Cheating stories

A Big Addiction

by Gary

08/13/2016 08:23 in cheating

Tiffany sat her magazine on the night stand and rolled over to face me. Her pink low cut night gown exposing her ready cleavage as she bolstered one hand under her head. "Nick, tell me something."

I picked the remote up off my chest and hit the OFF button. "Yes, my love." I answered her as I rolled myself to face her.

"We've been married for five years now, and I realized that you've never shared any deep, secret fantasies with me." She said as my eyes admired her body lying before me. With the blanket draped below her knees, the short pink nighty she wore gave great definition of her curves; her round bottom, thick thighs and gradable hips.

"I'm not sure I really have any." I lied. Her lips began to pout in a very sensual way. I could see her nipples looking eager to poke through the nightgown; almost as if they were having a battle with the fabric that was keeping them hostage.

Wrapping her leg over mine she continued her questioning. "Come on, baby. I know you must fantasize about something. Every man does." She sighed while she spoke.

"What do you expect me to say, dear? Do you want to tell me a fantasy you have?" I asked her, seeing where she was leading the conversation. With my remark, she immediately dropped her head off her hand and rolled to her back. I could hear a slight giggle forced from her mouth.

"Oh Nick! You always have to be so difficult." She rolled back as she spoke. "I just want to know if you ever think of something out of the ordinary. Or dirty. Like, when you jerk off, what do you think about?" Her eyes widened as she continued her questioning and began a gently brush over my boxer short covered pubic area.

I twirled her mahogany hair that was covering part of her eye. "I have fetishes, not really fantasies; but you know about that." I said with a smile; referring to my enormous foot fetish.

Tiffany had very supple, pretty, well-kept feet. Most times; when we had sex I would like to lick and suck on her cute pink toes. Knowing my appreciation of her feet; she would regularly pumice them to keep them soft; also, changing her choice of toenail color (almost daily); for my benefit.

"I know, babe." She reached and began to play with the hair on my exposed chest. "I have a newer fantasy." She finally revealed with a smile.

I dropped my hand from her hair, and placed it on her hand that was on my chest. "Really, newer?" I asked; showing obvious interest.

She began to shake her head in the affirmative. "Do you want to hear it?" She asked, not doing a very good job to hide her enthusiasm of sharing. I shook my head yes and began to caress her arm. "Well... you know how I read those romance novels? A girl at work gave me one of hers, recently." The smile on her face grew wider.

I sat up a bit, "Really?" She shook her head with the same adorable mischievous smile.

"I'm not that far into it, but it's really dirty!" She said with another giggle. Now, I was becoming more engrossed and eager to hear what this book was about that was not only making my wife excited, but also timid about her excitement.

"Well, what is it about? Not the storyline, but what's dirty about it?" I rephrased.

"Umm... It's an S&M book." She finally released. My heart gave an odd flutter. I never pictured Tiffany to be into S&M. To be dominated. Usually it was her taking control in the sack. The possibilities began to whirl around my head.

"Tell me what about that excites you" I questioned, feeling the growth in my boxer shorts rise, a bit.

As she answered she began to slide her hand subtly from my chest hair, she was previously playing with to my stomach. "It's about this man..." she began, gently brushing her finger tips around my navel. "Turns out; he gets off by dominating his wife." She expounded. Her hand increased its speed began a trek further south. "He ties her up in these interesting ways, and fucks her with various toys" she said reaching my crotch and grasping my already well formed package.

Her hands began to fondle the package as she continued. "This one part, he has a rather thick, long dildo and forces it on her while her hands are tied above her head and her ankles tied apart." She slid her hand under the hem on my boxer shorts and began to grab my balls. Slightly squeezing each one, she rolled them through her fingers.

My cock started growing as she told me the setting. She took her hand out of my boxer shorts and began to slide them down, exposing my fully erect cock. As she grabbed my member and began stroking she leaned in closer. "He even has clips on her nipples and a ball gag in her mouth!" She whispered to me, with a noticeable eagerness to get the words out.

