Cheating stories

Cheating and Rivals Pt. 17

by hana

08/23/2016 04:15 in cheating

"Frank raped you?" Mike asked with narrowed eyes, his hands tightening into fists. Jen had gotten home earlier that day. After putting Anna down to sleep, Jen told Mike what happened in Chicago. "No baby," Jen said, soothingly rubbing her husband's chest. "But he forced you?" Mike said, his whole bo

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A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05

by PacoSvengali

08/22/2016 15:46 in cheating

It is so exciting when a woman spreads her legs. Oh, yes, I love seeing her expose her breasts, or slide her panties off, but when she opens her legs... well, that does it for me. Maybe it goes back to high school. Growing up in the age of miniskirts, I was always in awe of - and frustrated by - how

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Reunion with Annie

by gelir

08/22/2016 06:27 in cheating

My phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but I picked up just the same. It was my old girlfriend Annie, who I had not talked to in years. I've written a few other stories about her. We dated for a couple of intense years when we were in our early twenties right out of school. It was one of the

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New Sensations Ch. 02

by cuckolder

08/22/2016 03:30 in cheating

Almost as if by fate, things progressed even further after that. One day Nikki was getting curious, and brought up the 'top sites' list on my mac's browser, which is just sort of out of character for her. We've always had a great degree of trust and respect for each others' privacy and property. Any

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Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 05

by gelir

08/21/2016 15:59 in cheating

This story is total fantasy and there is no underage involvement or cruelty. ***** That night I told my husband everything about my confession to Mrs Miller and what I would be allowed to do without committing any serious sins. I also told him about the suggestion that it would probably be acceptabl

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A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 02

by Gary

08/20/2016 21:23 in cheating

This is part two of a story involving cuckolding and male power exchange. Please read no further if this offends you. --------- I was on my knees, helping my wife Kelli attach her garter belt to her stockings. I leaned forward and planted on a kiss on her newly trimmed pussy. "Now, now," she said, "

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Married Women Need Good Sex

by gelir

08/20/2016 16:02 in cheating

My name is Jason and I am 31 years old and my "job" for the past 3 years is to satisfy the sexual needs and wants of women, specifically married women whose husbands can't, and I am paid by the husbands to do it. Most are happily married apart from sex and rather than find out their wives are having

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Reading Her e-Male Ch. 01

by hana

08/20/2016 06:52 in cheating

It served me right for reading her texts. I think if I hadn't been snooping, I'd have never known she was cheating on me. My wife Stephanie was on Facebook Messenger so much, constantly texting friends and enjoying the rapid-fire chatter online. It was her way of unwinding after a long, intense day

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Foot Cuckold for Isha

by hana

08/20/2016 03:35 in cheating

Hey guys... This is Rahul... an Indian... well I always had footfetish... but I never knew that with a link of humiliation ...which usually works well for me ... I wud be lured to the world of cuckolding... That's when I have finally turned into a foot cuckold!! It was a Sunday morning... Isha my cu

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Cheating and Rivals Pt. 14

by cuckolder

08/19/2016 19:10 in cheating

[This chapter continues Book 2: Rivals] The next day, Mike got a call on his iPhone while at school. It was Colonel Banks. "You want to be briefed?" he said. "There's a meeting this weekend." Mike considered for a moment. Then he said "Where?" Banks gave him a flight number out of LaGuardia, then hu

swingers club in miami cheating rivals

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