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A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 06

by hana

08/01/2016 15:58 in submission

This is a cuckold story about a wife a husband and a man with a big cock who fucks her wildly while the husband watches. They love it. You have been warned.


I couldn't wait to get home and tell Larry what I had set up for tomorrow night. I drove faster than usual and arrived home minutes before him. When he pulled up and parked his car was in the driveway I jumped up and was ready to meet him at the door and tell him what was going to happen. He came into the house and I was actually humming I was so happy and so ready to tell him what I was hoping would be the greatest turn on for both of us. I was so damn excited and I was sure that once Larry saw how happy I was and later when he saw how sexually satisfied I was after Rick fucked me crazy, Larry would love this or learn to love it and want it as much as I did.

Larry came into the house and I immediately wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard. He stood there and I melted into his body pushing hard against him as I held him tightly. After a few moments I let my tongue come out of his mouth and I moved my lips up the side of his cheek to his ear. I felt his hands cup my rear and pull me closer still. He was hard. I whispered: "Oh Larry I love you so much baby and guess what?"

He looked at me and said he didn't know, I kissed him again and said: "It's going to happen baby! It's going to really happen. I have invited Rick over tomorrow night and you and I can get to know him better, much better and if everything is OK he'll fuck me as you watch. Isn't that wild?"

He pulled back a little still holding my ass pressing my pussy against his hard cock and looked at me funny like he didn't quiet understand. Then he asked: "What? Rick is coming here and you and he will do what we had talked about? What if I don't want this Bonnie?"

I looked at him and said: "You told me it was OK! YOU told me again this morning Larry that you wanted to see it happen. You said you would let him come over and see if you want to watch me and him make out and maybe fuck! Then you actually said I could fuck Rick last night and again this morning. We had some of the best sex in our lives and you know it and you were thinking of me being fucked by Rick. That's the truth and you know it Larry. He'll be here tomorrow night. You told me it was OK to have him come over here and that I could make out with him and you would watch and see if you wanted him to go all the way and fuck me. I invited him and he's coming"

I felt bad and dejected and upset but I kissed Larry again and tried to smile as I said: "Why are you back off of this now Larry. We both agreed that you felt you wanted to see Rick fuck me and watch his big cock doing me. I told him you were OK with this and that you wanted to see if you really did want him to fuck me. He will be coming over tomorrow night to meet with us. Look baby we agreed and just like we talked about we can start out slow. You know a little foreplay and you can see if you want this as much as I do. He'll be here at 7 PM tomorrow."

Larry said: "Well I know what I said but now I'm getting cold feet. What if I can't stand it once you get into it with him Bonnie? What if I say no after you two begin to make love?"

I smiled and said: "First it's not love baby that's what we do. This is fucking with Rick and only fucking. But if you feel like you don't want this when we start then we stop Larry. But you really have to give it a chance and some time and watch and see how he works my body. God Larry I'm telling you baby he drives me crazy with lust. I'll be like a wild woman when I have his big cock in my hands sweetie. I know you will love seeing it! And yes I know you Larry and I know you really want to see this. There's no reason to be afraid baby! It's only sex and we can all have some fun. We can both see if we like the idea of him fucking me while you watch. I'll start out slowly I promise, you know maybe letting him kiss and feel me up while you watch. If you don't enjoy it you can stop us. But you have to promise me you'll give it a chance. OK?"

I kissed him again and held him and whispered: "I know you will enjoy it as much as I will sweetie! Oh Larry his cock is so big and I want this so badly. Please help me here. If you do this for me I'll do whatever you want. Rick has such an erotic manor to him and just wait until you see that beautiful cock he has between his legs. You're going to want to see it fuck me as much as I want it to fuck me."

I dropped to my knees and undid his slacks and pulled them and his shorts down. His cock was fully hard already and when I took it in my hand I felt it throbbing. I knew it would be he wanted this to happen. I knew it, I knew him and I knew his emotions were driving him now. I knew he was excited thinking about all of this. I quickly took the head of his hard cock into my mouth and sucked it as my hands worked and stroked his shaft and balls. Faster and faster I pumped it and sucked that fat little cock head and it was only seconds when I heard Larry moan for the first time. He was extremely excited about this I knew it and his cock showed it.

He held my head and fucked my mouth hard, and I let him enjoy himself. As I sucked him I was thinking of Rick's bigger cock and I rubbed my husband's balls and sucked and sucked and ran my tongue over and around his cock head. I popped the head out and looked up and said: "I know you wanted this as bad as me baby! Your cock is so hard and you are so excited. You want to see Rick's big cock fucking me and driving me nuts when I cum over and over again don't you!"

He moaned and I said: "Tell me the truth Larry. Tell me what you want."

