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A Big Mistake Ch. 04

by cuckolder

08/07/2016 01:17 in cheating

This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If you don't enjoy that, please go read another story. For those of you who do enjoy that, I hope you like it. Please feel free to send feedback, both good and bad as long as it is constructive.


Now that Missy felt she had Larry sufficiently under her control, she decided she would let him have sex with her mother. The next day after Claire left for work, Larry showed up in Missy's room to perform his morning task. Missy was still in her panties and no top. Larry gazed longingly at her perfect body. She walked up to Larry and pushed his head down as he dropped to his knees. She pressed his face into her panty covered pussy.

"Lick me." She commanded.

Larry licked at the silky material of her thong. His cock immediately sprung to life and filled with blood as he pleasured his mistress. He grabbed his rock hard cock and began to stroke it slowly.

Once Missy's panties were nice and wet, she pushed Larry back and pulled them to the side. Ordering him to continue, she pressed his face to her sex roughly. Larry was really becoming good at this she thought to herself. He lapped up her juices and stimulated her clit expertly. Her pleasure caused her to grind his face harder into her steamy sex. She began to imagine a big thick cock driving into her where Larry's tongue now probed. Her orgasm hit soon after. She moaned with satisfaction as it consumed her. Larry was stroking his cock furiously as Missy came all over his face. Missy was enjoying her climax so much, that she almost forgot her plan for him that day.

"Stop playing with your little cock!" she ordered as she came back to reality.

Larry was startled by her order, but he did as he was told.

"Mistress has a big surprise for you today." She told him. "I am going to allow you to make love to my mom."

Larry's face lit up with joy. He couldn't believe she was actually going to let him fuck Claire. He began to imagine her bent over the bed as he fucked her silly. He imagined Claire screaming for him to fuck her as he talked dirty to her. However, his mind was snapped back to the present by Missy's voice.

"And you will be gentle and loving the whole time, or you will never be allowed back inside her. Do you understand me?" she snapped.

"Yes mistress." He answered with disappointment.

"So get up and leave that that little dick of yours alone all day." She told him. She knew he would blow his wad almost immediately once he got inside her since he hadn't gotten laid in a long time. This she could use to humiliate him even further.

"I want you to call mom and tell her you have a surprise for her and that she needs to come home for lunch. Then I want you to prepare everything for her. I will be watching the whole time, so you be nice and not one nasty word from your mouth you got it?" she asked.

Larry just nodded.

Missy thought she was doing something nice for her mom. She wanted her to be treated nicely, and loved, not treated like a whore. That is why she was treating Larry like this. She was teaching him a lesson. She wanted him to treat her mom like the queen Missy felt she was. What she didn't know, was that her mom craved the nastiness Larry used to give her. She wanted that. It turned her on, and she had never been turned on like that in her past. She missed that so much, she was beginning to seek it somewhere else. Missy would learn this in the near future.

Missy had a plan to have Larry so horny by lunch, that he wouldn't be able to control himself. She ordered him to come to her. Larry did, and Missy pulled her g-string off and placed it over his face, locating the wet silky material of the crotch over his nose.

"You will leave this over your face all morning until mom comes home." Missy said.

Larry mumbled his acceptance. The smell was intoxicating. With ever breath he inhaled the sweet smell of Missy's pussy. His cock was constantly hard the entire morning.

The rest of the morning Missy instructed Larry on how she wanted everything for her mom. On more than one occasion, she made him kneel and bring her to orgasm. Larry was so turned on by the time Claire got home; he thought he would cum in his pants when she kissed him.

Just before Claire arrived home, Missy removed her panties from Larry's face and instructed him to clean them. By now, they were dry and the cum had stained the material. Larry eagerly sucked the material until the cum became moist again. Then he licked her juices from the material and savored the taste. Then Missy told him to go shower so that he didn't smell like pussy. Larry was standing in the entry when Claire walked in the door for lunch.

Claire was hotter than a pistol when she opened the door. She was ready for a good old fashioned fucking. Claire had not been behaving herself at work. For the last few weeks, she had been shamelessly flirting with Drew. Since the day Drew had almost caught her masturbating in her office, Claire had noticed how he was always staring at her, especially her large full breasts. Frustrated at home, Claire had found Drew's attention flattering. To have a young strong boy lusting after her was exciting. She had begun to tease him with her big tits. She would unbutton her top an extra button when she saw him in the hall, stopping to make conversation as he tried to pass. Drew would lustfully stare at her cleavage as she made idle conversation. Then she would watch as he walked away, adjusted his obvious hard-on . On one occasion, she found him delivering toner to the copy room. She entered the room and flashed some cleavage again, but this time she stumbled into him. They both ended up against the wall, with Claire's back pressed against Drew's front. In the turmoil, Drew ended up with a handful of Claire's big soft boob. His cock sprung to life when he realized it. Claire could feel his cock pressing against her soft round ass. The feel of his cock against her brought an immediate tingle to her pussy. Claire didn't stand up quickly; she just moved her head to look at him. With his hand still full of her tit, Claire just winked at him. She slowly regained her composure, stood and left the room. Claire immediately went back to her office and masturbated to a thundering orgasm. That was two days ago.