I gave a slight groan of pleasure as she picked up her pace with the stoking. "I ordered one." She said nibbling on my bottom lip. "Its 9" and really thick!" She exclaimed slowing her stroking. "Does that bother you, Nick? That I want to fuck a 9", thick cock?" She asked, easing her speed while she waited for my response.

I shook my head and she picked back up the previous pace. "I don't think the tying up is what got me so wet" she started. "I'm pretty sure it's the giant cock that did it." She slid her free arm under my back as she continued her vigorous stoking on my dick. "I haven't used it yet." She stated, looking deep into my eyes.

"Would you like to watch me try it out for the first time?" She asked as she released my cock and sat up; very enthusiastic at what I might say.

"Hell yeah!"

Hearing that, she soared off the bed and scurried to her dresser. Pulling out a brown paper covered box she jumped back into the bed and sat Indian style. The box lay in front of her as she looked up at me with a devilish grin.

Now; I am a firm 7" when completely hard, and a normal thickness. I mean she can fit her fingers all the way around, but never complains. This was new. This was exciting. Could my wife be a size queen? Would she really desire the feel of more meat than I had? This seriously aroused me in a way I wasn't sure I was comfortable with yet, but the head that was doing to thinking right now couldn't care less.

She tore the brown paper off of the box and tossed it aside. There were no pictures on the outside, merely a plain white box. She lifted the lid and I could see her face begin to glow. I couldn't see the toy from my angle, but she immediately reached in and pulled out a rather large, liquid blue looking rubber dildo. I looked at her as she held it up in front of me. She could not get her fingers around this guy, and my hard on raged. She flopped the beast beside her and reached into the box again, removing a small travel size bottle of K-Y jelly. "I'll need this for sure!" she exclaimed wide eyed.

Standing up, she reached under her nighty and slid off her panties with one hand; as she sat back beside me and grabbed the monster toy while flipping the lid to the jelly. Squirting some lubricant into her free hand, she grasped the toy with her other and looked over at me with the biggest smile I've see her have plastered over her face in a long time. "Will you fuck me with my new toy?" She asked in a needy tone as she began to spread lube all over the rubber device.

I leaned forward and grabbed the toy as she lay back and began breathing heavy with excitement. She spread her legs out even wider, and took her lube covered hand and began enthusiastically rubbing her pussy. I watched as she slid around her clit, and occasionally stuck her finger in the hole. "Be gentle." She said, continuing to coat her area with K-Y.

I sat up, getting ready. "Start out easy" she continued with a sort of wink in her eye. Both of her arms fell to her side and I could see her nipples were hard as they looked imprisoned under the fabric of her top. With that I moved closer, aiming the rubber cock toward her glistening hole. Rubbing on her clit with the toy I began to see her opening up, but honestly couldn't see it fitting in; at least not easily.

As I moved it around, closer to her hole, she began to moan and I felt the apprehension of her pussy. I began to insert, slowly working my way in. Her moans and breathing increased. After I got the head all the way in, her head lifted off the pillow; looking right at me her eyes enlarged and her mouth opened. "Oh fuck that's huge!" She said exhaling a large breath of air; as the entirety of the dildo slid into her wanting love hole. I increased my effort, pulling out quicker than before each time. The artificial balls on the base slapped against her ass as I moved in faster and deeper.

It had only been four or five thrusts when her head rose again; "I'm fucking coming... so hard! Oh my fucking god this feels good!" Her legs fell even further apart, her toes recoiled and her pussy quaffed around the massive fake cock. Releasing huge amounts of air with the sweetest smell I've ever experienced, I continued my task of shoving her new toy in and out of her cunt.

Finishing her orgasm, she slid the toy from my hand. "Lie next to me and stroke your cock while I use it." She said with a very inviting tone to her. I quickly rose from my previous position while pulling my boxers all the way off my legs. Grabbing my cock I began to stroke, eyeing her pussy as it was filled with this giant cock.

"You like watching this baby?" She asked now out of breathe. I shook my head yes, as I kissed her cheek. "Talk to me. Say dirty things. I want to feel like a slut." She had a hushed tone while she spoke.