He looked down and I could see the lust and passion in his eyes. He said: "Yes!! Oh fuck yes!! Suck it Bonnie. Suck my cock and make me cum! I want you to fuck Rick and suck my cock at the same time. I want to fuck your mouth as Rick fucks your pussy Oh God yes! I want to see you become Rick's whore tomorrow night and I want to cum! I want to cum so badly while he fucks you!"

I smiled and worked harder still on his cock and balls. I said to myself: "So he doesn't want to just sit and watch me fuck Rick. He wants to join in and have me suck his cock while Rick fucks me. OK! I'll do that. I would do pretty much anything to fuck Rick right now. He is all I can think of these days."

I let his cock out of my mouth for a second so I could say: "Oh yes Larry I'll suck your cock and let Rick fuck me. This will be so good for all of us I'm sure baby!"

I sucked his cock head hard and squeezed his balls lovingly and gave my husband the best blow job I knew how to give. In just a few seconds I felt Larry stiffen and his cock get harder and thicker and then he moan loudly. As he did he held my head and began to pump, thrusting his hips as his cock pumped into my mouth! If that had been Rick's cock he would have chocked me but Larry's cock was smaller and shorter and I took it. I took it all and drank his cum.

Larry cried out like an animal as shot after shot of his warm wet cum sprayed into my mouth and I took it and drank it all. I kept on sucking and sucking him until I was sure I had drained him completely. When I let his soft cock fall out of my mouth Larry staggered back and sat down on the sofa. I smiled got up and bent down and kissed him hard shoving my tongue into his mouth. The remaining cum on my tongue was mixed with his spit and I knew he tasted his sperm. Then I stood up, took his hand and told him: "Come with me upstairs Larry. I have to get ready baby I only have a half an hour."

He said; "Half an hour for what?"

I said: "I'm teasing you I want to practice tonight and you can help me get ready for my lover. Oh we are going to have a good time tonight sugar and a much better time tomorrow I know you will enjoy it."

He held my hand and we went up stairs. I ran the water in the tube and undressed. Then I undressed Larry and we both got into the tub. He began to bath me as I told him what would happen when Rick came over. I teased him and played with him and let him enjoy my body as he had me stand and pressed his face into my wet pussy. As he licked and sucked my cunt I stroked and patted his face and told him how good he was at eating me. Finally when I felt like my knees were giving out I sat and laid back and lifted my pussy up to him.

He knelt and worshipped it making me cum and giving me three very wonderful orgasms before we dried off and went into the bedroom. Again I let him play and enjoy my body as I slowly masturbated his deflated cock and balls. I began to talk about Rick's big dick again and that and my mouth and hands made Larry as hard as he can get again. He loves this type of sex from me! I worked him and when he was ready to cum again, I drank from it again sucking his cum from his balls and draining his cock again. I did this as best as I could so he would be willing and want to please me in return. It worked

We lay back and with his soft cock still in my mouth and his face pressed against my pussy mound we fell asleep. Hours later I woke and realized we had two hours before Rick would be here. I woke Larry and went back to the bathroom to clean myself again. Larry dressed and went into the kitchen to start the snacks and drinks we would be serving. When I came out of the bathroom I was freshly shaved, my bald pussy was smooth as a baby's butt and I was warm from my bath and excited and wet between my legs. No washing would take that away. I put on a silk robe that came down to about 3 or 4 inches below my pussy and I tied it with the belt. That was all I would wear tonight except for a garter belt, stockings and a pair of silk red panties so Larry could see Rick remove them and untie my belt opening my top and I would allow him complete access to my body! Then I waited in my room until 7 PM.

I put on perfume a dab on each upper inner thigh, between my breasts, and behind each ear. I heard the door bell ring and I walked to the doorway towards the front door but Larry was already there opening it and letting Rick into our home. When I came out Rick smiled and Larry looked stunned seeing me dressed like a whore. Well he would like it when we started I was sure since both men adjusted his slacks.

I introduce Larry to Rick and offered Rick a drink. He said no and asked for a soda. I asked Larry to get him the soda and us drinks. He went to get the drinks and the soda and Rick and I went to the sofa and sat next to each other and I told him to go slow and easy for a while until we were sure Larry was ready for the next step.

When Larry came back he had three drinks one was Rick's soda, a glass of wine for me and a mixed drink for Larry. Rick took the soda and asked Larry if he would sit across from us so he could watch and see everything. Larry got a chair and sat directly in front of us. Rick had his hand on my knee and he bent in to kiss me. I moved towards his mouth and took his face and we kissed and I sucked his tongue for the first time with my husband watching us.

I felt Rick's hand slide over my upper thigh and down between them. He broke the kiss and said: "I can feel her heat already Larry. Bonnie is already extremely excited. Come here and feel."

Larry stood up and knelt between us. He moved his hand up between my knees and I felt Rick's hand on one thigh and my husband's on the other. I was on fire and could smell my own musk filling the room. Rick said: "Can you feel her heat?"

