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A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples Ch. 04

by cuckolder

05/29/2016 14:34 in domination

Tyler realized he was holding his breath as he watched his young fiancée press her open mouth between the legs of the stunning black-haired beauty. Monica's tongue flicked over the engorged clitoris, standing stiff and erect like a hard little penis peeking out from the clitoral hood that could no longer contain it. Kerry made a purring noise as she licked, reaching out with both hands to press Monica's face firmly against her slick, hairless pussy. Then she used her hands to rub Monica's mouth rhythmically up and down, her pussy squelching audibly and wetly as the young redhead worked. If his fiancée was reluctant about being forcibly face fucked, she voiced no objections.

"That's it, you hot little bitch, fuck my pussy with your mouth," Kerry growled, and Monica flicked her tongue even faster, stopping only to swirl it around the clit. Kerry groaned and pressed her face forward still harder.

Tyler idly wondered if the startling size of the brunette's pleasure center was due to steroid use. The 21-year old resident assistant was a physical-education major, body-builder and competitive fitness model, and Tyler knew that the same steroids that some women body-builders used to carve their muscles for competitive advantage could permanently enlarge their clits. Kerry didn't have the masculine looks that some female iron-pounders did, but her clit really was enormous, and she had a surprisingly aggressive edge for an inexperienced wife they were supposed to be leading into cuckolding.

The whole situation was getting weirder by the minute. When Monica had first approached Tyler about serving as a bull for Kerry and her husband, Tyler had been intrigued, all the more so by his fiancée's suggestion that the real purpose was to bring the novice couple as their first recruits to the interracial cuckolding circle they were putting together for Monica's bull, Jake. It didn't hurt in the least that at 5 feet 5 inches and 120 pounds of rock solid muscle, Kerry was a knockout. The whole idea of serving as a kind of "Judas Bull" made Tyler hard as hell, a fact Monica didn't hesitate to tease him about.

In the few weeks they'd known each other, Monica and Kerry had become fast friends, hanging out after classes were over for the day, chatting about Kerry's husband Mark. It hadn't taken Kerry long to open about to Monica about her dissatisfaction with her husband's prowess in bed. Monica hadn't hesitated to let Kerry know that Tyler was very well hung and knew how to use it. One evening, fueled by a Margarita or two too many, Monica had also opened up about their increasingly frequent experience with cuckolding. Kerry had been very curious, particularly about how Tyler could stand knowing that his fiancée was fucking another guy, but Monica had assured her that Tyler was totally into it.

"Nothing gets Tyler harder than seeing me getting pounded by Jake's huge black cock," she'd said, and then offered Tyler up as a bull for Kerry and Mark.

Kerry had accepted on the spot and pushed Monica to set a date for the event. It had been easy. Maybe too easy, but they had followed through with their plans, set a date, and showed up for the proffered event.

Mark sat back and watched his wife as she ground Monica's face into her pussy. Inwardly, he smiled. Kerry had had no trouble at all taking charge of the tiny redhead, and Mark fully expected the same control as the evening progressed. At 6 feet 5 inches tall, he was as ripped as his wife and just as confident in his prowess with the muscle that bulged between his legs. The hints that Kerry had given about her dissatisfaction with Mark's performance in bed had been just the right lure to bring Monica and her fiancé over for what they expected to be an evening of cuckolding. Well, it would be an evening, but it wasn't going to be Mark who got cuckolded. He was every bit the hung bull that he looked in his tee shirt and soft terrycloth shorts.

If Monica had bothered to ask around, she might eventually have learned that Kerry and Mark were anything but newbies to the cuckolding scene. In fact, they were quite the opposite. The married couple's favorite sexual recreational pastime was introducing young first-timers to the lifestyle with Mark serving as the bull. Physically intimidating, Mark easily dominated the other male as he and Kerry seduced the girlfriend or wife. He was supremely confident that he could give any wife or girlfriend the fucking of her life, and at 10.5 inches and thick as a beer can, and able to cum 4 or 5 times in a night, he'd never been proven wrong. Ordinarily he and Kerry preferred first-timers, but Monica was certainly attractive and the notion of turning the tables on the would-be "bull couple" compensated for the fact that she and Tyler were already experienced as a cuckold pair.

Kerry looked over at Tyler. Time to move things along. "Tyler," she said, "why don't you come over and get Monica ready?"