I moved my free hand behind her head so that I was stroking my cock over her actions. "You like big cocks don't you, dirty little slut." I said, continuing pounding. I could see her increase speed; each time going all in till the balls of the dildo hit her ass. 9" of cock disappearing into my wife's soaked cunt made my dick feel like it would erupt. I slowed my jacking, so I did not lose this race. I wanted to wait till she'd cum again. I wanted to see that gorgeous face make that perfect beautiful agony expression I loved so much.

"I think I love it." She said before letting out another very loud moan. "I do, I really do love big cock!" She said. "The way it completely fills my pussy!" I couldn't help but increase my jerking as I heard those words. "Cum on me, cum all over my pussy while you watch this big, thick cock fuck me!" I felt the pleasant eruption get closer.

"I'm going to shoot!" I said feeling it even closer with my words.

"Think about how I want to fuck big cocks!" she said as I erupted, splattering her pussy and toy with my juice. She slowed her movement, analyzing my face and reaction to what she was doing. Leaving the toy inserted in her cunt, she laid her hands down. Turning her head she reached out and kissed me passionately. Intertwining our tongues together and smashing my lips with hers.

"Look at this mess, Nick." Tiffany said pulling her lips off mine. "Wow. That was incredible." She said as she pulled the toy from her pussy. Sitting up, she looked over at me while holding the massive toy in her hands. With one on the base, she took the other and began to encircle the head. "I mean, look how fucking big this is!" She laughed.

I chuckled at her. My wife was beautiful, long mahogany red hair, with bangs cut across her forehead. "You liked that did you?" I asked.

She shook the toy and watched it flop around. "Oh yes!" At first with a smirk, but it quickly faded to a look of concern. "Are you OK with this?" She asked looking over at me now. I shook my head yes. She widened her eyes and continued to flop the dildo. "Are you sure... I mean you're not mad?" She looked genuinely concerned with my feeling on this matter; almost as if she felt guilty for liking it as much as she did.

I leaned forward and pecked her on the lips. "Yes. I am sure, baby" I said trying to console her. "I think that was the hottest fucking this I've seen you do!" Her excited smile returned.

She then grabbed the toy and packaging and scurried off to the bathroom, I assume to clean her and it. I took my boxers off the floor and used them to clean what little goo landed on me, as Tiff caught the brunt of my explosion. As I discarded the boxers into the clothes hamper she walked back in setting to box on her dresser. Standing at the foot of the bed, she came over and placed her arms around my waist, putting her head to my chest. We stood there and stared at the monster in his box for a minute or two.

"Are you OK with all of this?" She turned her head to face me. "I realize I kind of just dropped a huge thing on you," rolling her eyes at the pun. "But you didn't seem to mind" she gave a little chuckle reaching up and pecking my lips as she spoke.

"I'm good, baby. That was totally fucking awesome." I said sliding my hand down her back. "You know I'm always jerking off to you, but honestly... it's not my cock in you when I do." I told her and watched her mouth drop. Without another word, I broke from our embrace and jumped back into the bed. Reaching up, I turned the lamp out that was on my nightstand; pulling up the covers I rolled to face her side of the bed. She quickly did the same and got under the covers.

"Really?" She said with an enormous smile sliding her hands on my back. "You masturbate thinking about me with huge cocks?" Her voice was timid, but interested at the thought at the same time. One of her hands found its way around me, and began to slide down my naked body.

I smiled back at her. "Always have. You're hot baby! And I don't do anything for me." I cleared my throat, rolling on my back to better focus on her; her hand reaching my limp penis in the turn. "It's easier to picture the view when it's not first person, you know what I mean?" I confessed to her.

"Who do I fuck when this happens?" She asked with a look of bewilderment. "Strangers or people we know?" She began questioning, looking very interested in what my answers would be.

I smiled at her eagerness. "Usually they don't have faces." I said. "Sometimes it'll wind up being someone I saw you notice that day."

She looked slightly shocked. "Noticed?"

I laughed at her nervousness. "Relax, just guys I saw you look at while we're out and about."