Drew had avoided Claire yesterday, but could not do that today. He had a letter that needed her signature. When her secretary announced his arrival, Claire got excited. She quickly unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse and opened it, exposing her deep cleavage and the top of her black lace bra. Drew entered and handed her the envelope and the clipboard for her signature. Claire leaned in, giving him a great view down her top. His cock stirred and Claire's pussy began to tingle. Drew couldn't keep his eyes off her chest. He imagined his cock buried between them, sliding in and out. When Claire had finished, she set the pen down. Drew didn't even move, he just stood and stared at her big fat tits. When he realized Claire had caught him, he frantically reached for the clipboard. Then to his great surprise, Claire grabbed his wrist. There eyes met and Claire said in a soft sexy voice, "It was nice to see you again Drew." Then she slowly released his arm and let it slip from her grip. Drew didn't know what to do. He just smiled and left the office.

Claire sat back and buttoned the remaining buttons of her top. Feeling the heat between her legs, she slowly slid her hand under her skirt and cupped her moist sex.

"I have to have some of that." She said out loud.

Then the reality hit. She didn't want to cheat on Larry, but she needed to get laid. Her thoughts again returned to Drew. She began to imagine him taking her right there in the office. She fingered her clit through her soft silky panties, they were already wet and she could feel her clit as if they were not even there. She grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it. Her nipples were already hard. She pinched one and let out a moan. She rubbed her pussy harder and squeezed her tit again. Her body responded in kind, tingling and shivering to her touch. She was so horny, she needed a release. She pushed her panties aside and plunged a finger deep in her dripping hole. Oh did that feel good. She fucked her pussy hard with her hand. She inserted another finger, then a third. Twisting her nipple hard, she could feel her orgasm approach. She reached inside her bra to feel her hard nipple against the palm of her hand. This sent tingles through her. She bit her lip to stay quiet. Her orgasm was boiling to the surface. She plunged her fingers deep inside. Faster and faster she stroked. She was slamming her hand deep inside her sloppy cunt when something startled her.

"Claire, Larry is on line one." Came the voice of her secretary Jill over the intercom.

Claire froze. Regaining her poise, she answered, "Thank you Jill."

Claire removed her hand from her pussy and released her breast. She picked up the phone. "Yes Dear?" she said.

"Honey, could you come home for lunch, I have a little surprise for you." Larry replied into the phone.

"What kind of surprise do you mean?"

"A good surprise." Larry said in a sly voice.

Claire's mind again wandered to a raunchy sex scene involving Larry and her. "Sounds good to me, see you a bit after 12."

"OK, see you then." Larry returned.

"I look forward to that." She said. She put the phone down. Claire straightened her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. She couldn't wait to get home. She looked at her watched and noticed she would only have to wait another hour and a half.

The rest of the morning she tried to get some work done. At 11:45 she could wait no longer. She told her secretary she was leaving for lunch and she hurried to the house. When she arrived, she noticed Missy's car was gone. Claire didn't know Missy had parked it around the corner. Claire parked and hustled into the house.

When their eyes met, they both threw themselves at each other. They kissed passionately for several minutes. Their hands explored each other's bodies. Larry found her tits and began to mash one in his hand. Claire's paws found his rock hard cock and began to massage it through his pants.

"I need your cock so badly." Claire moaned. "Take me right here."

Larry wanted nothing more than to do as she wanted, but he had specific instructions. He took Claire's hand and led her to the bedroom. When they entered the room, Clare noticed the d├ęcor. There were lit candles all over. The red satin sheets were sprinkled with rose pedals.

Normally Claire would find this romantic, but it had been way too long since she had been fucked, she didn't really care how much time and effort he had put into setting the mood.. She jumped out of her clothes and lay on the bed. Larry did the same. When he moved between her legs to eat her pussy as he was instructed, Claire became irritated.

"Enough of that! I want you to fuck me now!" She snapped.

Larry was confused. He wanted to follow Missy's instructions, but Claire was being so demanding. It really turned him on. Knowing that Missy would be watching from the door, he looked in that direction. Claire was looking in the other direction, and didn't notice the exchange between them. Missy gave him the nod, and he moved to a missionary position. He positioned his achingly hard cock at her opening. With one push he buried it in her.