"Ready for what?" Tyler wondered, but crossed to the bed where his wife was kneeling as she worked on Kerry pussy, and began to gently lick Monica's pussy. The young redhead moaned as she felt her husband's tongue slide up and down her labia and then start caressing her clitoris. She was already very aroused, and it did not take her long before she was very wet. Tyler was just starting to get into it when he became aware of Mark's presence by the side of the bed.

"Thanks, dude. I'll take over now," Mark said, and without thinking Tyler moved aside, only then realizing that the muscular jock was completely naked.

Based on Kerry's representations of her husband's inadequacy in bed, Tyler had expected Mark to be of less-than-average size. He saw with a shock that Mark's cock was enormously thick, long, and heavily veined, capped at one end by a mushroom shaped glans and at the other by a pair of alarmingly large and heavy balls. Before Tyler could say a word, Mark knelt behind Monica and rubbed the head of his cock against her well-lubricated pussy and pressed himself forward. Tyler's wife struggled as she felt the unexpected pressure on her labia, but Kerry held on to her head firmly, keeping her in position, and Mark's invading cock-head slipped into the outer opening while he pressed forward. Despite her surprise at the development, Monica pushed back by reflex, and Mark's big cock slid deeper inside her. A moment later, and he was buried in her pussy completely, pausing for only a few seconds before slowly withdrawing most of his cock and then sliding forward. This time, he slid in without any resistance at all, as Monica opened fully to accept him.

Monica, her mouth still firmly pressed against Kerry's now-sopping cunt, could only give an exclamation of "Mmmmmmm," as she felt Mark's invading cock begin to slowly pump in and out of her well-stretched pussy in a slow rhythm. She gave herself over to it, no longer caring that what was supposed to be happening was the reverse – that Tyler should instead have been fucking Kerry and cuckolding Mark.

Tyler sank heavily down into the overstuffed chair set near the bed. Having looked forward to being a bull for the evening, he was completely stunned at the turn of events. Not only was he not fucking Kerry, he was being cucked by Kerry's husband, who was now stroking his massive cock in and out of his petite redheaded fiancée's pussy. From the looks of it, Monica was enjoying herself thoroughly as her distended inner lips clung wetly to Mark's cock as the bull increased his rhythm. Monica moaned as loudly as she could manage given that her face was muffled by Kerry's pussy.

He tore his gaze away from his wife and glanced at Kerry. The brunette's muscular legs were spread open as widely as she could manage, and she was now actively humping Monica's face. Wet sounds emanated from the place where Monica was face-fucking Kerry, her thighs glistening slickly with her juices.

Kerry looked over at Tyler and smiled wickedly. "Your little slut of a fiancée really knows how to eat pussy," she said. Then she looked at her own husband, kneeling behind Monica. "Fuck the little bitch hard, Mark. Make her scream while her cuck boyfriend watches!" Mark increased his pace and Monica groaned loudly.

"You love it, you little slut, don't you? Tell us how much you love my husband's big cock in your cunt while your boyfriend watches," Kerry demanded. She pulled Monica's mouth away from her pussy, holding her up by her hair.

Monica sobbed with arousal. "I love it," she said to the brunette. Then she turned to Tyler. "I love Mark's huge cock fucking my hot cunt while you watch. It gets me so hot to cuckold you."

She gasped as Kerry forced her face down to her pussy once again and started eagerly licking the hugely distended clitoris, sucking it up between her lips like it was a miniature cock and then rapidly flicking her tongue over the tip. That was enough, finally, to send Kerry over the edge, and the brunette arced her back, squeezed Monica's head between her muscular thighs and, grunting, began shaking with the force of her orgasm. She finally fell back against the pillow and opened her legs. Monica's entire face was slick with Kerry's juices, and she had a dazed look as Mark continued to pump in and out of her pussy. Finally, the steady rhythm proved too much and she started to shake and moan.

Mark grasped Monica by her hair and lifted her head up, turning her face toward Tyler. "Tell your cuck boyfriend that you're cumming on my big cock," he instructed.

"Yessss," Monica hissed. "Oh, god, Tyler, he's fucking me so good, he's so damn big that I'm going to cum really hard on his bull cock," she wailed. Then her thighs started quivering uncontrollably as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her while Mark thrust into her, relentlessly.

Tyler sat still, mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful fiancée once again climaxing on another man's cock. He no longer cared that they'd been set up and used by Kerry and her husband; right now he just wanted to see Mark pump a huge load of cum into Monica's womb. As if on cue, the bull grunted and began fucking his fiancée harder. Monica moaned as the tempo of his fucking accelerated, her pussy now completely distended by the beer-can thick 10 inch cock that drove into her relentlessly, while Kerry urged Mark to fuck the tiny redhead still harder.