"What guys?" Her voice took a defensive stance, like she felt I was accusing her of infidelity.

I continued to laugh, as she began to look guilty and nervous at the same time. "Well, those frat boys I see you eyeing."

Her mouth dropped again. "You notice that?" she said with an observable reserve. "Well, they are hot and walk around with their shirts off. Besides, I'm 36 years old; what woman my age wouldn't look at chiseled twenty year old abs!" Her laughter showed her return to normalcy again.

The good thing about living close to university is there is an abundance of young, sexy coeds for both of us to ogle over. And living close to fraternity or sorority houses isn't anything like the movies. There aren't many keggers or car washes, but the students are out and about all through town. Also, the younger generation doesn't seem to have any inhabitations when it comes to what they wear.

She gently kissed me again. "Thank you for sharing this with me." She said as her eyes began to close.

A few weeks went by before anything more out of the ordinary happened. I say out of the ordinary, because "Stanley" became a regular thing in our play times. That's what Tiff decided to name her blue monster of a sex toy; as he was her 'power' toy. The interesting did begin to happen after breakfast one Saturday morning.

"Nick, what do you think about putting a privacy fence around the hot tub?" Tiffany asked from the kitchen. From the living room, where I was watching TV I yelled that sounded like a good idea. I waited but heard nothing more from her, so I decided she most likely wanted to have conversations involving important renovations face to face.

Walking into the kitchen, I paused to admire the view my wife allowed. She was standing at the sink, finishing up the morning dishes. She had tight, short jean shorts on with her sexy tan legs flowing elegantly out. She had an amazing ass. It was the kind that you didn't just notice, but made you stop and stare for a while.

Her cute little toes were painted a brilliant royal blue matching her finger nails, and her anklet draped ever so softly around her ankle. Today, she had on this very low cut bikini top, with thin straps that tied in the back and at the base of her neck. I loved the way she dressed in the summer. She wouldn't even be swimming today, but was in the bikini top regardless. The front cut down so low; allowing a measurable amount of cleavage, hugging her D cup tits.

"Well, what do you think?" She asked.

I walked behind her 5'5" frame and placed my hands on her shoulders. "That sounds like a plan." I said, beginning to rub. She let out a slight moan and she arched her back. "Any particular reason" I questioned.

"Well, you know the neighbor became a frat house when Bob and Carol moved and I caught a few of the guys over there staring at me when I was in last night." She said with laughter in her voice.

Continuing my rub I reached around and kissed her cheek. "What, you can stare at them but they're not allowed to look at the goods?" I joked.

She stopped what she was doing and turned around. "You know I could care less. I like donating to the spank bank, but I wanted to take Stanley out last night and I wasn't able to because a bunch of them were standing on their back deck." She dried her hands on a towel and through it aside.

Stepping closer she placed her hands around my waist. I leaned down and kissed her. "OK, we can do that, so you can be a naughty girl in private." I chuckled to her.

"Thanks babe." She replied with a huge smile.

The next day there was a knock at my door. It was three gentlemen from the neighboring frat house. "Yes?" I said to them as I opened the door.

"Hi, we're here to build the fence." The tallest one said. Two of three make me feel weak as they were rather muscular and buff. The third was a little scrawny and very short.

I looked at them a little perplexed. Tiff and I had not discussed the fence any further than we did yesterday. She must have commissioned some young muscle to do the job, which kind of worked out because that meant I wouldn't be spending one of my weekends doing it.

"Uh, yea, just wait here a sec. I'll be right back."

I left the boys standing in the doorway and walked down the hall. "Babe!" I yelled for Tiffany.

"Yea" she replied, her voice coming from the bedroom. I walked in there and saw her folding clothes and putting them away. I never really understood her, we both work all week long and she wants to spend every weekend working at home.

"Yea... uh... there are three guys here to build the fence?" I said to her, more asking than notifying.

"Oh yea, I did ask a few of them to come over and do it for us." She said with a smile and hushed laugh.

I snickered back at her. "Well that's kind of mean, if you think about it." I said.

"How so?" she looked at me with obvious confusion.