"YES!!!!" Claire screamed. She had not felt a cock in her for far too long.

"Fuck me!" She demanded.

Larry began to slowly move in and out as Missy had told him. Claire became frustrated quickly.

"Faster! Fuck me hard Larry."

Larry pumped faster. Claire's forcefulness was really a turn on. He pumped in and out harder.

"That's it, Fuck my cunt hard." Claire demanded.

Larry heard her and did as instructed. Suddenly, he felt his orgasm hit without warning. His cum spilled from his cock and filled Claire's pussy. Larry didn't stop until his cock was empty. Claire sighed with frustration.

"Already?" she barked with dissatisfaction.

Larry was humiliated.

"I'm sorry baby, it has been so long, and I couldn't hold it." He apologized.

"Whose fault is that? She snapped back. "Not mine. Maybe if you weren't trying to eat my pussy so much and occasionally fuck me, you might not cum as fast as a 13 year old."

Larry apologized again.

Claire was very frustrated. She calmed down a bit, and tried to encourage Larry to get it hard again. However, with all the insults, he was embarrassed and couldn't get it aroused again. After trying for a few more minutes, Claire finally gave up. She got dressed and left for the office. As soon as she left, Missy walked into the room.

"What a wimp!" she said to Larry. "Two pumps and a dump for my little boy, just like a teenager. Too bad you can't get it back up like a teenager huh? You are good for only one thing, eating pussy and jacking off."

Larry sat there and took the abuse. The funny thing was that when Missy humiliated him, he became aroused. His cock began to swell with every degrading sentence from her mouth.

"I'll bet you could get hard if I wanted you to huh?" Missy teased. "If I make you come over here and lick my juicy cunt I'll bet it would get hard. Wouldn't it you little wimp."

Larry just sat and listened as his cock grew and grew.

Missy lifted her skirt and ordered Larry to his knees. "Lick me you two stroke wonder."

Larry willingly rushed to her pussy and dove in. Licking her hot sex, he began to stroke his cock automatically. He licked her lips and sucked in her moisture. Missy grabbed his head and fucked his face with her hungry cunt.

"Eat me you pussy! Your tongue is the only thing worth touching a pussy." She teased.

Larry plunged his tongue deep in her hole. In and out he violated her pussy with his tongue. His cock was about to explode again. He grabbed tighter and stroked harder.

Missy screamed with excitement as she felt her orgasm surface.

"Stroke that little cock of yours. Make it cum." She screamed. "Eat my pussy like my good little boy. I'm going to cum!"

With that, her body shook and she came all over Larry's tongue and face. She ground her crotch hard into his face as it swept over her. Soon after, Larry's cock came all over the floor. He couldn't believe the force with which his cock had exploded. He had just cum in Claire not 15 minutes ago, but Missy had made him rock hard by humiliating him and making him eat her pussy. He stared at the puddle of cum on the floor, and Missy didn't even need to say a word, she just pointed at the floor. Larry reluctantly cleaned his mess with his tongue.

Claire returned to work so frustrated, that she didn't know what to do. What had happened to Larry? He was such a good lover, but now he was useless. She would talk to him tonight and find out what the hell was going on. Her pussy ached for relief.

She was walking to her office when she spotted Drew. Her body tingled immediately. Dirty thoughts swept through her mind.

"No! I can't." she told herself. "Teasing is one thing, but actually fucking him was another."

They moved closer as they walked down a hall toward each other. Her mind kept saying no as the gap closed, but her body kept betraying her. Her pussy was pounding for release. Just then, their eyes met and Drew smiled at her. Claire reached out and grabbed his hand just as he passed. Pulling him into an unoccupied conference room, she closed the door behind them and locked it. She pushed him against the door and kissed him hard. Drew didn't need any more encouragement. He kissed her back and immediately reached around and grabbed her large round ass with both hands and pulled her into him. Claire reached down and found his stiffening cock and rubbed it through his pants. When it was hard, about 3 seconds later, she found his belt with both hands. She unbuckled it and unzipped his fly. Releasing from their kiss, she dropped to her knees and pulled his pants to his ankles in one motion. His cock was beautiful. It was not huge, but bigger than Larry's and thick.

Taking his cock in her mouth, she began sucking it hard and fast. Drew leaned against the door and watched as Claire gave him a fabulous blow job. She stroked his cock with her hand and sucked it with her mouth. She was like a woman possessed. He had heard about hot older woman, but didn't realize how true the rumor was that they loved getting it from younger guys.