Larry shook his head yes and Rick said: "Bonnie, open your legs for us baby."

I did it real slow and Rick moved his hand to my leg opening of my panties. He smiled at Larry and told him to do the same. Larry ran his hand up the other leg and stopped at the leg opening too. While Larry did that Rick kissed me again and gave me his tongue. Then he whispered: "Open the belt and show us your breast baby!"

As Larry's hand stroked my left thigh Rick's hand stroked my right one. They squeezed and stroked the skin on my inner thighs between my stockings and my panties. While they did that I undid the belt and opened my top exposing my body completely. I was wearing the red panties and my thighs were open and two men were stroking my pussy now. My tits hung out and my nipples were already rock hard. Rick looked at Larry and asked him: "Are you hard Larry?

He told Rick yes. Then Rick said: "Remove her panties for me please."

Larry used both hands and hooked his fingers in my panties and started to pull them down. I lifted my rear up off the sofa and they slide down to my knees exposing my freshly shaved pussy. Larry lifted my legs one at a time and took the red panties off. Rick said: "Smell them."

Larry put them to his face and I saw him take a deep breath. Rick said: "Wet I'm sure. Hand them to me."

Larry handed Rick my red panties and Rick took them to his face and inhaled. Then he tasted them and smiled at me and then Larry. He reached for my breasts and bent to suck a nipple. Larry watched kneeing in front of us touching my wet slit. I opened my legs wider and Larry moved around my knee and was now kneeling between them. As Rick sucked and played with my tits, I felt Larry's hand and fingers begin to play with my pussy opening the lips. My head fell back as I enjoyed two men working my body.

Rick broke the embrace of my breasts and said: "Lick her pussy for me Larry get her ready for my cock."

Larry moved in and Rick and I watched as my husband began to eat my pussy so that only the top of his head was visible. Rick stroked my breasts and pinched my nipples as Larry's head was buried on my open wet pussy. His tongue worked and licked and he sucked and made love to my pussy making me ready to cum. Then I did. I climaxed on Larry face as I held his head and pumped my pussy on his mouth crying out telling him how good it felt! It was really good. Larry was so good at eating pussy, my pussy! When I finished cumming Rick said: "OK Larry back out of there now and stand up!"

Larry moved out from between my legs and we saw his face coated and glazed from my cum! Larry stood up his cock was pushing against his slacks and there was a large lump. Rick stood up and said: "Undress completely."

As he told Larry to undress he began to remove his clothes as well. I watched both men standing in front of me and strip until both were completely nude. Larry's cock was sticking straight up in the air hard as it could get. It looked larger too. That is until I looked at Rick's cock! Larry was close to cumming and I knew it. Rick's cock was hard but not like Larry's cock. His cock was bending a little and was still pointing towards the wall not the ceiling like my husband's cock. But, Rick's cock was bigger much bigger. I smiled at my two men!

Rick looked over at Larry and said: "Sit back in the chair now Larry and watch me please your wife. Oh and feel free to jerk off if you want."

Larry sat in the chair and I saw him slowly pumping his hand up and down his cock. Rick moved to the side of me and I knew what he wanted. I took his cock and started to stroke it. He smiled and said: "Suck it Bonnie. Show Larry how much you love to suck my cock too baby."

I took his cock head in my mouth and started to suck it as I used both hands on his shaft jerking him off. My husband was watching and masturbating and I knew he was enjoying it all. As Larry worked his cock with his hand I sucked and worked Rick's dick. It wasn't long before he was as hard as he could be. Larry's eyes were locked on to Rick's cock and my mouth! Larry said: "God he does have a big dick Bonnie. I can see why you want it so badly."

When Rick pulled back he looked at Larry and said: "Are you ready for the next step Larry?"

Larry shook his head yes as he pumped his cock faster and harder. I smiled and got up and walked over to him and kissed my husband hard and whispered: "Thank you baby! I love you and will show you now what its looks like to fuck his big dick."

Larry smiled and told me to sit on Rick facing him so he could see it going in and out of my hole. That was exactly what I had planned to do. When I turned around Rick was sitting on the sofa slowly stroking his cock. It looked huge! I walked towards him smiling! I straddled him and centered my pussy over his huge cock head. I turned and looked at my husband. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth a little, his face was red, his eyes half closed and he was fucking his hand like a wild man.

I guided Rick's big cock to my center and moved down a little feeling it spreading my pussy lips. I asked Larry if he could see OK and he shook his head yes again. As I began to sink down on it I knew my husband could see my pussy being stretched wider and wider. I was sure it looking like a pink rubber band around Rick's thick cock head as it entered me! I looked back at my husband one last time and saw him smiling at me. I knew it would be OK now and I concentrative on fucking Rick and I.

