. In one hand, I have the proper thing to do, by either telling the old man to leave when he got back or avoid a possible confrontation by leaving the restaurant. In the other hand, I just do as he said, sit back and enjoy the show. Deep down I knew that was what I wanted. I kept asking me if he could really pull it off: could he get my wife to bed and make her lose all inhibition.

"Of course not; what am I thinking?" I said to myself. My proper conservative wife, that has only slept with me, hook up with this old man; talk about ridiculous. But I was fighting a losing battle with myself. The images kept coming back into my thoughts; playing over and over. Earlier I had rationalized that with him being an older man would have made it almost impossible for any relations to develop between them. However, now I didn't worry about the probability, just how sweet it would be to see it happen. What more depraved to see innocence lost to someone like that. Even though the old man was clearly in shape, there was still a vast age difference. The battle came to an end within my mind, with no clear winner. I just kept telling myself, "We will see what happens. You can always stop it later." What seemed like forever I realized had been only a few minutes. My wife was carrying on about something that I hadn't been paying attention to. I interrupted her with a question.

"Babe, what you think about Dwayne?" I asked.

"He is very charming and funny. I was first afraid he was going to be a creep when you had him come over but I am pleasantly surprised. You don't think he is ruining our night, do you?" she spoke with a smile on her face; she was clearly enjoying the evening and alcohol.

"He isn't ruining mine as long as he isn't ruining yours." I told her.

"Oh no. Not at all." Her short reply made me curious. She was obviously liking his company but for how long? He may have enough charm to keep this up but the real question needed to be answered; was it enough to take it to the next level? About this time, Dwayne came back to answer that question. Except, it wouldn't be a clear yes or no; it would be a long drawn out event.

While taking a seat the old man began to talk to Irene again, "You look like a hell of a dancer and the way your husband talked, it seems that is correct."

"I don't know how good I am but I do enjoy it. You two know it is rude to talk about someone when they aren't there, don't you?" She responded playfully; garnishing her remark with a little laugh.

"Then let's dance, I'm wanting to see your moves. Because I can't believe life would permit someone who looks as beautiful as you an ability to dance also; you only get one great gift." The old man smoothly complimented my wife again. He been throwing them in since he first set down and I believe they was having an effect on my wife. With this last remark, I noticed a little challenge; so as to trick her into believe she was merely proving him wrong instead of accepting a romantic gesture.

"I don't know," my wife bashfully responded, cutely looking away. "Knowing my luck I would fall flat on my face. Plus, my husband and I haven't even got the chance to dance tonight." Looking directly at me for reinforcement she then said, "Isn't that right? We are suppose to first dance together and it is late; we got to get home."

"Nonsense," said the old man. "You have plenty of time. After all, the night is still young." Then looking at me, he firmly asked, "Isn't that right?"

It was at that moment both my wife and the old man was looking directly at me; clear that the decision was left for me to decide. A thousand things was running thru my mind but not a moment was made to stop and really think before I blurted out, "Go ahead Irene, it would be fun to watch." It was clear that my top head wasn't making the decisions. Little did I notice at the time the double meaning my words could be taken.

"Fantastic," old man remarked. "I will be waiting on the dance floor." With that he was off.

My wife quickly spouted under her breath, " What was all that about?"

"What do you mean," I replied; knowing exactly what she meant.

"He wants to dance with me! Don't you think that is inappropriate? And I'm starting to believe he is flirting." She naively stated.

I couldn't help but laugh a little when I said. "Of course he was flirting. But the man is much older and I think you have a chance to make his day. I don't think it is inappropriate so long as we agree, and I don't have any problem with it. Go have fun."

My wife gave me a strange look, then without saying another word, stood up and headed to the dance floor. "That was easier than expected," I thought to myself. Not considering the repercussions of the night.

With each new song you could see my wife begin to loosen up.I don't know how long exactly went by but eventually my wife was completely comfortable dancing with this person, who was for the most part, a stranger.

I, myself, was always getting comfortable but alone in my chair; just sitting back watching the show. I felt like a writer who for the first time was seeing his play come to life. I had envisioned this happening over and over in fantasies. Though, I would have never thought it would have been with a older black man. I also had to admit to myself a disturbing reality. Before it was only about sex; watching my wife get fucked. But seeing them enjoying each other's company added an entire new level of taboo. A hundred different emotions was running through my mind. It was so intense that I was actually beginning to slightly pursperate. I could see my wife and this old man talking while they dance; she was laughing and smiling the whole time. Every now and then he would touch her nonchalantly. Grab her hand so as to spin her around, kind of thing. They looked such an odd couple, which only added in my excitement. I knew other people had noticed them dancing, wondering about the relationship. I knew this because I over heard another young couple briefly mention them.