I shook my head judgingly. "You're building the fence because they stare at you, so you can masturbate. I don't know I just find it a little funny, that's all." As I laughed, I continued "They're doing the work to block their prying eyes."

"Well, I didn't mean for it to be mean. I don't want them watching me with Stanly." She said smiling brightly at me.

"Yea, like you'd care." I teased as I walked back to the front door but noticing her reaction as I left.

I took the boys to the back and showed them the lumber I had stacked there yesterday, and how I wanted it build. It was fairly cut and dry; a simple enclosure around the hot tub, with more than a little walkway on two sides. We agreed on $75 for the job, so they could split it three ways and not really be feeling cheated. The lads got to work and I returned to the bedroom to talk to Tiff.
When I got to the bedroom, I noticed Tiffany watching the boys from the window. "Picking who will be Stanly tonight?" I questioned, giving her a little startle as I put my hands on her mid-section.

"Maybe, why, would you want to know who I was masturbating to?" She asked giving me a grin and folding one of my shirts across her chest.

I felt my cock grow ever so slightly at the thought. Would I want to know exactly which one she would think about while she shoved that huge cock in her pussy? Yea, yea I would. "Would you judge me?" I asked her.

She grabbed a full basket of already folded clothes off the bed and tossed it to the floor. Sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling the curtain back a bit she pointed at the tall one I spoke with at the door. "Him, it's going to be him that I pretend to fuck tonight." She said looking over at me and licking her lips. "Does that thought excite you?"

I leaned down to look out the window with her, brushing my hand over her back. "His name's Freddie." I said. She slid her hand to the back of my knee and slightly up my shorts.

"Ooh, Freddie?" She said as she glided her hand around my inner thigh and grazed the head of my cock through my boxer shorts. "Now I'll have a name to yell." She said letting out a faint giggle. As she talked about Freddie and what she was planning on doing; as well as the gently brushes of my cock I could tell she knew what she was doing to me.

"It does!" She said, reaching in my shorts further and grabbing my dick. "You do like knowing who I masturbate to." This new information seemed to excite her a little more. I sniggered out a little grin.

"Maybe" I said. "Would you judge me?" I asked her, actually wanting to know.

She was still watching the boys build the fence as we talked, but with my question she turned and looked at me. Kissing the tip of my nose she smiled "Never."

It was getting dark by the time the lads had finished their task and I went out back to inspect as well as pay them. The work looked good, and now I was pretty confident my wife could have uninterrupted playtime with Stanley.

I returned to the bedroom to find Tiffany wearing her robe and staring out the window. "Well, what do you think?" I said sitting on the bed next to where she was standing.

"Looks good, are you sure they can't see between the boards at all?" She asked me somewhat hesitantly.

"I'm sure, dear."

She smiled her excited smile, then turned and opened her robe exposing her red bikini. I knew that one well, it was one of many two pieces she owned that had a thong, but this one was more like a string that would ride up her ass. As she started to walk, I saw Stanley nuzzled under her arm, under the robe. I snickered to myself. "Have fun, babe!"

Monday morning came fast and hard as I dragged my still tired ass out of bed. Tiff had already awakened and her side of the bed was empty. As I walked into the kitchen I saw her standing there in another bikini, this one was purple. "Getting ready to enjoy the privacy fence again?" I asked giving a sly smirk.

It was still early, and because of the openness, Tiff rarely used the hot tub during the day. But now, with the construction of the fence, she was free to play all day long if she wished. "Oh yea I am!" she sang out, spinning around to face me. "Last night was so much fun; I figured I wouldn't be able to wait till dark today." She glimmered at me.

"I'll try to stop back around lunch, but I do have a big project we're working on; so I might not be able to stay long." I told her as I kissed her goodbye and walked out the door.

I arrived home around half past twelve to enjoy lunch with my wife. When I walked into the house I peered into the kitchen, but noticed she was sitting on the back deck overlooking the pool. I admired our new privacy fence off the side and walked out. "Hey babe."

Tiff immediately jump up and ran into my arms. Kissing me passionately she pulled back and excited look on her face. "How much time do you have?" She asked starting to bite her bottom lip.