"Come on, Mark, you can fuck harder than that," she said. "Make the little cunt scream. You own her pussy, so use the bitch like the fuck toy she is and show her cuck boyfriend what a real bull can do to his fiancee"

Monica's ass was slapping against Mark's abdomen as he pounded into her faster and faster. She was moaning continuously as another orgasm inexorably approached, and she felt her pussy began to spasm and squeeze the huge cock, pulling it still deeper into her. Though her eyes were tightly closed, she could see stars exploding against her eyelids, and she screamed incoherently as her climax took over.

"Jesus, Tyler!" Mark exclaimed as he felt the redhead's pussy contract. "Your little slut's milking my cock." A moment later, he shoved himself as deeply as he could into Monica and felt himself explode. Jet after jet of his hot thick semen shot into her womb as her cries of pleasure echoed around the room. As the last ejaculation left him, he began to fuck the now-sloppy pussy without losing his hard-on.

As Mark fucked Monica with renewed vigor, Tyler heard a knock at the door. Kerry got up, put on a short robe and left the bedroom. Tyler heard the front door open and close, and then voices, one of them Kerry's and the other distinctly male. A moment later, the bedroom door opened, and Kerry returned, followed by a tall black man. Tyler's jaw dropped and his heart pounded in his chest. This was getting completely out of control.

Seeing his obvious alarm, Kerry smiled. "This is our friend Ron. Monica said she loves big black cock, and Ron's is very big and very black. He just loves fucking little white women in front of their boyfriends or husbands. Mark and I can attest to that fact, since Ron bulls for us." Tyler could only gape in astonishment.

"You see," Kerry continued, "Mark and I are both tops with white couples, but we're also a cuck couple for Ron, so you're going to get cucked twice today – once by a big white cock and once by a huge black one."

Ron smiled and winked at Tyler. "I never do understand why you white boys are so eager to give up your wives and girlfriends to black bulls. But I'm sure glad you are."

He started undressing, revealing himself to be even more ripped and cut than Mark. He paused for a moment, and then slid his boxers to the floor and stood naked. Tyler gawped. Hanging between Ron's muscular thighs was the biggest, thickest, blackest cock he had ever seen. He guessed it was close to 7 inches flaccid, and at least as thick as Mark's – maybe even thicker. If Mark's cock was huge, Ron's was surely monstrous.

Kerry laughed wickedly. "Ron's ruined more pussies for white cocks than anyone we've ever met. One night with him and no wife or girlfriend is willing to settle. That's why he gets my pussy anytime he wants, day or night, and now he's going to get Monica's."

Ron kneeled on the bed in front of Monica and held his cock out toward her mouth. Without hesitating, she opened wide and took the massive head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. Mark slowed his rhythm so that Monica could concentrate better on getting Ron hard. She struggled valiantly to take more of the now-tumescent black monster into her mouth, but it was an obvious struggle.

Kerry kneeled at the side of the bed and began to help, stroking the thick shaft while Monica sucked the head. Then Kerry started licking as well. The two women swirled their tongues simultaneously over Ron's cockhead, with beneficial results, and he visibly stiffened. Tyler stared in stupefaction. As Ron's cock reached full erection, it struck him that it was more or less like watching an empty fire hose fill up with water.

"Mark, time to pull out," Kerry said, and her husband obligingly withdrew from Monica's distended pussy, leaving her gaping open. Ron flipped the little redhead onto her back and lined up the head of his huge cock with her vaginal opening, slick with her own lubrication and the cum that Mark had poured into her.

Monica gave a little gasp as Ron pushed into her, then whispered "Slowly," as she felt herself stretched to the limit by the new invader. Even stretched as she had been by Mark's big cock, and slippery with his cum, Monica was struggling to take Ron. She felt full, as full as she had ever been, and willed herself to relax so she could take the black cock deeper while Ron pushed into her with a steady pressure. It scarcely seemed possible, but Monica could feel her deepest recesses opening up to permit deeper penetration. She looked down toward the place where she and Ron were joined together and saw, to her surprise, that most of his cock had disappeared from view.

"You stretched the little slut out real good, Mark," Ron said. "Never figured she'd take all of me so easily, but it's in there and it looks like she's enjoying it."