Soon Claire had grabbed his ass and was deep throating his rock hard unit. She wasn't just sucking his cock; she was fucking her face with his pole. He grabbed her head and started helping her. He forced his cock all the way down her throat. She moaned as he did. She seemed to like it when he was rough with her. All this excitement was getting to him; he would not be able to last much longer. He told Claire he was about to cum. She didn't slow down one bit. She shoved his cock deep into her mouth and squeezed his ass with her hands. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Then Claire pushed back, took his cock from her mouth and looked at him.

"I want you to cum in my mouth." She announced. Then she swallowed his entire length. Drew came instantly. He grunted as each jet shot from his shaft and Claire swallowed it all. When he was done, Claire stood up and backed up. She began to slowly undress. First her top, slowly unbuttoning it until her big full bra covered tits were in full view. Then she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to her ankles. She had not replaced her panties after lunch, so her pussy was visible. The little patch of hair was swallowed by the fatness of her swollen lips. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. The weight of her tits caused them to drop as the bra was removed. She stepped out of her skirt and backed up until her ass hit the conference table. She scooted onto the table and spread her legs. Looking down she could see Drew was ready to go again. His cock stuck straight out from his groin. Claire spread her pussy lips and began to talk to Drew.

"I want you to take that big fat hard cock of yours and fuck my wet pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and deep. I want you to tell me what a nasty slut I am."

Claire was so wound up she didn't really know what was coming out of her mouth. However, Drew didn't mind. He was more than willing to oblige her.

"Come on big boy; come treat me like the tramp I am." She ordered.

Drew moved to her. He grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders. Doing as she had instructed, he began to talk to her as he shoved his cock balls deep into her.

"Is this what you want?" he asked.

"Yes!" She moaned.

"You want my big hard dick deep in you hungry cunt?" he asked

"Yes, fuck me harder." She replied.

Both of them were almost whispering, as not to draw attention to the conference room.

"You are a nasty little slut aren't you?" Drew teased. "Showing me your big fat tits all the time and teasing me like a horny old bitch."

"Yes, Yes, I have wanted you to fuck me for weeks. Fuck me like the slut I am." Claire encouraged.

Drew couldn't believe how nasty she was. He did like it though.

"Oh I will." He told her. I am going to fuck you like the dirty old whore you have been acting like." He pulled out and dropped her legs from his shoulders. "Now turn over so I can fuck you from behind like all whores should be fucked."

Claire turned over and bent over the table. Her hard nipples hit the cold glass covered table and sent chills to her pussy. Drew put his cock at her opening, and drove it all the way in. He wasted no time. He pounded her pussy hard and fast.

"You like that you horny bitch? Is that what you've been waiting for?" He asked her.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Her voice was getting louder.
Drew assaulted her pussy roughly like she wanted. He grabbed her wide hips and slapped her fat ass with his pelvis. Harder and harder, faster and faster her fucked her. Soon Claire was screaming and cumming all over his cock. Remembering where she was, she closed her mouth to muffle her screams while he fucked her through the whole thing. Not long after that, Drew exploded again, this time in her pussy. She could feel it filling her cunt with his warm fluid. He grunted and moaned as he finished. Enjoying the moment, Drew pulled his cock out of her and ordered her to clean his cock. Claire happily did as she was told. She was all too happy to do as the man who had just fucked her better than anyone in a long time asked. As she knelt in front of him and cleaned his cum covered cock, she felt his seed begin to ooze from her snatch. She squeezed her pussy muscles and legs together, trying to hold it in. When she was finished, Drew thanked her, got dressed and left the room.

Claire got dressed as cum dripped down her leg. Twice she had to reach down and scoop some up, licking it from her hand. She straightened herself and left the room, stopping at the bathroom to clean up before returning to her office.

When the euphoria wore off, she began to feel guilty. She didn't want to cheat on Larry. He hadn't done anything wrong. He was actually acting sweet by pleasing her. He didn't deserve this. What was she supposed to do now? The guilt over took the pleasures from the afternoon. She continually tried to figure out what she would do now. Twice she picked up the phone to call Larry. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed the phone and dialed home.

"Hello?" Missy said as she placed the phone to her ear.

"Oh my gawd Missy, I have done a terrible thing." Claire said into the phone as the tears started running down her face.

"Mom, what's the matter?"

Claire couldn't hold it in. "I cheated on Larry. I feel terrible."

Missy tried to console her mom, but she wouldn't listen. She was determined to confess to Larry. Then Missy decided this was it, she would save her mom from herself.

"Mom." Missy said sternly.

"Yes?" Claire replied.

"Don't do anything until you get home. I have something to show you. Promise me you won't say a word to Larry until we talk, promise?" Missy instructed.

Confused, Claire agreed. What was Missy talking about? She asked herself. Whatever it was, she had promised, so she hung up the phone and took the rest of the afternoon off.

to be continued........

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