"Probably less than twenty, I guess." I replied creeping my hands down to squeeze her ass. The purple bikini was wet, which meant she had been playing this morning. My cock started to grow and she kissed me again.

"That's not long enough to fuck then." She said, pouting her lips. "How about you let me give you a blowjob?" She asked, moving her hands down to fondle the crotch of my khakis. "I'll take that as a yes" she said feeling my already hard dick. A smile began to permeate on her face.

We quickly went in to the bedroom and she flung me toward the bed. I plopped down while undoing my belt and kicked off my shoes. "Why so eager this morning" I asked her.

She got on her knees in front of the bed, nuzzled between my legs and pulled my pants and boxer shorts to my knees. "I'll tell you while I suck this cock." She said smiling up at me as she began to lick the shaft of my cock. She then inserted my fully erect penis into her mouth. Swishing her tongue around the head of my cock before deep throating what I had for her. I threw my head back and ran my fingers through her still damp hair, loosening the ponytail she had in.

She slurped her mouth off my dick and looked at me. While stroking, she said "how hot would you think it was if Freddie watched me play with Stanley?" I felt my balls tighten as I grabbed the now lose hair in my hand. Pulling her head back by tugging on her hair I said "and why is that?" She licked the saliva from sucking. "Has someone been naughty today?" I said smiling at her.

I released her hair. "Yes, a little bit." She began to pout her lips again. Moving her mouth back down on my cock she deep throated it several times before pulling up, gasping for air. "I think I came harder knowing he was watching me play with myself." Again, she plunged down on my dick. Pulling up, she said with a laugh "He was amazed at the size of Stanley!"

"Oh my god, you fucking slut; I love you" I said as she went down again. "Did he know you were watching him?"

She pulled my member out of her mouth, "Not at first, but when he started jerking his cock I stopped and told him I could see him." My balls began to tighten again; I could feel I wouldn't last long so I pulled her head off my cock.

"Was he in the enclosure?"

"No, just had the door barely open, peeking; jerking. I told him if he got to watch me, I wanted to watch him." She said now jacking my dick as we spoke. "He didn't even hesitate, pretty much ran right in and continued playing." She started to increase her speed, obviously knowing I was close to completion. "He said he'd love to fuck me, but I said no." she told as her free hand grasped my balls and began to fondle.

"He backed off a bit and gave a little frown." She began to twist her hand around the head of my dick, spinning back down when she reached my shaft. "I did let him play with my tits though." She said, as she went down on my cock for a final time. I immediately exploded in her mouth. She never slowed. Never stopped, just drank down every last drop I had to offer.

When it was done she raised her head again. Less stroking, more just playing with my spent cock she looked at me "are you mad I let him touch me?"

"Hell no, that was fucking hot hearing about that!" I exclaimed wiping a bit of spilled jizz off her bottom lip. She quickly slurped it off my finger before I could wipe it away. "Besides, he just played with your tits" I said, more confirming what she had told me.

"Would you have cared if I let him finger my pussy, too?" She asked deeply swallowing the gob that she just received. I shook my head and smiled at her. "Good, because that's what he did." She kissed the head of my dick and got off the floor.

I reached down and pulled my pants back up as she ran out of the bedroom. Buckling my belt, I chased after her. "You let him?"

She stopped in the hallway and turned her head. "Yes and I came so hard on his hand." She said with a smirk before walking away. I quickly followed.

"Wait, what else?" I asked with great anticipation to hear the rest of the story.

"Will you get mad at me?" she said sitting down at the kitchen table.


She peered at me, scanning for sincerity. "Are you sure?" She questioned again, checking it was OK to be completely honest with me about what she had done with young Freddie. I fervently shook my head yes.

"I jerked his cock and made him cum. He came all over my tits." She said crossing her legs and folding her hands on her lap seeming to quickly spit out the crime. I smiled, not only at her cute quick wit; but also what she had done with the frat boy.

"Would you have gotten mad if I had fucked him like he wanted me to?" She asked me with that same coy look she always gets when she wants something.