The woman had asked her boyfriend what he thought about them.

He then told her he thought it might be her "sugardaddy."

The woman then replied, "I think they may be just friends."

I couldn't resist thinking to myself, "Not if I could help it." Yes, it was after seeing them dance, that I had decided to assist dwayne seal the deal.
Finally after some more dancing my wife and the old man came back to our table. The laughter and conversation came with them. It actually took a minute before my wife even acknowledge my presence.

"Honey, did you see us dance?" she asked me.

"Of course, you two was great out there." I replied. "Why did you quit?"

It was at that moment when dwayne cut in by saying, "We just needed a break, she is wearing this old man out. Don't worry, we are getting back out there." It was then that a huge smirk appeared on his face. He knew I was not a threat to him. They may not have done the deed yet, but me and him both knew I gave her away for the night.

"Honey, I think it is time for us to dance, don't you think?" Irene asked me, trying to share her attention between the both of us. My wife was enjoying his company but she was still a faithful wife. I loved her, and she loved me. That should have been enough; but not for me. I had made my decision to help him and that was what I did.

"I'm tired, and he is such a better dancer than me. Why don't you drink some, relax and then get back out there." I told her. She may have had a puzzled look on her face the first time she went out on the dance floor but it was nothing compared to the one now.

With that statement, my wife took a sip of her drink. Before anything new could be said, the old man was assisting my wife to her feet for another go. They began again with their dancing; one song then two. The normal enjoyment found their faces like before. But with the third song came something different, it was a slow one and I realized they hadn't had one of them yet. It was the big moment, my wife look over at me and I simply returned a smile. They came closer to each other, placing their hands on the normal spots and did what two people do on a slow song.

You could see the difference in height resulting from my wife being a foot shorter than him. But what you could really notice was their contrasting skin color.

After a obviously romantic slow dance they approach the table; again my wife excused herself to the lady's room. It left me and the old man time to talk once more.

"I want you to leave." He bluntly told me.

"What?" I asked confused. "No way I'm going to leave her."

"You don't have to actually leave, just make her think you are. Tell her you have gotten sick, and go park the car somewhere else. Stay hidden." He told me.

"She will want to go with me," I pointed out.

"Maybe, but I don't think so. Really convince her you want her to stay with me and have fun. I think she will stay, I have gotten really far with her but she won't go any more as long as she thinks you are watching." He told me, sounding very confident in himself.

We exchanged numbers, so as to text each other. Shortly after my wife had returned. It was then I told her I was feeling sick and wanted to go home. My wife without protest went to say goodbye to the old man but she hadn't finished before I interrupted her.

"Irene, just because I'm sick doesn't mean you have to go home. Stay here and have fun with Dwayne." I informed her.

"Honey?" Was all she could say at first. She had an expression of pure confusion. Glancing back between me and the old man, my wife finally asked him to excuse us, so as to speak in private.

"What are you trying to tell me to do?" she angrily questioned. "You know I can't stay here with him, I'm married to you. "

"Of course you can, who made those rules? I'm your husband and if I say you can then there is no problem with it. What you afraid of having fun?"

"You don't even know he wants me to stay with him, you haven't even asked. You are treating me like a child, putting me off on someone else like I need to be baby set." Replied Irene. "And how do we know he isn't some crazy murderer?"

She actually brought up a good point on that one but I think we both knew he wasn't and so I reassured her. "Babe, you have spent hours with him, does he seem like a crazy killer?

"No, he actually is a gentleman" she replied; knowing it was only to get a response.

"We are all adults and no one is babysitting anybody. I have faith he would love to spend more time with you." I said. Before my wife had even the slightest chance to reply, I had began moving toward where Dwayne was standing.

"Get back here," I heard her reply from behind.

"Hey Dwayne! I said loudly to get his attention. "Mind if you babysit my wife." I couldn't help but laugh a little when I said it. I noticed the mean look my wife gave me when she heard me. Even when she was upset she was extremely cute.

"Of course not, it would be my pleasure. Not everyday I get to spend time alone with a beautiful woman such as Irene." he stated. It was at that moment he looked over at her and ask, "Is this what you want, Irene?"

My wife looked back and forth between us. You could notice she was thinking. Finally she said, "Yeah, I would like that."

I don't know if she thought I was bluffing and was just trying to call it but before anything else could be said, I told them goodbye and kissed my wife on the cheek.

"Call me if you need me," I told Irene as I walked away. As I turned to look at Irene I noticed she had that same priceless look of confusion she seem to express repeatable tonight.

I didn't give her much option in the matter but I knew it was just the push she needed.

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