And as I took more of Rick's cock into my hole I began to cum! I shook and shook and Rick held me and he told Larry that I was cumming already! When Larry saw and heard that I had just half of Rick's cock inside my pussy and that I was cumming already he moaned and began to cum. I turned to see his cock shooting shot after shot of his sperm up in the air and all over his thighs, stomach and chest. I had never seen him cum that much as his pool of cum formed on his belly and was large. Larry's body was covered with it.

As he came, I was moving up and down on Rick's cock now fucking him! "Look baby! Look at Rick's cock fuck me. See how deep it goes into me? OH God baby! It's so good and it's even better with you enjoying it too. Come here and kiss me sweetie", I moaned to Larry

Larry stood and came over and sat next to me. He kissed me and we made out as I rode Rick's big cock and he fucked me harder. I shuttered again and again cumming in waves of lust and ecstasy. As Larry kissed and tongue fucked my mouth Rick was now pumping up into me making his cock go as deep as he could get it. I was holding my husband as I cried into his open mouth and exploded in another orgasm.

Larry held me and felt me shuttering again! I moaned: "OH God Larry he is so deep! So deep baby! It feels so good. So damn good. Oh shit! I'm cumming again!"

Larry let me go and I held on to Rick now as I saw my husband stand and move around. I saw his cock hard again as he moved it towards my mouth. I smiled and took it in my hands. I held it as I was being moved up and down by Rick's thrusts. Finally I was able to get my husband's cock into my mouth and I sucked him hard and strong!

I told him to cum in my mouth! I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I was. He held my head and Rick slowed down and let me suck my husband off. He watched me sucking on Larry's cock as I rotated my hips and pussy on his bigger cock. It was so good.

Then Larry cried out and I began to taste his sperm. Larry held my head and I sucked and sucked and cupped his balls and milked him and milked him making sure it was my very best blow job. When I was done Larry fell back and sat there as I began to ride Rick's cock again harder now! I was fully adjusted to Rick's big dick and I needed fucking badly! I was close and I knew he was too. Seconds later Rick said: "Larry get behind her and watch as I cum in her pussy buddy!"

Larry got up and sat on the floor as I rode and pumped up and down on Rick as I worked my hips, pelvis and cunt as hard and as fast as I could move them. I slammed down on his big shaft and squeezed my pussy as tight as I could. And then seconds later I felt it. The first three hard shots of cum that pumped into me were so good to feel. I love to feel a man cum so hard I can feel it hit the walls of my pussy! It filled me and Rick held my hips down on his shaft buried all the way inside me. His cock head jumping and spewing the remaining cum out of his balls, which overflowed my pussy hole.
Then we began to slowly fuck again and Larry could see Rick's cock shaft coated with his white wet sticky cum. It spilled out of my hole and around his shaft as he pumped in and out of me. It was dripping all over us.

Then I felt Larry's hand touching my pussy and I knew he was touching Rick's cock too. I relaxed and let Larry touch us and Rick stayed half way inside me as Larry wrapped his hand around Rick's shaft and told Rick to fuck me. As he did Larry felt the heat and wetness and Rick's cock fuck his hand and my hole at the same time.

Finally Larry removed his hand and Rick pulled out! The rest of the cum ran out of me and on to the sofa. I let my ass up in the air so Larry could see how open my pussy was from his big cock. Finally I rolled off of Rick and he stood. I saw his semi-hard cock bobbing up and down covered with our juices.

Larry was standing in front of me too his cock had shrunk to just the cock head and a set of balls. What a difference these two men looked like between their legs. I smiled at them both and said: "That was wonderful. Larry did you enjoy it baby?"

He told me yes and smile at me. Rick told me he loved it and if we both wanted we could go to the bedroom and he would be happy to fuck me doggie for Larry to see. Before I could say anything Larry told Rick he would love that! Who was I to fight the feeling? With one of the men's hands in each of my own we walked to the bedroom for a night that I knew would change all of our lives and make me sore very sore in the morning.

Larry opened the bedroom door and positioned me on the bed for Rick to take again. As he did Rick came around and placed his cock at my mouth! Larry sat on the big chair in the room and watched as I sucked and pumped Rick's cock back to a super hard on. Then Rick got behind me and I took his cock in my hands between my legs and inserted it into my open hole. As my husband watched and stroked his cock again Rick took me hard from behind. We all came at about the same time.

When Rick left he shook my husband's hand and told him he would be glad to come back and do me again. It was a huge surprise when I heard Larry said: "How about tomorrow night? Say around 7PM? I mean it's a holiday Monday and we can all rest up them. How about doing her again tomorrow night Rick?"

Rick smiled and told him he would be here. Larry smiled and said: "Great see you then." And I smiled knowing I had pleased my husband greatly and couldn't wait to see what happens tomorrow night when Rick comes back for seconds.

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