I hesitated for a second. "I don't think so." I said, clearing my throat as I spoke.

She rolled her eyes. "But, you're not sure?" I sat down next to her at the table. "That's why I didn't. I really, really wanted to; but I don't want you to get mad at me." She said, turning her head away from me.

I reached and gently pulled her chin to me. "I wouldn't get mad at you, babe. I mean this whole thing has been really hot; I'm just still in awe, that's all."

She smiled. "It's OK that I gave him a hand job, or that I came when he put his fingers in me?" I nodded. "Do you care I felt all over his chiseled abs and pecs, while I came?" I shook my head. "Do you care that I took his cock in my mouth?"

"You sucked his dick?" I said aghast backing away a bit. She nodded. I could feel my mouth had dropped open, I tried my best to smoothly make it a smile, but I'm pretty sure she could see I was more shocked than anything.

"I don't know what it was. I was just in slut mode. Stanly opened my eyes to fantasies I didn't even know I had. When I saw Freddie was just as thick, I had to try to cram the entire thing in my mouth."

I scooted my chair closer to her. "Baby, you are so hot. I love the slut in you. Don't worry, I'm not mad." I told her as I kissed the top of her head and squeezed her against me. "I would have loved to have seen that though" I said letting my grip loosen.

"You want to watch me suck Freddie's fat cock?" She said half laughing and half confused.

"Hell yea. I would love to see that." I said standing up, grabbing my keys and looking at my watch. "Fuck! I have to go back to work." She gave me a sad smile. "And I'm thinking you wouldn't mind either; that's why you felt the need to include 'fat' in your question." I said laughing.

"I'll see you when you get home, love." She said as I leaned down to kiss her before heading out of the door.

The rest of the day was torture for me. I kept looking at my watch, which only made the hours longer. I was excited to get back to Tiffany and continue our conversation from lunch.

Finally I looked at my watch; 6:00. Time to go! I flew out of the office, raced home and ran into the house. I could hear the hot tub churning and knew she was in there. As I walked through the kitchen to go out back, I saw Tiffany's phone on the counter. This was odd, it wasn't locked. She always locked her phone. I picked up the device and it illuminated.

It was completely unlocked. After some moral arguments with myself I clicked on the 'messaging' icon. Freddie was the only contact listed. I paused before clicking. Her phone wasn't unlocked, so she obviously left it here on purpose for me to find. I clicked the conversation.

Tiff 1:35: Are you busy?

Freddie 1:37: No

Tiff 1:38: Meet me in my hot tub

Freddie 1:38: Is your husband home?

Tiff 1:39: No

Freddie 1:39: Are you going to suck me off again? :D

Tiff 1:39: Maybe, before you fuck me.

I was put off a bit, and stood there for a moment, rerunning our previous conversation at lunch. I set her phone back on the counter. Did she want me to see their conversation? I know she wants to fuck him "really, really bad".

I walked out to the deck and heard faint splashing under the churn of the hot tub's jet rhythm. I began my approach to the door of the enclosure, as my stomach began to tighten. Quick or slow; I thought to myself as I approached the door handle. Slow; I decided and edged the door open as slowly and as quietly as I could.

I saw the back of Tiffany's head and could see her toes on the side of the tub. She was alone, now anyway. I knocked on the door as I walked in. "Hey babe, how was your day?" I said smiling and coming up behind her.

She turned and her legs went under the water. She placed her hands on the side of the tub and slightly hid her face. "Hey"

I walked over and kissed her forehead, and squatted down in front of her.

"Guess what I did today?" She questioned. I smiled and gave a shrug. She lifted her head up, so her face was in perfect view. She cracked a giant grin. "Freddie fucked me when you left!" She said with noticeable excitement about the conquest.

I chuckled as I ran my hand down the side of her face. "God you're beautiful, Tiff." I said, moving to her lips after I had traced her silhouette with my fingers. She kissed my fingers as I ran them through her lips. "Did you enjoy it?"