Ron was right. Now that he'd managed to get his cock into her pussy, Monica was starting to get aroused again. Very aroused. Impatient for a more intense experience, she looked up at Ron and said in a low, throaty voice, "Fuck me, now, you bastard."

Ron chuckled. "Glad to oblige, little lady."

He drew part way out and slid in again, surprised that the tiny redhead was stretched enough to take it. On his next stroke he pulled out further and pushed in a bit harder, half expecting Monica to protest, but she made no complaint. With his third stroke, he began to fuck in earnest, setting a slow but steady pace and rotating his hips to help open up the pussy still further.

Monica moaned aloud as she felt the monster cock stretching her like never before. Suddenly, without warning, she felt an orgasm flare like a bolt of electricity at the bottom of her spine, racing to her brain. It was so sudden and so intense that she was able to issue a strangled "Oh my god" before she convulsed with the force or her climax. She grabbed Ron's hips and ground them into her, increasing the intensity of the orgasm.

None of this escaped Kerry's close attention. "Damn, Ron, the hot little bitch is already cumming. Keep it up!"

She turned to Tyler, who was watching intently. "She sure can fuck a big cock, can't she?" Tyler nodded. "I can pretty well guarantee you that by the time the evening's over, Ron will completely own your fiancée's pussy, just like he owns mine. I fuck him anytime, anyplace, and any way he wants me."

By now, Monica had her legs up as far as she could reach, with her heels hooked on Ron's broad back. She grunted and moaned incoherently as Ron fucked his massive black cock in and out of her pussy. She was totally stretched out now, and Ron was building up a strong and concerted rhythm as he fucked. As abruptly as the first one, a second orgasm exploded in Monica, and she struggled to catch her breath as she realized another spike was rolling in just as the current peak was starting to ebb.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," she moaned and grunted like a mantra as the third orgasm crashed in on the tail end of the second. "I can't stop cumming!"

She tried to slow Ron's motion, but he was having none of it and picked up the pace. Monica realized she was helplessly out of control and gave herself over to the experience.

"You want me to stop?" Ron asked, smirking down at the little redhead beneath him.

"Oh, good lord, no – don't stop until you've fucked me out completely and filled me up with cum," Monica wailed.

Ron teased her by sliding his cock out and rotating his hips as Monica moaned in frustration. "Tell me whose pussy this is," he demanded. "Is it your boyfriend's?"

"No, no, it isn't," Monica gasped.

"Then whose is it?" Ron asked again.

"Oh god, it's yours, you own it, I'll do anything you want, but fuck me more," the redhead replied, grabbing Ron's ass and trying to force him back in her.

Ron willingly obliged, pumping into Monica as hard and fast as he judged she could take. She gasped in pleasure as yet another orgasm seized her and shook her, and she rode the wave as it crashed in on her, successive waves of pleasure making her shake and shudder uncontrollably. She felt Ron's cock get even harder, believing that he was, at last, getting ready to climax, but she was wrong, and he fucked her relentlessly, making her cum over and over again.

By now she was having what amounted to a continuous orgasm as she fucked, peaking intensely but never really coming down from the climax. She was having trouble catching her breath and was feeling dizzy, letting herself be fucked like a rag doll. Ron's cock got harder still, and he began to grunt as Monica was vaguely aware that his own orgasm was approaching.

As he pounded her, Monica could feel an even bigger orgasm building inside her, approaching like a tidal wave. She realized she was screaming and sobbing in pleasure, when Ron suddenly thrust into her as hard and as deep as he could spurting gush after gush of semen into her already deluged womb. As he came, Monica's own climax crashed in on her. She heard a roaring noise in her ears and the room started to go dim and finally black.

"God, Ron, you just fucked her until she passed out," Kerry exclaimed. She looked at Tyler. "This ever happen before?" she asked. Tyler shook his head. "Well I think you guys just got owned by a black bull master. Better get used to her spreading for Ron whenever he wants. Just like I do."

Ron withdrew his tumescent cock from Monica's ruined pussy. She gaped open so much that Tyler could see quite far into her, the collection of white semen clearly visible where it pooled in her recesses.
Kerry chuckled. "Time for a good white boyfriend to clean that mess up," she said.

Tyler crossed to the bed, sliding his fiancée gently toward him so that her hips were even with the edge of the bed. Kneeling, he lowered his mouth to her steaming pussy and began gently to clean up the cream pie. Things hadn't turned out the way they'd planned it, but they had still had an amazing time, with the certainty that much more was yet to come.

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