She gave a timid nod. "He made me cum so fast and so much." She pulled her body up out of the water and bent down on the underwater seat in the tub. Putting her fingers in a 'come here' motion, she began to whisper as I got close. "He made me squirt."

With that, I immediately stood up and started to remove my clothes. She splashed backwards on her butt and untied her bikini top exposing her perfectly shaped, tan D cup breasts. "Are you going to fuck me too?" she said, filled with blissful amusement.

I climbed into the tub and wrapped my arms around her. "You better believe it, slut" I said as I started to kiss her passionately. "While I shove my cock in you, you're going to tell me everything about your slutty adventure." I said sliding my hands down her body to remove her G-string.

She opened her legs and invited my hard cock inside as I flung her purple bottoms out of the tub. I slowly started my insertion. "Tell me everything." I said pushing in as deep as I could, using the water as a lubricant.

She let out a slight gasp, "I texted him to come over" she said as I slid in and out very slowly. "He asked if I was going to blow him again" she said with a smirk. "I told him I might, before he fucked me." I pushed deeper and harder, but remained my slow pace. She gently brushed her lips on mine as she spoke.

"He came over in swimming trunks; I was already naked in the hot tub playing with myself. He ripped his shorts down and jumped in naked. We started kissing hard and deep." She paused to let out a gasp. "He was already rock hard and I glided my hand over his incredibly thick cock"

I went deep when she said that. "Tell me about his cock." I said retreating back out of her.

She chuckled. "Well, I'd say he's probably 8"ish, but oh man, he is so fucking thick around!" I resumed inserting myself deep inside her.

"8" is pretty impressive, you know?" I said with a smile as I pumped in and out of her pussy. She nodded and gave a little grin.

"He stood up and shoved my face to his cock. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could." She said her breathing increasing as I thrusted.

"How far down did you get?" I asked during a withdrawal of my cock from her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around me and gently squeezed my ass. "Not very." She said with a grin while the water began to flap from our movement. "I sucked his balls while I stroked his thick shaft." She said closing her eyes and beginning her moans, obviously replaying her previous adventure.

"Fast forward and give me the highlights, babe." I said not thinking I would last very long even at this slower speed.

"Ok" she said giving me naughty glare. "When he first put it in, it hurt a little. More than Stanley, I guess the water isn't as good as the K-Y." She laughed. I squeezed one of her ass cheeks as I slid deep into her cunt. "It took a few pumps before I fully opened up for his thickness" she said biting her lower lip and closing her eyes again.

"He moved my leg over his shoulder, which allowed him to get deeper" she said as she then moved her leg in the same form. With her toes pointed to the sky I could feel myself slide deeper into her pussy. "Yea, like this. This is how he started fucking me." She said splashing more water and forcing an increase in speed. "After I came like this, he flipped me around and fucked me while I hung half out of the tub. He squeezed my ass hard and slapped it a lot. He even slid his finger in my asshole while he jammed his meat into me." '

I could tell by the way she looked so focused with her eyes closed; she was reliving those events in her mind. "He sat down and had me bounce on his cock next." She said, changing our positions. Gliding me down to a seated position, she climbed on top and guided my cock into her again. As she bounced on my dick the water began to splash more.

"Slow down, babe. I'm not sure I'll be able to hold out till you finish the story." I begged her, but it was futile as she didn't slow at all.

"He said the same thing, well almost. That's why he tossed me off him and put his cock up to my mouth again." She said riding even faster now. "I could see cum coming out of him already, so I quickly grabbed it and began sucking." She said as I started to release my load in her pussy. "I took it all, and he came a lot. Gallons it felt like, but I swallowed every drop."

She continued to bounce up and down, enjoying my odd noises of the orgasm as every ounce of cum I had; was now inside her. She tilted her head down, matching up our lips; she then shoved her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around mine.

"Thank you honey" she said as the kiss ended. I looked at her puzzled.

"For which part" I asked, unsure if she meant me or not.

"For not getting mad about Freddie" she said giving me another wet, sloppy kiss. "It was amazing!"

I hugged her tightly against me. "Sounded, like it was" I said, feeling my cock shrink inside her; ultimately slipping out.

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